Island Hopping

As I said in my post yesterday a few days ago, I will be going for an island hopping. So here’s the picture from the trip!

Lets start off with the picture of some rocks. Which of course I meant great beautiful picture of rocks. >.<

This is one of the many magnificent ‘tiny islands’ we encounter during our boat trip!

And for this ‘tiny island’, notice the little gap just above the water line. This is caused by the constant waves hitting the rocks and if you get to see it close up, it is really nice!

This is the first island we will going to set our foot on. The Pregnant Maiden Island ( Pulau Dayang Bunting). You should be able to see the figure of a pregnant maiden here in this picture but till now I still failed to see any pregnant maiden. >.<

Going around the island, on our way to the island’s jetty, we came across this little cave where if you look at the roof, you will see tiny little bats hanging above!

On the island’s jetty!

Featuring Beng Huat and Aaron. . . .

And myself of course @.@ >.< Ok I don’t know why they call it Dayang Bunting Marble seriously. And on this island there is a fresh water lake which is about 5 minutes away from the jetty on foot.

See there’s the lake ( point 01). Oh and if you notice, the lake is actually just next to the sea but it is a fresh water lake as I mentioned earlier instead of a salty one. Why? Because there is apparently some special barrier that separates the sea from the lake, thus the fresh water! ^^,

So what do we do at the lake? We swim, we kayak, we have FUN!! Oh there is also a fish spa here. A cat-fish fish spa actually. You can just dip your feet in and let the fish do its wonders.

Ho Ho Ho!

Oh and hey, look thats YOU! I didn’t know you came along! >.<

That’s it for the first island!

Next we went to the eagle feeding spot where the boatman would throw out some chicken meat into the water and we with our cameras ready, shooting and snapping like some mad fellas when the eagle’s came zooming in for the food!

So after hanging about at the spot seeing the eagles eat ( which of course makes me feel hungry), we are headed to the next island, the Wet Rice Island (Pulau Beras Basah). . . .

And its beautiful beaches!

And some hot babes which will not be shown here. So instead, be satisfied with just the beach ok!

Promoting Jacker’s Potato Chip on the island, which I hold the thing totally wrong. Thats why you can’t see the brand. Oh well….

After promotion, its time to sit under the tree and eat away while enjoying the ‘scenery’!! Yummy!

Few more photos before we leave!

And a foot print! Signifying “I was here” and also doing promotion for Adidas shoes! >.< Well of course there are many other foot prints here too! Curse them! >.<

Thats all guys! From this trip, I have turned into a red lobster! LOL. Will post about my first week at the Hangar soon. When I find time to upload the picture.

NOTE: This post was supposed to be posted last Saturday but while I was inserting these pictures, the internet decided to quit on me. So I have to wait until today. And since I am using Danial’s internet connection now, I will post the hangar post next time. Time to go! *Throwing smoke grenade* *Poofff*


2 Responses to “Island Hopping”

  1. 1 aries_gal October 22, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    hey bro…hmmm…seems like u’re enjoying alot there…so nice le..hehe….can go visit so many places..hahah….so this monday u start ur flying sch de rite??when u can start to fly???hehe


  2. 2 aries_gal October 22, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    hey bro…hmmm…seems like u’re enjoying alot there…so nice le..hehe….can go visit so many places..hahah….so this monday u start ur flying sch de rite??when u can start to fly???hehe…another step closer to ur dream le..hehee….


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