Pizza Ria

Well today I am going to write about something that everyone of us liked very much, FOOD!!

Today after our Japanese Presentation, we decided to drove out to have our lunch. So we drove to this area called Damai which is just about 15 minutes drive from our campus. This area is something like Farlim equivalent in Penang. As in there are a lot of food centres and restaurant all concentrated in one area. So this place is usually packed with people and cars. That is why upon reaching we need to coast around for about 10 minutes before managing to find a spot next to a dumpster ^^,

So today we decided to go to this place called Pizza Ria which Li Lene happen to saw when we were coasting around earlier to have our lunch. The exterior of this restaurant looked very nice and the interior looked great too. There are five of us which are Li Lene, Michelle, Khai Loong, Tsong Han and myself. So we were taken to this table which is has a sofa seat. The sofa is very comfortable to sit on. Definitely great for the butt ^^,

So then we were given the menus and this restaurant really serves a variety of food besides serving about 30 types of pizza. The food ranges from soup, pasta, western food and all the way to even sandwiches. Amazing! Plus there are a variety of very tempting drinks also.

So after some “debating” on which pizza to order, we finally decided on the Four Season Chess Pizza and also the Fresh Salmon Pizza. Tsong Han is extra hungry today so he ordered an additional Beef Bacon Spaghetti Pasta. And to top that off, I ordered a mango juice.

So after waiting for about 10 minutes, Tsong Han’s spaghetti finally arrived. It is a bit small though. So I think it won’t be enough for those “Big Tankers”. I never tasted it but it sure look delicious. So about 10 minutes later, come our first pizza which is the Fresh Salmon Pizza (this is my first time though eating a salmon pizza). There is lots of cheese on the pizza and it smells delicious too. The salmon tasted great. It was perfectly baked. Just nicely done. Yummy!!

Then as we were finishing the first pizza, the second pizza come which is the Four Season Cheese Pizza. This pizza really capture my attention. First of all, there is no topping or whatsoever. It is a plain pizza. But that’s not all. The reason why this fella is called the four seasons is because this pizza is made by topping with four different kind of cheese!! The moment this fella touches our table, I can smell the cheese from the other end of the table! Absolutely fantastic. The cheese is so rich and with the added aroma, I can’t stop myself from grabbing a bite.

So after stuffing ourselves like a barbarian, we decided to go to this place called Uncle Biscuit. Although it bears the name biscuit, this shop makes a lot of cakes and breads too beside cookies and biscuits. The cakes looks really fantastic and it’s not really expensive. I saw the Marble Cheese cake and also the American New York Cheese cake which is so nice; it tempted me to just carry them away. But after a second thought, I decided against it because I don’t have a fridge and it’s actually quite big also. The marble cheese cake cost RM12.90 in which the size is about 15cm in diameter. Pretty reasonable to me.

So after failing to get the cheese cakes I decided to bought 2 packets of cookies instead in which one cost RM3.80. Li Lene, Michelle and Khai Loong decided to get this nice golden bread called the Golden Pillow for RM3.90 each. This bread is no ordinary bread as the inside is filled with a thick ham fillet and cheese!!Yummy Yummy!! Li Lene also bought a Durian Swiss Roll. RM9 for 8 pieces. Seems a little expensive but when you put this in your mouth, you will definitely think otherwise. First of all is the smell. You can blindfold yourself and I can bet you won’t be able to differentiate it from a real durian. It smells exactly like one. The aroma is really strong. Secondly is it’s texture. When you eat this fella, it really does feel like you are eating a real durian too. The texture is not too dry and with the cream in it, it feels creamy; just like eating a durian. This monster food is highly recommended! Only thing is they don’t make it every day! Lucky us!

So after the “refuelling” our stomach we decided to head back to our campus. The food isn’t really expensive. One large pizza cost about RM25 inclusive of tax and a regular one cost RM20 inclusive of tax also. The whole meal at Pizza Ria cost about RM70+ with tax. So if we divide evenly among the 5 of us. One of us only needs to pay about RM15. Worth it in my opinion.

So who says Sabah doesn’t have good food!! ^^,

Till next time!! The food hunt continues!!

2 Responses to “Pizza Ria”

  1. 1 KiraWing May 15, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    I dunno if u will read back this blog and notice my comment, but u stated 1 thing wrong. The golden pillow is 3.90 not 4.90. Wakaka. Just a tiny spoiler.

  2. 2 クリンソン ドリーム May 15, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    keke..i tot it was 4.90 because that time i did not buy it..keke..i only bought it the next trip i am there but forgot to correct over here..but anywhere its corrected!keke.thanks for telling me.and when are you starting ur own?

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