Fun Flying!!

Well who says that flying in a simulator is boring? It’s actually quite fun flying multiplayer with the rest of the world! And the best part is the radio chatter. So it does feel like the real world!

Anyway here is some of the snap shots I took when playing mission and also multiplayer.

Lets start of with the multiplayer! These are some of the snap shots I take while flying the Blue Angels.

On the ramp. Preparing for engine start-up with 2 other Angels.

During start-up, I was looking at the other Angels through my cockpit instead of my own instrument panel. >.<

Start-up procedure complete! Preparing for taxiing and take-off!!

Ok after take off, I turn back to the ramp and fly low. My objective here is to actually pass beneath their wings. I am actually flying at about 350 knots here. But as you can see at that speed its really really hard to position myself correctly as I am flying using a mouse instead of a joystick! So I ended up banking to the right a little and of course went off course a little to the right and I crash horribly onto the aircraft on the right. I did try a few times though but its really really hard.

*Please do not try this on a real aircraft! ^^,

Another look from the other side on the Pass Under the Wing stunt…before I crash…..hahaha ^^,

and I seriously have not seen anyone doing this in real life. ^^,

Now this is fun. The inverted! ^^,

And this is how it will look like if you were the pilot flying.

Top view! The pride of the U.S Navy!

Oooo la la..

Another angle. This stunt actually took me a few retries too. And I crash after passing them. Why?? Because I wanted to go up, but I forgot I am flying inverted, so going upwards will actually mean pushing the stick forward( which if you fly normally it would push the plane down), but I only thought up and I went to pull the stick, so there goes me kissing the Earth big time!

And what do I do when I don’t fly the Angels?? I fly with the military! Here is me with my flight leader in formation flying to Cape Canaveral launching from a carrier about 30 miles out to provide air cover for a rocket launch! We are to maintain a 5 mile radius anti-clockwise patrol around the launch pad!

And this is what happens when someone decided to enter restricted area! I am to form up on its left and then slowly pass in front of him so he can see me and rock my wings to signal to the pilot to follow me. Then I will lower my landing gear and do a touch and go at a nearby strip to signal him to land! ^^,

And what happens when I don’t fly jets?? I fly props. Over here is a task to fly the Secretary of Defense and a few reporters on a tour around Edwards Air Force Base to showcase to them some of the arsenal and the climax of this task is when I need to rendezvous with a home-bound shuttle, Atlantis. I am to follow this shuttle along its path to land on Edwards so that the reporters on board can get a glimpse of the shuttle in action. ^^,

Well I guess thats about it. And did I mention that landing on an aircraft carrier is a real challenge? It is the shortest landing strip a pilot can ever encounter I think. I still have some problem landing on a carrier though >.< And the ironic thing is before touch-down on a carrier landing, we increase our throttle to take off thrust so that if the plane does not hook the arresting wire, at least we can go airborne again for a retry instead of crashing down into the sea!!


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