Trip Report – Genting Highlands

My objective of this trip is actually to meet my uni friends which I will not even know when will I see them again if I did not go to meet them this time. So, there am I in the City of Entertainment!

And since I did not want to travel alone, I decided to drag Nicki along with me! So the trip begins the moment we board the bus at precisely 1030pm! And god knows what happen we were travelling down all the small roads picking up more passengers until both of us don’t even know where we are. But anyway, after all the picking up which wasted nearly one hour, we finally hit the runway at full speed!! The ride wasn’t really that pleasant but nonetheless we managed to reach our destination about 7 hours later.

The moment I got out from the bus I began to shiver like mad. Damn it was cold. I did not expect it to be so cold! But lucky me, I brought my wind breaker.

Checking in the hotel was a pain in the ass as we reach at about 530am on Monday and when I queue up to get my number which is 241 and when the guy at the counter told me check-in is at 1pm, I go what?! 1pm???!!!! And I look at my watch which it points 550am, I told myself crap!!!!

So in order to waste time, me and Nicki went to McDonalds to have our breakfast and to sit there and warm our butts. But I kuai lan that time. I don’t usually drink coffee, but on that day I decided to get something warm to drink so I go order a cup of coffee and the aftermath of drinking that coffee is terrible!!!! I got gastric the whole day!!! Crap!!

But anyway after the check-in which is at about 12pm, I straight away went to the room, bath and bought my tickets straight to Dreamland! I went to Dreamland until about dinner time then I wake up and we went to this restaurant Hou Mei where I meet my uni friends! They all had dinner but I din eat anything except for a cup of soya bean since my gastric is getting worst!!! Arghhhh….

After dinner we went for a bowling game but before that we went to terrorist training at Genting’s own-personal-terrorist-training-camp(since you people always call me terrorist!!). And there we are posing after the training with me bagging away the highest score of 382 out of 400(wahaha..sharpshooter!)

Crimson is my name and shooting is my game!!!wakaka

So that concludes the night and then we went back room for some Uno game and some other crazy games with Nicki and KiraWing. After the game, we retire for the day!

Day 2 started at 8am with me having difficulty waking Nicki up =.=”. We had sandwich for breakfast but because of yesterday I had a tough time munching down my sandwich but anyhow I managed to gulp it down after “some time”

So after that it was all theme park and all kinds of rides in the menu only to have corkscrew got scratch out due to maintenance! Tough luck! But then we conquered all the indoor and outdoor games!! And again bumper car top the list again being the attraction played most!! Below you can see some pictures of day 2.

Looking retarded part I

Looking retarded part II – The attack of the Ice Cream!

Double Decker bus…

…with someone trying to break in at the far end behind the bus!!!Caught in action!! Nah..He is actually an employee. ^^,

And with every beginning there will be an ending and what better way then to end it with a sunset, behind a tinted window =.=”..haha.

And after that we went for dinner which is a buffet that comes with the package! And after the sun has set and the stomach is full, it time to go hunting!!! So there we are at the archery range after a few bouts of bumper car, yet again!!

Me with a bow and arrow!! I managed to get a bull’s eye though. Quite happy as i am a first timer. But biasa la sharpshooter kan..wakaka..

So that concludes day 2 in which after that most of the gang came to my room for a round of Sunday8 show hosted by Jacky. We were laughing at first but after some time there are more people fishing than laughing. After they show, we call it a day and went to sleep.

Day 3 is the goodbye day, so we met in the morning, snap a few group photos and said bye. God knows when will I see them again. I hope you guys are doing great whenever you are and may god bless you guys and may you guys succeed in whatever undertaking you partake in. I hope to see you guys soon!

And with this, my trip report is concluded. For more coverage you can go to Nicki’s page right here —–> Nicki’s trip report! (see I so good direct traffic to you).


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  1. 1 nicki May 17, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    ehehehe… thanks so-good-person who directs traffic to my blog!

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