Well first of all, I am a lil late in updating this week because…. I totally forgot that it was a Friday yesterday. Oopsss >.< Well it was mainly due to my latest addiction to SimCity 4. It is an old game (about 5 years old) but then I still love it.

Alright I am just to let you guys know what am I currently up to right now and what’s in store for me in the future.

First up is that I am having my DCAT finals next week. And although I have an exam next week, I am not a bit nervous >.<  And then following next after this is that I will be doing my PPL flying which will last until the final week of December/beginning of January, meaning Christmas & New Year for me will be celebrated here. T.T But I am glad that its this way. At least its possible for me to come back for Chinese New Year (mind you we cannot apply leave while in the flying phase). I do not want to miss another Chinese New Year!

After my DCAT, I do have a 4 days break but then I do not plan to go back to Penang because it was a very short break and I plan to drown myself with games/dramas/movies and just to hang around here.

Aside from studying there are also a few stuff which are bugging me right now. One of that is of course Internet connection. I have been planning to get a wireless broadband from Celcom. I am actually planning to get the fastest package because looking at the price of the package by paying an extra 30 bucks, comparing to the basic package, I am getting lots of additional speeds! This will definitely quench my drama/anime/movie downloading mania!

Well everything seems fine here until I take a look at the starting price/upfront cash you have to pay initially. At least RM600 or something around that range. WTF?! That would mean 2 months of my allowance! How the hell am I going to live la like that? So the thought of me sharing with my roommate came up.

We were thinking of hooking up our computers together and create a network so both of us can share the internet. But wtf another dead end. People keep telling me its not possible. I know of course Celcom will definitely find a way to disallow sharing because this would mean them losing customers!

I was thinking that the modem is using the USB port as in input, which means that our Ethernet port is still free to do a LAN networking and by doing this LAN networking and allowing another computer to connect to the internet through my computer as a host(in which Windows does have an option for this) I thought it might be possible. But people are telling me that cannot work. Anybody tried this method before? I am just thinking out loud.

I never tested this method before because I couldn’t find someone to test it with.

Anyway yesterday I borrowed Daniel’s modem and test the signal strength in my room. I am getting a decent 10-15kb/s download rate, in which I am happy. But then thinking about the cost again really makes me sad.

So I guess desperate times sparks desperate measures! Which till now I still don’t have. haih. Getting internet is tough here in Malaysia. How I wish I am in Japan now. Read this Imagine that kind of speed! 7.7MByte/sec! @.@

Anyway lets put internet aside. I have a new nickname here. I got a number here. No its not Codename : 47. I am not a hitman. I am now called 14 here. You don’t want to know why I am called 14 here.

Oh for this week I take picture of the sky everytime I go for dinner and here’s the snap shot. Definitely good for yer eyes!

And this is my favourite! The crimson sky!

The picture quality is a lil poor because I took it with my handphone. ^^,

Guess I am going to stop here. Battery power running out. Have a nice weekend ahead. Bye.


3 Responses to “Opps!!”

  1. 1 nicki October 11, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    the pics will look better if you snap the skies without the arch silhouette!

  2. 2 KiraWing October 13, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Oo…. Looks like almost everyone has internet issue. I need to do most of my downloads when i reach back my house. Unlike you, one morning i woke up and found that my download speed is 288b/s. Life sucks.

  3. 3 クリンソン ドリーム October 15, 2008 at 10:57 am

    LOL. Nicki you know why the arch is always there? Because after the arch is my cafe. So I guess at that time food attracts me more than the sky. LOL

    Ya Kira. It sucks.

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