When Things Go Wrong

It is always nice to sit at the airport listening to the roar of the jet engines when a commercial liner takes off or when one lands. It is always so graceful!

There is a saying that always goes “Taking off is optional but landing is mandatory!”. I couldn’t agree more! Taking off is kinda easy compared to landing. Landing is very very tricky! You have to watch your speed, careful not to stall your aircraft. Watch your descent rate, so to make sure you are on the correct glide path and also take into account the wind factor. Done correctly, it will be a silky smooth landing. Do a mistake and you will come slamming onto the ground!

Let me show you a what happens when a landing goes terribly wrong!


This here is what happened when you landed the plane wrong. The propeller hits the ground a.k.a propeller strike! Notice that the aircraft is supported by a blue jack? Most probably the aircraft came down on its nose wheel first instead of the main wheels. But because of the tremendous force, the nose wheel broke and there goes the propeller slamming onto the ground!


See how the propeller is bended? Bad shape! Anyway guess how much the propeller cost? The propeller is manufactured by Hartzell and it came all the way from the United States! The price is a staggering RM44k!


The engine is also damaged from the propeller strike, so it has to be replaced as well from what I understand. For this it will cost another RM100k! Total now is RM144k. And we still haven’t add the cost of the nose-wheel yet!

Because of this incident, we now only have 3 aircraft serviceable. Bad shape! I seriously do not know how much that fella needs to pay for this but I am certainly sure it will burn a massive hole in the pocket!

This is my first time seeing a prop-striked airplane! Couldn’t imagine the propeller is bended till this way! And the best thing is, it still still in one piece! It did not break from the impact!


2 Responses to “When Things Go Wrong”

  1. 1 A November 24, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Finally, some photos of the rumoured incident.

    I’d seen DA40 propstrike, and heard quite a number of incidents, it’s like norm. It’s easier to do than on a TB10, probably due to the lightweight feel of the plane. The blade of the DA40 (and 42 I guess) aren’t made of steel, so they won’t bent like that, only snap… hehe.

    For the propstrike I’d seen, the guy need to write a report, and the insurance company pay for the parts and repairs. I hope your friend there doesn’t need to pay himself…

  2. 2 クリンソン ドリーム November 24, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Rumored? So you have heard about this. Wow news travels fast in the aviation world. LOL.

    Anyway are you still in training?

    Yup you are right! It is easier to do a prop strike on a DA40 then a TB10. Plus I think the ground clearance of the DA40’s prop is less than that of the TB and also the lightweight feeling of the DA40 really makes it tricky during landing! So far I have only seen TB10 prop strike. Still haven heard of a DA40 yet. >..<

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