Adventure Penang

It has been some time since I last workout, so I decided that its high time to do some workout to keep myself healthy. So I was quite happy when Jay Lin suggested this hiking trip about 3 weeks back (Yes, it has to be postponed because of various reasons, LOL). I thought to myself, this would be a good chance to get out of the house and stretch some muscles!

So I reached Youth Park at 1630hours, met up with Jay Lin and Shaun before we go for a short warm up while waiting for Teik Loon to come. But minutes passed and he is not here yet, so we decided to climb first and if he does call, we will meet up there.

So we started climbing at about 1700 hours and reach roughly at about 1730 hours. Short climb but it was challenging and tiring I would say since it has been about 1 month since I did any activities like this >.<

So lets gets back to topic. We reached Station 35 ( not sure but thats what that is written) at about 1730 and the view was great! So I wanted to get closer to the edge to get a closer view, but damn there are a few dogs there who barked and looks ready to ram me down if I get closer. So I decided to go to a bench nearby to catch some breath.

So we sat on the bench and talk for about 15 minutes before Teik Loon decided to finally call. And Shaun told him to come up and meet us here. So lets fast forward a lil, as the only thing we do is sit and chat. And I can promise you, you will not be interested about what we are talking about =.=||

So at about 1815 hours, we decided to go catch the view for a moment before making our descend. And as I said before it was great from above! Here’s some of the picture I took on my way down..

Yay!! Komtar!! And the rest of Penang town~! LOL

Trying to capture the view behind but damn, it look like crap. But anyway the sky is still nice!!!

This looks better! And I did not know the hill have such a nice plateau

This is just awesome. No matter how many times I look at Penang, Penang is still one great place!

It would have been a great picture, but no, Jay Lin decided to parade her hands >.< LOL

So I have to take again! Grrr.. Anyway I do not know why the contrast difference with the pic above. Must be the hand! Dark aura! Hmmm…Oh and btw, we came down from between those huge rocks. See the tiny passage just above those white granite(or whatever it is called)

Penang again. LOL. I am descending while taking pic but the trails lead us pass this view again, so oh well.

One false step and you get a one way ticket down! And the fastest too! The rolling-down-the-hill method!

Lovely! Beautiful clouds. Beautiful sea.

^^, Nature’s art. Oh and don’t mind the plastic wrapper there! Grrrr…

Another shot of the skies and sea

There is an easier way down but we decided to get adventurous and follow the way of the ropes instead!

This picture is corrupted and I am lazy to fix it because I have to transfer it from my laptop again. And the problem lies with my pendrive which is acting kinda weird and causes some files getting corrupted. It is ok when I view from my laptop, but when plugged into my desktop, its corruptedand vice versa. Guess its called old age. Anyway this is Jay Lin going down the rope

And this is taken by Teik Look looking from below. I am the guy in light green shirt although many seen it as white. Guess its the tress! They are too green! Grrrr.

Anyway thats all the pics. And oh yeah on our way to the car park, we saw a man wearing a shorts, but baggy pants style and you can imagine what we saw. Wanted to take a pic but my phone can’t turn off the shutter sound and we are actually quite close, so I dare not. Or I would or might ended up in the hospital.

After the hike we went to dinner at the coffee shop opposite Penang Chinese Girls’ High School. And I bought supper too. So its time to eat! Bye!


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