The Day After Tommorrow

With Myanmar hit by Cyclone Nargis on 3rd May 2008 and China to follow closely behind with a 7.9 magnitude quake on 12th May 2008 with reports that another cyclone is brewing south of Myanmar, things doesn’t look really good. In this decade alone, we have seen so many natural disasters sweeping across our globe like terrorists. And with each passing year, the disasters just got more violent.

In Myanmar alone, the death toll has hit the 22,000 mark with 41,000 still missing. The numbers are staggering. And with all the red tapes hindering the relief efforts, I felt pity for the people in Myanmar. They practically have nowhere to go. Their houses are all wiped out especially those at the Irrawaddy delta.But what that worried the people most is the aftermath of the cyclone. There is high possibilities that disease will start spreading soon if aid and supplies does not reach in time.

And in China the death toll has reached nearly 15,000 as of Wednesday afternoon, and more than 25,000 people are still missing – buried under rubble. So far China has deployed 50,000 troops to search for victims trapped under collapsed building. There are also a few townships in Mianyang that are still completely cut off from the outside world. And with reports of damaged and the possibility of those dams to burst, the situation isn’t looking any better.

It is really saddening to see all this things happen to people around the world. And I cannot even imagine myself there in such a condition. I fell really fortunate living here in Malaysia where we are always so lucky that these disasters almost always missed us. The only real threat we ever really face is during the tsunami a few years back.

I think that its high time we look at how our lifestyle has affected the world around us. I don’t think at this stage there is room for denial anymore. Our lifestyle has impacted the world so much that now Mother Nature has come knocking on our doors. Global warming has happened and it has affected us and will continue to haunt us if nothing is done. Think of the future. The future of our children. We must not live in ignorance anymore. Its time for us to contribute to the Global Cooling efforts before shit storm start showering on us! And I do not want to live to see the scene from the day after tommorrow! Or perhaps i am looking at one right now?

The Path of the Deadly Cyclone Nargis

The Path of the Deadly Cyclone Nargis


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