Drinking From a Bucket and Walking The World

Yup I drank from a bucket! Its a very very odd experience but then it was fun. Something you don’t often won’t do.

Anyway this post was supposed to be posted last week but because of my hectic schedule it has been one week old.

Last week, ah muiz came to visit me in Langkawi with her friends. We went to a few place to hang out, namely the Langkawi Cable Car (my second visit) and Pulau Payar among others.

Here’s some picture:

On the way up to Gunung Machinchang via the Cable Car


Up, up and away!


The suspension-bridge-or-whatever-it-is-called clearly in view!P1060330

Finally! The view here is amazing! The last time I came it was foggy so visibility was about an arms length, so all I see is my arm.


It is still cloudy this time around but then the view is clear and superb!!P1060335

Pulau Payar!! The first Marine Park in Malaysia!


This is taken before after we go swimming.


The lack of photography is because there is another photographer with tonnes of picture but then I still did not manage to get my hands on those pictures! Darn!

Anyway, here’s the bucket part.

The night before we go Pulau Payar we went to Pantai Tengah to eat dinner. It was a great dinner! We went to a Chinese Restaurant, so I am particularly happy!

After that we decided to go find a place to hang out and enjoy a drink. Stroll along Pantai Cenang and found this bar called Babylon! Did not manage to take a picture of that place as it is at the beach and its pitch dark!!

Then there is this guy who came to took our order, he recommended us The Bucket. Yes, The Bucket! At first I thought it was a bucket of beer, but it is not. This is where all our jaw dropped. We were like @.@??

Ordered one and this is what it looks like:


No, its not a bucket full of ice and loads of water! Its a bucket full of ice and loads of vodka! ^^, This is my first time experience drinking like this and also my first time drinking in Langkawi. 4 of us shared this. Pretty nice!


And about walking the world, I have just discovered this cool feature in Google Maps called Google Street View. You wanna know what it is just go to google and type in Street View in the search parameter.

This is cool because unlike Google Map which display a top-down presentation of the Earth, Street View takes you the streets itself! You can pan, zoom and move about just like you are there yourself looking around! You should try it!

Let me show you how it looked like:

I don’t know any cool place at Melbourne, so I just picked a place randomly.


There am I in Melbourne….Untitled 

…looking around!Untitled1

Now go explore!


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