Fuel Alert!

Fuel is a very very important commodity for us but it is sad to say no matter what happens, fuel prices will always continue to skyrocket! Thats a fact. No matter how much we complain to the government or how much we plea, fuel prices will always go up! There is not much the government can do. They don’t control the oil prices.

In Malaysia, we are very very lucky. Our fuel is actually still very very cheap compared to other countries in the world. That is the reason why people from Singapore and Thailand still wants to come into our country to fill their tanks! Now that the government is revising a new subsidy scheme that will take effect in August, most of us speculate another price increase but by how much, we don’t know. But when I saw what the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said, I know its not going to be a small hike. Shahrir said the subsidy revamp could result in petrol pumps selling fuel at market prices.

I think what we can do now is change the way we live our lives! And I need not say much here. You guys know the drill. From carpooling to the switch to public transport. From driving to a grocery store to walking to it. From everything and anything we do that can reduce fuel consumption. And by reducing fuel consumption, it helps in reducing global warming too! I know there are rich people out there earning lots of dough a month. And the price hike probably will just cause an itch to them. Or maybe they will just live the day like any other day as if nothing has happened. But from what I personally think, this is no longer a money issue. We are running out of fuel fast, and if we all don’t reduce consumption, we could run out of fuel before an alternative is found and fully implemented. What do I mean by the phrase fully implemented? Well, when an alternative is found, mass changes would occur. First cars would be refitted, then pumping stations changed, storage facilities rebuilt. Imagine how long that would take. And not forgetting the cost of the changes. It can easily take up to 20 years.

I know we have many alternatives now like the Natural Gas, Hydrogen and water as fuel. And then we also have the air-powered car and the electric car. But its still not as widespread as the petrol cars! And how many of you actually know that an air-powered car exist? How many of you know that we have NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) in Malaysia and that there are natural gas refueling stations in the Klang Valley? Or that electric cars has been used in America during the 90s only to be brutally murdered by automakers because petrol cars rake in the most dollars! And then there are people who said “Huh!? Electric car ah? Jalan that time ma like ah mah!” and as always my reply to them “Please read up before making any comments. Or you will just make yourself look like an idiot”. I just sincerely hope that everyone of us can work together to reduce fuel consumption and gives us humanity more time to come up with a new fuel that works. Everyone saves a little and it adds up to a lot.

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