Summary of Week 2 in Langkawi

Ok guys I am back again!

Today I have completed my first progress test! Yay! Happiness I thought. But then God decided to say “Not so soon son!” Well I kinda find out that we will have progress test almost everyweek to gauge how much we have learned in a week so that we don’t start veering off course. And the best part here is the results will be sent to MAS HR so that they too can keep track on our progress. Its because of this that it gives us a lot of pressure here. Also, it is said that nobody has ever failed the progress test >.< and mind you, the passing marks are 75%. A very small margin for error. ^^,

So most of the time this week is spent studying. We were given 4 books on the day we arrived here at Langkawi and this is only the second week, but we have already completed nearly three quarter of all those 4 books. And thats not all. We were given a new law book 2 days ago. A very fat Air Law book. +.+||

So, I guess many of you know that the facilities here are good (compared to my uni hostel, this is superb) and I guess you guys would want to see how it looks like. But sadly, I have not taken any pictures yet in my hostel. >.< Actually I kinda forget. LOL. I will post up some pictures of my hostel in my next entry when we have cleaned it. Yup, our batch decided to do a gotong-royong this Sunday to clean our toilets and surroundings!

And oh, this week there is this new guy joining us. He is from Syria. A nice tall fella but I really pity him. Because most of our syllabus are covered already, he is kinda lost during classes and also he has a lot of catching up to do. So I guess he will have a hell of a weekend to catch up.

So for our picture treat today, I present to you, the surrounding of my flying school!

Sunset at the beach. Yup we are just about 100m to the beach. Cross a grassy area and oh la la.

Take 2! ^^, The view is just lovely! And the best part is you can hear training flights flying overhead. Just love it!

Sunset on the beach

Second shot

Well thats all for this week’s picture treat. ^^, Tomorrow I will go to town to collect my specs and also go watch The Mummy. Wakaka. Its a freaking weekend!!! Enjoy yourself too!! ^^,

Oh and btw, food here is great also! Today we had mutton for lunch! Yay! But I heard the chef is leaving soon T.T hope that the new chef will be good too! *fingers crossed*


3 Responses to “Summary of Week 2 in Langkawi”

  1. 1 Yen Mei August 1, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Wah…Is reali a nice place..Somemore can stay so near the beach lo…Wah somemore can eat mutton there lo…I oso wan to eat…Sobz..Sobz..I wait for you come back and belanja me..Hehe

  2. 2 supermama August 2, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    hey, week two! so u are already there for two weeks?? time flies huh, in two weeks time, my finals will be over, and i will be having “fun” ! BUT you arent here! ish ish… i am busy u are free, and now…

    hahaah.. anyway, great pics!! your life over there is great man!! haahaah… ! good ! eat more, i would love to see a “bigger” son! heheeh…

    you know, everytime when u talk about the beach, and sky and stuff like that, make me really wanna join you there, not for the course, but for your PT! ahahaha…

    oklaa. take care son! i shall wait for your next post!! hehehe.. till then, all the best!

  3. 3 Yen Mei August 5, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Hey, congrats to you…
    I really feel happy for you when you told me that you scored 100 for your navigation, meteorology and radio aids paper…Jia You oh…@_@

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