Another Sunday…

Another Sunday afternoon and this time I have loads of pictures to share with you peeps.

Anyway because our PPL training phase has finished, we decided to go explore the island a bit because since we got here, we really didn’t go anywhere except going to the town to get supplies. Thats why we thought this would be a good chance to explore the place.

So early in the morning, we took a cab to the jetty to rent ourself a car. Paid RM60 and got ourself a Proton Iswara. A decent car and fit the 5 of us just nice.

Oops! I forgot to introduce ourselves. Anyway for this trip we have Captain Dev as our Captain, Captain Tan also as our Captain. Navigator Aaron as our navigator. Chief Engineer Daniel as our Chief Enginner and myself as the Junior Engineer. >.<

So after we got our car, we set our course for North-West. Our first destination, the Langkawi Cable Car! Although I have been here a couple of times, I always missed the cable car because whenever I am here, its either bad weather or I don’t have the time. So this is my first time visiting the cable car also.

It is a very very nice place. Great design of the place. Really love it!

Ya I know I know, I said the cable car. But why are we seeing ships. Well its because we saw this port on our way and decided to take a detour. LOL. Its a very nice and calm place.

See how calm the water is?

Ok now lets get back to the cable car station. Yup this is the station. Not some town. But the cable car station

And thats where we are headed! Huhuhu

Got our ticket, which is a card just like those you get when you take the LRT. RM15 if you flash your MyKad. ^^,

And we are underway!! With Captain Dev and Navigator Aaron watching.

Dev : Full throttle ahead!

Aaron : Sir yes sir! Heading 020. Going on a cable uphill!

If you guys read my previous post, I did mention about a bridge out into the middle of the sea. Here it is. And seeing the sunset here is just beautiful!

Great weather today. Happiness!!

But in about 30 seconds, we noticed we have ascended into a cloud. Not good! T.T

This is the middle station. We don’t get to come down because the middle station is under maintainence, so we proceeded straight to the upper station! T.T

The moment we leave the middle station. Look at the visibility! Happiness down the drain! T.T

This is the maintainence vehicle and Chief Engineer Daniel actually wanna ride it on the way down! LOL >.<

Look at the visibility! Less than 50m I guess.

>.< It would be cool to come here with your boyfriend/girlfriend

But currently this is what we see la. Kinda disappointed but then I love the cold winds up here.

Yup. This is how high we are!

The skies finally clearing out and we finally can catch a glimpse of Langkawi! Lovely!

This is the bridge hanging on top. We don’t get to go because the moment we wanna go. The clouds decided to come back again. Darn!

Came back down and we went to explore the area around the station a bit and stumble on this. A Japanese themed garden! ^^,

There is also an animal farm inside. Entrance is free and there are horses, elephant and this fella over here. LOL

So after the cable car ordeal, we got hungry and so we stopped for lunch. I ate some spaghetti and then after our lunch, off we go again. Now we head north and go to this beautiful beach. Shit! I forgot the name. Think it was Tanjung Aru or something like that. >.<

Well here we are on the beach with the Captain leading the way!

This over here is a very beautiful rock formation, just off the beach! Had an ABC here! Lovely! On a hot day, with an ABC beside the beach! What more can you ask. >.<

After that we head east to this placed called Kilim. Over here there is a boat service which cost RM200 for a 2 hour trip to 5 places or RM150 for a one hour trip. We opt for the RM200 package. Each boat can fit up to 8 person. So here we are underway to our first spot!

First destination! A bat cave! This is the entrance. Sorry I don’t have any pictures taken inside cause its very dark and we only have a torchlight with us. No flash allowed inside the cave. I don’t even dare to flash also. You shine the ceiling with your torchlight and I guarantee you will be shocked to see the number of bats up there! Try to on your camera flash and I can guarantee you are done for! It was fun, my first ever cave experience!!!

The mangrove tree along the river bank. Sorry its blur because the boat is moving.

On the way to next destination.

Still on the way…..

The third destination! Yup third. The second was a fish farm. Was so busy playing with fish, I did not take any pictures >.<

Yup, we are going through it in the boat! >.< This is called the Crocodile Cave if I am not wrong

On our way to the fourth destination! The eagle feeding point

This guy is revving his engine to attract the eagle it seems. Put the propeller slightly above the water and this is the effect you get. Absolutely nice!

What happen to digi???????!!!!!!! LOL. I guess we actually went a little too north and my phone actually went into roaming. Got an SMS 5 minutes later saying ” Welcome to Thailand” =.=||

Going to the last destination. The valley of no end! LOL. Kidding kidding. We are actually going out to the open sea…

To have a look at this scenery

I don’t know why but I just love sunsets!

Oh and did I mention that during our boat trip, something funny happened? First our boat cut across at a wrong place and our propeller cut a rope. Lucky nothing happened. Second, as we are coming back our boat ran out of fuel! Got delayed for 15 minutes before help arrives. After refueling, the boat guy started the engine, revved it up but we go nowhere cause we ran aground! Drifted in the last 15 minutes waiting for fuel and we ran aground! How’s that. Really adventurous! After that adventure, we went to KFC for our dinner and went to Langkawi Parade to restock our supplies and went to the cinema hoping to watch Wall E. But its not showing in the cinema!! T.T Disappointed, we decided to proceed to some other area before going back.

Came to this resort and its really beautiful!

Note : The following pictures are all uploaded in the original sizes.

Took this picture with a 8 second shutter time. Quite blur cause I don’t have a tripod. Used a chair instead thats why.

Also took this with a 8 second shutter time. This one is clear cause there is a platform there where I can place my camera. Love the sign there!

Took both this pic with a 4 second shutter timer I think. This 2 pictures are my favorite! I uploaded this 2 pictures full size and unedited. The only edition is the watermark. Love how the image blur out at the bottom and the lighting is just nice

This wan is totally blur but I still like it because I think there is uniqueness in it also. ^^,

After one tiring day, I am finally home at 10.30pm.

Fuh. It took me a full 2 hours to complete this post and I am now very exhausted. >.<

I hope I din’t miss out anything and I hope that you had a great time reading this. Sorry if there are any mistakes made. ^^, Till then have a great week ahead and also I will see you guys again next week! Take care!


6 Responses to “Another Sunday…”

  1. 1 yeongchinn August 17, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    wowwwwwwww….. so niceeee..

  2. 2 Yen Mei August 17, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Nice pictures…Especially at beach there >_<

  3. 3 KiraWing August 19, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Looks like our friend here is enjoying himself.

  4. 4 クリンソン ドリーム August 22, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Wakakaka. Thats life!

  5. 5 cmei September 7, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    hop to this site from pineyaya.. wow.. i shud say this is a nice entry.. pictures wif some short labels.. nice place to visit.. langkawi n oso this blogsite

  6. 6 クリンソン ドリーム September 9, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Thank you ^^,

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