The Power of Dreams!

Well today is a very very happy and crazy day for me. Why do I say that? Well its because today I again do the banzai-one-day-kl trip.

Anyway, let me tell you about my experience today.

I wake up at 5.50am today, went to brush my teeth, drink a bottle of Brands, put on my formal wear and out I go. I checked my watch -6.30am. Just nice! Went down and saw the cab already waiting for me ( Yup, I called a cab). So took the cab and reach the airport at 7.00am. And this is where I was shocked. Penang airport has been renovated and now they have more check-in counters – 61 in total! Saw lots of new counters too which I have never seen before the last time I am in the airport about 6 months back. So I walk to the Air Asia check-in counter and *gasp* the line is very very long! Even with 4 operational counter, it is long. Took me 30 minutes for the check-in alone!

So went into the terminal at about 7.45am and boarding commences at 8.15am. Got myself a window seat just behind the wing and the view is great! And I always love early morning flight because the view is just fantastic! Too bad I don’t have a camera! The view is really breath-taking! I ate a sandwich during the flight which cost RM6. 45 minutes passed and we touched down at LCCT and the sky is as dark as the night – heavy rain! Oh and I forgot to mention, one idiot in the flight decided to leave his phone on and moments before the plane touch down, his phone went blaring and the flight attendant goes on the intercom and “remind” that passenger to switch it off. Speaking of idiots!

So I went into the terminal and purchased myself a taxi coupon to KLIA main terminal as I have to go there to take measurements for my uniform and also to get my uniform’s accessories there. The coupon cost me RM32.20! Expensive!!!

About 15 minutes later I reached the Main Terminal Building – for the first time! >.< It was HUGE and very nice! So first thing first, i went straight to the uniform shop to get my uniform measurements done and also to collect my accessories. Saw a few stewardess in the process – collecting their stuff. Everything went smoothly and by 10.30am I left the shop and went exploring around the airport.

Went to the viewing area and took some pictures of airplanes :

Some of MAS 737 airplanes

Close-up view of the 737

Pushback and taxiing for take-off

So after hanging around for one and a half hour I decided to go get my ticket to KL Sentral – via the KLIA express train. The ticket cost me RM35 and the journey took 28 minutes ( I did not count if you are wondering. It is written).

Reached KL Sentral at about 12.30pm and got myself another taxi coupon, this time it cost RM26 to get myself to MAS HQ in Subang. I arrived at the HQ at 1pm and crap, it was lunch time! So I gotta hang out there for one hour before I can proceed to submit my documents!

Submitted everything by 2.30pm and I quickly rush to the Subang airport ( which I actually ran) hoping to get a FireFly flight back to Penang which is scheduled at 3.15pm. And since Subang airport is now under renovation, I had a hard time trying to locate the ticketing counter. So I decided to ask a man and he told me to ” Go till the end then turn right. It is there..I think”. So I thought ok. Go till the end then turn right. The moment I turn right I saw all the pilots and stewardess staring at me. I was like Oppsss. It wasn’t the ticketing counter but Flight Operations Room. =.=||

Anyway after searching frantically for about 5 minutes, I finally located the counter and purchase myself a ticket. Last minute purchase and it cost me RM204. Ouch!!!!! And I do not know why, but I do like propeller airplanes too! It is smaller in size compared to those big jets, so the flight is a bit bumpy and it is exciting!

Touched down back at Penang at 4.00pm and I have to say, the pilot is great! Did a very smooth landing! BRAVO! Daniel come to pick me up and when I reach my home, the first thing I do is quickly go bath. So I can try on my new uniform! And here’s the result!

^^, I am just happy! Love the uniform!

Full length.

I am just happy. Speechless. Never have I thought that this day would come true. I have always dream about it. It is just great! This is what I call the power of dreams!


8 Responses to “The Power of Dreams!”

  1. 2 wuen July 17, 2008 at 7:35 am

    GOSH! YOU’VE PUT ON THE UNIFORM. another step nearer to the dream.

  2. 3 KiraWing July 17, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Remember to wear this on our graduation day.

  3. 4 クリンソン ドリーム July 17, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    nicki : そうですね! LOL

    wuen : ^^, you too can put it on one day!

    KiraWing : Don’t want! Blek!!! =P

  4. 5 supermama July 18, 2008 at 2:10 am

    arrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! u know how much i love to see u in the uniform! ish ishhhh…… when i saw that just now, the joy and happiness just overwhelmed me,seriously, so very proud of you. haizzz…. just so happy k !! ish ish…. i dont know i am so happy for what! hahaahah… lol! ish ish. aiyyooo… just so very happyyyy!! hahaahah.. siao liao!

  5. 6 aries_gal July 19, 2008 at 1:16 am

    aikss….how come my comment yesterday hilang???hmm..ahahha….yea..supermama was right…really so happy…hahah…proud of u bro…hehe….u’ve achieved uur dreams…tho ur only a cadet now but it’s like…..WOW…hahah…n hey..i wana take pic with u with ur uniform on la….


  6. 7 クリンソン ドリーム July 19, 2008 at 11:55 am

    ^^, what comment hilang?i did not delete anything o.

  7. 8 aries_gal July 20, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Im noT saying you delete la..haha…mayb my com eh prob..heeh…antique com…u know la..haha…


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