Busy & Frustrating!!!!

Its been over a week since I last update.Been very busy with lots of stuff – Entrepreneurship, Japanese Mini Test, Mid-Terms, Open Fencing Competition and lots of other stuff thats drains me out.

Actually I tried to update on Tuesday but because I can’t upload some photos which I wish to show you people, I did not update. And I actually get very frustrated because I always get the “Server Not Found” or “Connection to Server Has Been Reset” message whenever I try to update or load pages. I have lots of stuff which I wanted to post to show you people but the crap internet speed here obviously prevented me from doing so. So mostly I can only update with text which also proves to be a ridiculously difficult task with the frequent disconnection and page-load error.

So now I am not in a really good mood and have been very frustrated because I always get error when loading page. I know its no big deal as many people in this world get worse connection than what I am getting but I just feel frustrated somehow. It just gets to me every time I saw the “Connection Being Reset” or “Server Not Found” screen. Every time I see this screen I just feel like walking to the main router with a baseball bat and give it a good beating. Arghhhhh!!!!

And the worst thing is it rains here almost everyday in the evening although it is sunny in the morning. So I did not bring my umbrella( I can’t also as my umbrella has been stolen) and its very hard to get back to my hostel because the rain here is really crazy. Every time it rains, it feels like a typhoon has hit Kota Kinabalu. The wind is so strong that if you walk in the open you will literally be walking diagonally and if you walked with an umbrella  two things might happen to you :  one  is  your umbrella would break or being torn apart(as the fate of my first umbrella here) or two, if your umbrella is strong enough, you might actually take off and fly(although I never actually seen it happen before).

My next update would be when I can upload the photos that I wanted to show you guys or if there is anything interesting which I wish to share with you all.


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