Home Sweet Home??Not Really..

Well this is day two since I came back from Sabah. It felt a little different here somehow. It just doesn’t feel the same like the first time when I came back at the end of my first semester. It somehow felt a little bit blank. A little empty. I am excited but not as excited. Perhaps its because I know I won’t be going back to Sabah anytime soon and I won’t be seeing my uni comrades anytime soon. I do admit its a little quiet here. Not like when I am in the hostel, we were making noise and laughing all day long!! That was fun!!

There is many things that are not the same here in Penang. So many new buildings that I have never seen before. How five months can do so much to Penang. There are also new bumps on the road where there were none previously. And then there is a new “thing” at the gurney drive roundabout which I also do not know how to describe it. Then the sun here also rises later, and I guess it just mess up my biological clock system ^^. It just feels so different. My home also has new curtains and the food here somehow seems more expensive. The price is about the same as in Sabah but the portion is definitely different!

I guess it will take some time for me to adjust. I felt like a stranger at home. wakaka!! Oh and before I forget I will upload my pictures as soon as possible but definitely not these few days. I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Till then I will update you guys on the activities I do. ^^,


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