My Habitat in UMS

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Ok fellas, this view here is the view of my first ever hostel room upon arrival in UMS last year(29.6.2007). This room is crap – my bed is broken(there was once I was sleeping and it broke so I ended up sleeping on the floor. Plus when I am on this bed I seldom move around fearing that it would break apart) and this room is actually in the basement, so when I look out from the window what I see is walls and occasionally a cat will jump through a window into my room. Luckily I only need to stay in this room for a week (but it feels like a year) and I get to change room after one week (Orientation Week).

Ok this is the view of my second room. As you can see it is brighter and also it is extremely huge (can accommodate up to 6 persons). This picture is actually picture from my last semester where it is still in the old configuration. This semester we have new furniture and we revamp all the arrangements inside so our room looked even bigger and brighter. Anyway let me explain something about my room.

From this picture, the door on the right is the entrance and straight ahead you can see a bed which is basically our sleep area. I did not took pictures of the sleep area since its only beds and a window looking outside. Also you can see the little red greeting carpet there near the entrance that means something like : Safe Journeys Always.

Moving on, this is a view just a bit to left where u can see my roommates closet and also various stuff.

This room is also more comfortable to live in as we are on the second floor, so more ventilation and no more cat coming in through the windows ( except some irritating bugs and flies)

Again we are looking to the left in this picture. In this picture you can see my work are which is the desk over there ( with a big luggage bag on top) and my closet which is just next to it. As you can see, I am closest to the window so my area is very cool at night ( but extremely hot in the afternoon because our room is facing the western side >.<“)

The mattress you see on the lower left closest to the wall is my bed ( Yup I sleep on the floor even until now).

Next, this is what I would see if I look directly out from my room. Well you can see that the sun is directly shinning into my room and this picture is taken around 4.30pm (bear in mind in Sabah, it gets dark by about 6pm). I absolutely love this view as it is so full of green.

Next this is what I see when I look out the window and turn my head to the left. The road you see is the entrance to our block (B block) and also the big building you see the the other block(H block if I am not wrong). The smaller building on the left of the picture behind the tree is our Residental College’s Admin building. Since we are on the second floor, we are at a similar height with the trees as you can see in this picture on the lower right corner.

This is the view from my room when you look to the right from the window(don’t worry as reflection you see is due to the window and not some ghost image). The road leads to the other block and if you keep going you will reach a dead end. Notice the high wall to the left – out university is built on a hilly area thats why we have all this wall. There is another wall that is superbly tall is Residental College C( I will try to take pictures of it soon).

I think this is all about my hostel room. Next, I will try to post about stuff around my university and also not forgetting I am living in Residential College B.

How about the condition of the hostels that you guys live in?Better?Worse?

P.S : Sorry for the poor editing. I also don’t know why it doesn’t publish as I edit it.


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