The 11pm Radiation Attack!!

Help!!! We are under attack!!!! @.@” Nah just kidding.

But I guess many of you guys out there did receive a text message asking you to turn off your mobile phone at 11pm due to some high radiation activity right? I personally did not receive such sms but when I hear this news I was intrigued to find out more about phone radiation. So as usual I go to my information guru which is the Wikipedia and HowStuffWorks

When I heard of this news for the first time, I think to myself it is actually quite useless even if you turn off your phone, because even now when you are reading this post you are actually being bombarded by tonnes of radio waves, besides those from your mobile phone. And lets not forget that our phone receives and emits signals. So even if you turn off your phone, although it will not transmit anymore, but those signals that our phones receives comes from the base stations(which are antennas we see everywhere). So even if you switched off your phone, you are still being bombarded by the radio waves emitted from the base stations. Although we do know that the intensity of the radiation decreases when we are further away from the antennas, but hey look, look how wonderful our signal coverage is these days. And how many telecommunications networks are out there for us. I just personally think we are in a very huge radiowave oven!

Anyway, after I did some reading, I found out that our phone manufacturers measure the amount of radiation emitted by our phone according to this Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) standard which is measured in W/kg over an average amount of tissue. In which SAR is defined as a measure of the maximum rate at which radio frequency (RF) energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to radio-frequency electromagnetic field.

So here’s a little knowledge about phone radiation for Dummies’!

The concerns with this radiation is that the effect of this absorbed energy is dielectric heating, in which any dielectric material (such as living tissue) is heated by rotations of polar molecules induced by the electromagnetic field. In the case of a person using a cell phone, most of the heating effect will occur at the surface of the head, causing its temperature to increase by a fraction of a degree. In this case, the level of temperature increase is an order of magnitude less than that obtained during the exposure of the head to direct sunlight. The brain’s blood circulation is capable of disposing of excess heat by increasing local blood flow. However, the cornea of the eye does not have this temperature regulation mechanism and exposure of 2-3 hours’ duration has been reported to produce cataracts in rabbits’ eyes at SAR values from 100-140W/kg, which produced lenticular temperatures of 41-41°C. Premature cataracts have not been linked with cell phone use, possibly because of the lower power output of mobile phones.Although it has been claimed that some parts of the human head are more sensitive to damage from increases in temperature, particularly in anatomical structures with poor vasculature, such as nerve fibers.

So now we know when we put our mobile phone to our ears, we are actually cooking our brain. But the current available scientific evidence does not demonstrate any adverse health effects associated with the use of mobile phones. However, that doesn’t mean that the potential for harm doesn’t exist.

We have also heard about mobile phone usage linked to cancer and in 2006 a large Danish study about the connection between mobile phone use and cancer incidence was published. It followed over 420,000 Danish citizens over 20 years and showed no increased risk of cancer. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) consider this report as inconclusive.

So in order to investigate the risk of cancer for the mobile phone user, a cooperative project between 13 countries has been launched called INTERPHONE. The idea is that cancers need time to develop so only studies over 10 years are of interest. And still till now, there are no adverse health effect related to mobile phone usage.

But if you are worried, here is how you can protect yourself :

# Use a hands-free headset.
# Use a phone that places the antenna as far away from you as possible.
# Extend the antenna during use.
# Limit calls inside buildings.
# Use the phone in open spaces as often as possible.
# Limit use by children.

And listed are the top ten lowest-radiation cell phones

Manufacturer and model SAR level
1. LG KG800 0.135
2. Motorola Razr V3x 0.14
3. Nokia 9300 0.21
4. Nokia N90 0.22
5. Samsung SGH-G800 0.23
6. Samsung Sync SGH-A707 0.236
7. Nokia 7390 0.26
8. Samsung SGH-T809 0.32
9. Bang & Olufsen Serene (Samsung SGH-E910) 0.33
10. Motorola Razr2 V8 0.36

And the top ten highest-radiation cell phones

Manufacturer and model SAR level
1. Motorola V195s 1.6
2. Motorola Slvr L6 1.58
3. Motorola Slvr L2 1.54
3a. Motorola W385 1.54
4. Motorola Deluxe ic902 1.53
4a. T-Mobile Shadow (HTC) 1.53
4b. Motorola i335 1.53
5. Samsung Sync SGH-C417 1.51
5a. Motorola V365 1.51
5b. RIM BlackBerry Curve (AT&T) 1.51

So as a conclusion, Motorola phones will be definitely out of my wish list! Which is quite surprising to me because I thought Nokia would top the highest-radiation chart instead! Since people are saying that Nokia emits lots of radiation. And in my opinion radiation is everywhere, so I guess even if we are to turn off our mobile, it will reduce the risk of exposure but nonetheless the base stations are still out there. Or maybe this whole thing about the sms is just a scam?? A scam by the telecommunications company so that we sent sms to our loved ones and they make money through the sms sent?? Perhaps?? Or maybe a sabotage by some group of people? They asked people to turn off their mobile so there will be no phone calls made or sms sent, so the telecommunications company lose money? Perhaps?


6 Responses to “The 11pm Radiation Attack!!”

  1. 1 Anonymouse June 11, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    My mom just now asked me to turn off my cellphone 11pm( which is the current time as I type) due to radiations. She won’t tell me a clear explanation so I resorted to google and found this. For me it’s a bunch of crap since radiation doesn’t bother with time. It is the same anytime.(Gets cooked by laptop radiation)

    • 2 クリンソン ドリーム June 12, 2009 at 11:59 pm

      Haha. Exactly the point. See when I published this entry? After 1 year this rumor is still going around.

  2. 3 Matthew Pragasam June 16, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    well, i just got the Text msg just now and my dad would want to actually know the fact of it, and suprisingly this information on top really make sense.Not long ago, i received this similar msg but i wasnt that concern as i usually treat it as junk msg. Overall you did quite a very impressive statement for people who are curious about it. By the way i would also like to comment about the increase of cancer cases. I’m worried if radiation actually stand a high risk of getting cancer? And if so, i bet the increase of the cancer cases would never stop or even slow to an end. Its like we’re murdering ourselves and our loved ones by advancing the world with such technology that involves radiationa and such. Lastly im very concern of the ”Free Wi-Fi” connection all over the state of Penang, Malaysia. this would actually bring a major problem. Internet access and wireless technology over penang, a small state with such big radiation. Well hope you get a toopic out of here and hopefully you can post a discussion too. Thanks again.

    • 4 クリンソン ドリーム June 17, 2009 at 3:40 pm

      Thanks for your comment. ^^,

      I have done some reading and from what I understand, normal exposure to mobile phone radiation cannot cause headaches or dizziness, nor can it cause brain cancers, neurological effects or reproductive effects. However, a few inconclusive studies suggest that it may cause a benign tumour of the auditory nerve.

      Almost all of the studies have shown that there are no increased risk of cancer relating to the use of mobile phones. Of course there are also studies that said otherwise. Well then, who is wrong and who is right? I guess we still cannot answer that question as of today.

      The cause of cancer is almost infinite. It could be due to genetic, the environment, our diet, the many chemicals used in consumer products and etc. But the hardest part of it all is that, while we know which factor can contribute to the cause of cancer, we cannot determine accurately the exact factor that caused it. Thus, I think this is the reason why the researchers are having a hard time finding out if RF radiation does cause cancer because the cancer could have been caused by many other factors.

      Hmmm…About the Penang Wi-Fi, the last time I went back it was still in its preliminary stage. There are certain rules that governs the limit of transmitting power thus limiting the amount of radiation. So if the transmitting power is well within limits, it shouldn’t pose any problems. In fact, some cities in the world already have city-wide wireless internet coverage already and not to mention universities also have campus-wide wireless coverage.

      Wireless technology will no doubt continue to progress with the WiMax replacing Wi-Fi and more new wireless technology emerging, wireless coverage are just going to increase even more.

      Anyway just to let you have a picture of some of the devices operating the the RF frequency range.

      -> Mobile Phones 1800Mhz – 2100Mhz
      -> TV 7Mhz – 987Mhz
      -> Bluetooth 2400Mhz
      -> Wi-Fi 2400Mhz – 5000Mhz
      -> GPS satellites 1100Mhz – 1600Mhz
      -> Satellites 4000Mhz – 6000Mhz
      -> Radars 1500Mhz – 11000Mhz

      So if RF radiation are proven to be hazardous, there are a lot of things that we are going to have to disable. >.< In a way, wireless technology has enhanced our lifestyle a lot in terms of communication. See how fast news travels nowadays. How we can watch live telecast on the TV. Astro and all those satellite TVs. I guess everything does have its price.

      I hope this could help shed some light to your concerns. ^^,

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