Being A Pilot

Ok this is what I got from forum which they actually extract this from PPRuNe forum. This is said to be a letter from the Air Asia company to its employee. I do not know whether this is actually a real letter or not from the company, but assuming it is, being a pilot is not so easy as you think. Its not just sit and yawn or just sit and press a few buttons. Or to lay your eyes on hot stewardess. One mistake and you can say bye-bye to the sky.

Just as the saying goes :

A doctor buries its mistake, but a pilot is buried with it.

How and Why Pilots Die

Ok here’s the letter :

Excerpt from PPRUNE:

For starters, those who have been over uplifting fuel from the line stations
and arriving back in KUL with more than 4 tons in your tanks, should realise
that you are burning fuel to carry that extra fuel in your tanks, plus in
most of the line stations, fuel is more expensive there.

On tankering sectors, some are carrying very much more than what is required
for the round trip. Should we on arrival, drop below the required fuel for
the return leg, there is always the option of us topping up at the line
station, for the trip back to kul.

They’ve also been a couple of us who’ve shown their total lack of
professionalism, by flying at M0.8 when there was no necessity to. A lot of
you will be shocked at this, but yes, it has happened. For the culprits, you
are easily identified and the management will be in touch. You are not only
wasting fuel, but you are also undermining all the efforts of us,
professionals, who are trying to save as much fuel as possible.

Starting of the APU, especially in KUL, where we have a 6 to 8 minute taxi,
depending on where you’re going to be parked, should also be delayed,
instead of right after turning off the rwy.

Last but not least, please be careful with the landings. This is no blame
game and it could happen to any of us, if we’re not careful, but the last
hard landing has cost the company a very painful 2 million US, plus the loss
of revenue from the a/c being out of service for a long period of time.

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