One Year in Sabah – Part II – My First Week

As usual in every new place we go, there is always this thing called orientation. Well this first week is our orientation and over here in my uni its called MSM – Minggu Suai Mesra. Its more like a hell week to me actually where we sleep at about 12am and wake up at 5am for one whole week. Why the odd hours? Well we have to practice for our induction ceremony which takes a long time and its done at night because in the afternoon we have other activities to tend to. Then we have to wake up at 5am because at 6am there is a Moral talk, which 100% of the time I am asleep while they are talking.

Our RM67 million hall on students’ registration day

At the upper floor of the hall before daily our practice session begins

The launching of the spot lights at our Sport Complex during our hell week. Before…

and after. Look at the amount of people. 4000 first year student! All lining up for a line dance! ^^

Half way through the line dance. And you can spot many people are night dreaming. ^^,

Me trying to look patriotic after the line dance but god knows whats wrong with my expression.

Me managed to recruit more members to the Patriotic Party! ^^,

And the end of hell week is finally here. Where we sang..

Dance…doing the wave thingy in this picture…

And cheer with all our heart!!

And at the end of the day, I am glad that the week is over but deep inside me, I felt something, something warm.. And thats when I realize, this one week has been hell but through hell we survived and enjoyed ourselves and it made us closer. Closer as a big family. And I knew this is where my journey begins with my new family here…


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