First Flight

Hmmmm. . . This whole week has been nothing but waiting and waiting and waiting. What am I waiting for? Well basically waiting for the weather to clear up so we can get our familiarisation flights done.

I had mine today. My first ever flight sitting in the cockpit. It was really fun but damn the weather just have to come and destroy everything. The familiarisation flight was supposed to be a 30-minute flight where we are taken to the training area to get ourself familiarised with the operation.

So today I woke up excited. I looked up into the sky and =.=|| there were clouds everywhere!! My flight was scheduled at 0800 hours but I am already expecting some delays with the condition of the weather. But still I have go to the Hangar at 0645 to get the paperwork done and was hoping that the weather would clear out. But it did not. So I was delayed for about an hour and a half because there were lots of clouds everywhere and the weather looks really bad.

So finally at about 0930, the Instructor gave us the GO sign and we hop into the airplane. I was damn excited but very clumsy at the same time. Was pretty nervous also. He did all checks and he requested taxy clearance to depart West of the airfield. Tested all the systems and all seems normal. I am excited!! It felt so different sitting in the cockpit than to fly as a passenger!

The only problem we had was there is too much RPM drop during the Magneto check. If you are wondering what a magneto is, it is basically like the spark plug system in the car. Only difference is that airplanes has 2 of this system as a backup in case one fails. That means there are 2 spark plugs per cylinder compared to 1 for cars. Both systems are used in flight but on the ground we check to see if both systems are working before we take-off. The check is done by switching it to one system and see how much the RPM drops. The RPM drops because the efficiency of the combustion decreases with only one system working. The maximum drop allowed is only 175 RPM but for our airplane it dropped more than 200 RPM. The Instructor say ” Oh, this is no good!” >.< This is excessive drop is usually caused by fouled spark plug. So we carry out the proper “cleaning” procedure and it was back to normal again! Yay!

So we are ready for take-off, but the weather still looked pretty bad. The Instructor was actually considering canceling the flight if the condition gets worst. But then he decided it was ok to go ahead. So he requested take-off clearance and we line up with the runway. Then full throttle!

We took off, climbed to 1000 feet and proceeded to the West of the airfield. The moment we turned, the true reality hit. Both the West and East of the airfield were raining and they are moving towards the airfield. I even saw a rainbow forming. Bad shape! T.T So the instructor decided that there will be no training area for me today and decided to do a touch-and-go instead. But darn, a commercial airplane was reporting that he was coming in to land, so the Instructor decided to make a full stop instead because he said, if he did a touch and go, we would have to hold overhead the airfield until the commercial jet lands and that would mean we getting swallowed in the rain and he doesn’t want that. T.T

So we landed and I clocked only 12 minutes of flight time. T.T It was fun but due to the weather, it was a lil disappointing though. But I guess this is the life of flying. ^^, Today I was pawned by the weather! But I trully appreaciate the experienced I gained in this short flight. I learned one thing today. One very important thing. Being a SAFE PILOT! The Instructor showed me that! By making fast decision. Seriously, things happened so fast up there.

And this is a beautiful Deepavali ad by Petronas!


4 Responses to “First Flight”

  1. 1 Yen Mei October 30, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Oh is great to heard u flying d…Ya I like the advertisment..Is reali touching my heart

  2. 2 aries_gal October 30, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    wa…finally flying le..hehe…so nice hor??hmmm…that makes me think of what i really wanna do in future??i’ve seen ppl getting closer n closer to their dreams..but i;m still like…. haha../the thought of u being a pilot really touched my heart la..haha..closer n closer to ur dream..haha..what im gonna do for my future leh??haha…hey bro..when u start to fly as a pilot,remember what i told u ah??hehe


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