Things in University That Gets on My NUTS.

How fast time passes and this is already my second semester in university. Can’t really imagine that I would have completed my first year here come the beginning of May. I can still remember the scene here when I first came into the university. Everything was so new to me. Going from one place to the other seems to take ages(it’s extremely huge here) and with the sun shining above your head, it ain’t helping.

Ok since this is already my second semester here, I reckon I have seen quite a few stuff that has been getting on my nuts. First on the list **drums beating**

——-> The crappy food here!!

Well its not that I am  very picky on my food. But seriously the food here is total crap.  I bet I can get better food from roadside hawker. Why I say its crap??Its because after you have been eating at the canteen for sometime, you gain this special power from the food where you can start to predict(or should I say know) what will be on the menu even before you stepped into the canteen. Because why??Because they cook the same damn thing everyday. Its chicken everyday and occasionally you get to eat fish cake. And the best is they seldom cook vegetables here and if they do, it is either brown in colour(due to overcooked) or it is bitter or taste not like vegetables. You go to the canteen and you see a variety of colour on the menu and you thought to yourself…hmmm…colourful…must be good…and when you looked closer…aiks..curry chicken..fried chicken..braised chicken..steamed chicken…and the chicken list goes on. What you can virtually get here is “How to cook chickens in many ways”. At first its ok but after two semesters here… well all I can say is when I hear the word chicken I feel like vomiting. I see KFC I go “no more please!!Mercy on me!!”

Second on the list **chickens dancing**

——-> Not-so-good Bus Services and the Not-so-good Passengers

Our university did purchase new buses to ease the stress on the few buses which ferry us to our class. Good effort on that!!But the problem here is the bus drivers. This semester it has improved a lot but during the previous semester, it was terrible. Although there is a fixed schedule for the buses, it was not followed. So when the schedule says 7.30 bus, you can expect not to see a bus but birds on trees. Then another problem is that its always packed with people. The bus is sometimes so packed with people that it can’t really climb the hilly road in our campus and walking seems to be faster. Occasionally it became so packed until the door of the bus can’t be closed or sometimes you see the student’s bag got clipped between the doors. But luckily so far nobody has suffered any major injuries. One more thing about the bus that gets on me is that nobody lines up to board the bus. I thought university student would behave and line up but what the heck?!They would just slip in front of you or if they are not in front of you they would play the push of war game which is very very annoying.I just don’t understand why they don’t have the patience. I don’t see any gorillas or bulls behind them. Even when the bus is empty and when there is enough space for everyone,the slip-up and push of war game is still continues. There is even once when I missed three buses and was nearly late for class because I lost in the slip-up and push of war game.

Third on the list **buses honking**

——-> Lack of Trash Cans and Newspapers

To throw rubbish here you need to walk to what I call rubbish-dumping checkpoint(which is very far). You cant find trash cans along the sidewalk when you are walking from say the lecture hall to the library(sometimes I eat while walking from class to class). It is frustrating sometimes from the lack of trash cans and you need to carry it for quite some time. And even at the library and other rubbish-dumping checkpoint, it is still difficult to even find one trash can. Even in lecture halls there aren’t any trash cans. I dunno but last time in my school, there are trash cans in my classroom and at various strategic spot where throwing rubbish away is just a few steps away. But surprisingly, although it is lack of trash cans here, it is still quite clean.

One more thing that is missing from here is newspaper stall(I know you can get it outside but what about those living inside the campus?). There is newspaper in the library where you can read for free but its always “dissected” if you get what I mean or it is torn. And with the transportation problem, getting to the library can be a daunting task. Its so hard to get updates here. We don’t even have television in our canteen or other common area where we can perhaps watch news to keep ourselves updated. And with snail like internet speed here its really really hard to know whats going on in the outside world. A university without a newspapers.Imagine that. Even my National Service camp has a newspaper guy who comes into the camp everyday to sell newspapers.

The last on the list **Rubbish and Newspapers Cheering**

——-> Internet issue.

I guess I have been complaining so much about the internet here that you know its crappy. Ya I know we don’t pay for our internet here but at least I feel if internet is provided for the students please at least let it be something which is acceptable. The speed here most of the time is slower than a 56k modem. Even when there is nobody in the common hall the internet speed is still terrible. And they blocked off stuff like MSN. Maybe MSN takes on a lot of bandwidth but again it frustrates me. I used MSN to chat with my friends to get updates and infos and also sometimes I used MSN to call my dad over VoIP to reduce me handphone usage. But apparently now I can’t do that anymore. Uploading stuff here is also prohibited I think. Whenever I tried to upload a photo to my Flickr account, my internet automatically gets disconnected or the website is blocked.

Well I guess thats about the stuff that gets on my nuts here in UMS but other than that, Sabah is a pleasant place with all the green scenery, the seas and the mountains. Beautiful place for vacationers. I always see a lot of tourist here especially Japanese and Europeans.

What about you guys in your university?Any complaints?Ant praises?


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