McD Encounter – Part II – The Night

As the title has clearly depict, this is the continuation of the McD encounter which caused me to end up eating Mc Ecomony Rice a.k.a McER.

Have you ever come across a day when you thought it was bad enough and then at that very moment it got worst? Well this is what I experienced that day. So after munching down my McER, I thought its time for me to study because I have the Logic and Semiconductor ( which I have semi-died doing it) paper the next day. So after studying for about 2 hours I decided to call it a break and take a one our nap. The time was 3.45pm, so I thought “Oh well, let me set my alarm to5pm then. Extra 15 minute won’t do any harm”

Don’t worry nothing happen during my sleep. The shit luck came when I wake up and when I am about to study again. I woke up at about 5.15pm (overslept a little ^^,) and begin studying right away. And after about an hour into studying, *pLuCK* there goes the electricity. I thought ,ok, this should be temporary and electric should come back in a jiffy as it always happens at my hostel. Electric goes off for about 5 seconds then it come back on. Sometimes longer for about 10 minutes. But this time it was different. I was waiting for the electricity to come back but it didn’t and they sky is getting dark. By 7pm the electric is still not back on and its already dark. And I still have a lot to study.

This is when we resorted to TORCHLIGHT! For god’s sake, this is the first ever time I study using a damn torchlight ( this just goes to show how lucky we all are). It was hard and its not bright enough and after 30minutes into it, your eyes starts to feel terrible. So we came out with an idea and decided to find more torchlight. After a few minutes we managed to borrow an additional 3 torchlights from our friends. What we do was we use wires to tie it onto our ceiling and turn it on. The idea was to share lights as we are running short on batteries and thought it would also be more efficient to share lights, so up the ceiling those torchlights go. Although we used those bright LED-type torchlights, its still not bright enough and our room looks more like a bar ^^, only minus the liquor. And with that condition we study from 6pm till 11.30pm (when the electricity came back on) surviving only on torchlight lights. And during that duration of time, we have used a total of 9 batteries. What a day us!!

P.S –> I will post pictures of our bar-like room when I get back home next friday. Till then keep yourself happy and healthy!


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