One Year in Sabah – Part III – Up and Around

So after one week here, I decided to explore around a bit. And as my uni is located on a hill and close to the sea, we get to enjoy stunning view! Thats why we are the most beautiful university in Malaysia!!

Lets kick off with a sunrise viewed from my hostel with mountains as background!

Sunrise from our main gate!

Going for a basketball game at 6am; enjoying the sunrise yet again!

And when we do get rain, its crazy!

And after the rain comes another fantastic view!

View from one of the hostel block. Parasite this from someone..

D’Bayu Cafe; the cafe near our lecture hall. Place to fill your stomach and your eyes!

D’Bayu on a gloomy day

And no matter what, the sun always shines again!

From my block, the mosque!

The mosque up close

On a regular sunshiny day!

On my way to the uni’s aquarium(more of the aquarium will come soon)

Somewhere along the way to the aquarium

Just about 100 metres from the aquarium

50 metres from the aquarium overlooking sea with mud. haha

The mosque revisited!

And again revisited…….. ^^,

View from our very own twin towers; the Chancellery. At the connecting bridge, where you can almost see the whole uni

The Connecting Bridge, Scene 1, Act 5, Take 2 and ACTION!!Note the long road at the centre of the picture. That road leads to our main gate. Very tiny from here. Which goes to show how big our uni is.

Our very own green house!!!And actually its my first time seeing one!

Sakura blossoming!!!haha.. Just kidding! I have no idea what type of tree this is.

And the only time when you get to witness the greatest traffic jam in our uni is during the convocation!!haha. Here we are going to the convocation pasar malam to fill our growling stomach and to join in the party!haha

And a lil info about my uni from Wikipedia : Universiti Malaysia Sabah before I end this part!


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