Hangar; Week One

Hmmm. . What should I say about the Hangar? Hmmm. . . The hangar just gives me a very different kind of feeling when I am there. You know just like kids-in-Disneyland kind of feeling. Well, aside from the scorching heat and the awful smell of fuel and kerosene, it is an AWESOME place to go to. There is so much learning here! Talking to the mechanics is way better than reading your book! With all the aircraft around you it is just fun! Well after all, how often do you get to lean on an airplane? Or read newspaper on the wing? >.<

So the first picture of today….

Is from my room! LOL. This is my new wallpaper! As opposed to the previous Haruhi wallpaper I used below.

Just love that cute lil nendoroid. ^^, FuGa!

Next! Breakfast! This is my weekend breakfast!

For me weekday breakfast, we have this. . .

Spaghetti and pancake with pancake syrup! Bloody delicious! Looking at this it made me felt hungry angain!!!!!

Ok ok, back to hangar! >.<

This is the first picture we took at then hangar using Fariez’s phone but God knows where the hell he is looking la. And btw, the aircraft behind us is a Diamond DA-42. A twin engine aircraft! We won’t be flying this yet though.

This is the same plane but with the engine cowling opened! My first ever look at an aircraft engine!

A closer look. See how clean the engine is! Compared to a car’s engine. . . The piping a cables all looked damn beautiful. Just like some super car engine! >.<

The other side of the engine.

This below is the aircraft that I am going to fly. This the the Socata Tobago 10. Single engine constant speed propeller, powered by Lycoming engine, model O-360-A1AD, producing 180BHP, rated RPM 2700!

This aircraft from what I heard, suffered a propeller strike. Thus you don’t see the propeller here. Other than that this fella is flyable still! And also this airplane’s left wing has a small dent. The instructor told us that it hit a kite =.=|| poor fella.

This is the cockpit of the Diamond DA-40.

Oh and this week we went to the tower for a visit. We need to go to the tower often when we are flying navigation sorties I think. To submit flight plans.

The experience at the tower was amazing! We learned so many new stuffs that we have never even read before!

Danial a.k.a Mr Bean there looking stoned. . . (If he sees this I am dead…… >.<)

View of the apron, taxiway and the runway from the tower!

A privatet jet parked on the bay

The guy sitting there is the controller and the screen he is looking at is the radar screen of all the traffic. The yellow tags you see in the screen are all aircrafts. He is actually holding a telephone-like transmitter on his right hand giving instructions to aircrafts. The controller’s job really is like a chess player mixed with a  chef. He constantly needs to think of all the movement and how he can make sure nobody crashes into each other and also ensure smooth flow of traffic. He is also like a chef because he needs to remember who request what and when to give clearance to who. It is really crazy. And if you see to the right of the radar screen you will see a board with Langgun, Datai and Cincin. Thats actually the name of our training area and this board will help him in keeping tabs of all the traffic present.

This is what I will have to study now. And also another Type Technical book.

This is basically the Standard Operating Procedures(S.O.P) for our aircraft. It basically tells us our do’s and don’ts. The technical book on the other hand tells us everything about our aircraft. So for comparison, S.O.Ps are like telling you how you should drive a car and technical book is like your car’s owner manual.

See all the procedures. Scary!

Aircraft all lined up ready for start-up with a MAS aircraft departing in the background. This picture would look great if the weather was better!

Anyway thats all for this week. Will post more pics when I start flying next week!


4 Responses to “Hangar; Week One”

  1. 1 jun October 25, 2008 at 3:26 am

    you really sound very excited about it. though i must say from previous experience, flying a plane is a whole lot more tedious than video games. especially when i was trying to get it to fly straight.

    well, maybe it’s just me cause i lack the complete education to fly a plane. but i found it quite boring are 3 flights.

    hope it doesn’t happen to you. btw, are you going to move on to bigger planes?

  2. 2 see khoon October 25, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    wow…so admire you yeat hon.
    what an experience.
    when wanna fly me with that aeroplane?

  3. 3 aries_gal October 27, 2008 at 1:21 am

    hey bro..wow..start flying next week..means today onwards???WOW>.hahah..excited??hahah..great..u get to fly le..hehe…sounds so great and nice..hehe…


  4. 4 クリンソン ドリーム October 30, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    jun : You were in flying? I did not know that. Erm I am training to fly commercial jets. So yes I am going to move on to bigger aircraft.

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