Tales of the Steamboat and Some Bowling Game

Well today was a great day! Went to this Red Dragon( izzit??) to have a steamboat dinner with all my form 6 classmates and it was a bomb! Although only 10 out of 32 came. Oh its actually 9 only because we have a parasite visitor. ^^, And apparently the one who called us all to come did not show up himself =.=”

The steamboat there is not bad. There are lots of choices except they don’t serve beef =(. But on the other hand they have dim sum and ice kacang. Plus free flow of ice creams!! Yummy! And all that just cost RM17.90!

It was a really great night and we as usual talk lots of crap while stuffing ourself with fats! And when there are no more space for the excess fats, this is what we do…

Time to hide them somewhere, like Mr. Bean! I know its bad and we have done our best to stuff ourselves to the point of spontaneous explosion(or perhaps combustion due to excess fat)!! And shown here is a new dish created by us called Assorted Ball Dim Sum. Made purely from our genius idea of throwing various types of fish balls onto a dim sum bowl(or plate??) topped with another dim sum plate(or bowl??) so it will be a surprise when someone wants to eat it!

I still feel bad over it. I don’t normally eat fish balls during steamboat but when we take food, we take for the others as well so we kinda took too much fish balls I guess. But don’t worry, its not really that much that is leftover actually.

Ok after fat-stuffing session, its time for a fat-burning session, so we decided to go for a bowling game at Penang Bowl. There are lots of people there but after about 30 minutes of waiting its finally our turn to throw ball!

There are 8 of us playing so we divide ourself into a team of 4. I am in the same team as Madrid, Kel Vin and Xin jie. And I do not know why but almost always my first ball will go into the drain. Darn! And because of my professional drain-washing technique, we lost the first game by 1 point. Damn!!

Ok ok, game 2 and I thought to myself, time to get myself a double or a turkey(of course 1st match I got strike la. But drain washing more often ni). As the saying goes, always dream big! And I think it works. I did managed to get 2 strikes in this game and also got a few spares here and there but I still wash drain left and right “occasionally”. But this game, out performance got a little better and we managed to win by a mere 2 points. ^^, BRAVO!!

It was a great night and I really enjoyed myself! We should do something like this again!


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