Final Weeks of Semester II!!

Finally this is the 14th weeks which is also the last week of my second semester and probably my last semester here in Sabah. I do not have much update this week except most of the time I am struggling to keep up with datelines of assignments, presentations, tests and all those minor minor miscellaneous stuff which needs completion.

I am getting news that my sent-off date for my flying course is confirmed, which is on 12th May 2008!! ^^, one more month to go before I start my journey to the skies!! Very very excited but at the same time quite sad as I will be leaving behind my friends who we have struggled together for 2 semesters. These few days I have been busy typing letters, searching for documents and also asking around for the proper procedure to quit my university. I thought at first that the process would be a very complicated one, but after asking around it seems quite simple and straightforward.

So quitting my university just requires an official letter stating that I am quitting but what I am worried here is about my PTPTN loan. So yesterday I decided to give them a ring to ask about the procedure to cancel my loan. I expect to wait a long time listening to “music” before I talk to somebody but surprisingly I only waited for about 2 dial tones before a guy picked up the phone. I guess the lines are still ok because the university application results are not out yet for this year. I think once its out the PTPTN people will face barrages of calls upon them!!

I guess thats about this week. Not much happening except I am constantly thinking about my flight school and waiting for a call from the MAS HR office while I am enjoying myself with my fellow comrades here in university. Also I am feeling kinda tired these few days, maybe because its the last week of the semester and I am starting to get lazy. Always feels like I just wanna lie down on the bed the whole day. Or maybe do something which I will be happy instead of studying for the upcoming exam. Still wondering why I always dread when exams are approaching. Hmm..


みんなさん、しけんは がんばってください!! (^w^)d


1 Response to “Final Weeks of Semester II!!”

  1. 1 yenmei April 8, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Haha…At last I got time 2 read ur blog and I juz noe this will be ur last week for ur semester d..Hehe..I noe now u must be very very happy coz ur dream want come true d..At last u can start the journey to the skies. I also feel happy for you.
    Hey, u be pilot d don’t forget to belanja makan leh…Dont forget my FOOD…Ok la see you when you back la k.We go Yam Char pay the bill..hehe. Take good care of ur self..


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