One Week Summary

Hello again ^^, !

I got my second pilotage tactical chart last week. This time, the chart covers the North Eastern side of the Malaysian Peninsula and I have to say, there isn’t much ‘land’ in the chart compared to the first one I got which covers the North Western side of the Malaysian Peninsula. Comparison below :

This is the second chart compared to….


…first one..


The chart was given to us because after we finish our Ground School phase, we are going to be sent to Kuala Terrenganu for 3 months to complete part of our Flying Phase. I am actually excited about this because we get to operate out of a different airfield and so we will get the chance to learn procedures at different airports. ^^,

The chart’s ‘serial number’ – TPC L – 10A covers the North Western part and the TPC L –10B covers the North Eastern part. Both this chart can be combined like a jigsaw puzzle. ^^,


And upon closer inspection of the second chart, I found another Penang Island! ^^, The younger brother of the original Penang Island. LOL


Ok let’s leave the chart aside.

Last evening, Danny came to me and ask whether I wanna go to the water tower or not. Yup! There is a water tower inside our school and I have been eager to go up the tower since some time ago, but didn’t manage to because I was just too lazy >.<

But since yesterday was a nice day, I decided to go. We did not go alone. Aaron and Dev also came along for the ‘journey’ ^^,

Anyway, our main objective for this trip is to catch the wonderful sunset from another view. I have tried going to the beach and all but never tried before a sunset on a water tower! The tower is roughly 8 stories high and it is very cool up there! Windy! Wheee~~

Let me show you a 360 view up there.

Note : The camera rotate clockwise

No. 1 – View of the airport from here, although we can barely see the runway ^^,1

No.2 – ^^,


No. 3 – Sorry for the lack of exposure >.<


No. 4 – Thats the sun for those who doesn’t know. ^^, Oh also notice how the sun moves closer to the horizon in subsequent sun-related pictures.


No 5 – Looking down at the school. I live in the block on the left. ^^,


No 6 – Look at the greenery. So different compared to Penang or KL for that matter.


No 7 – More greenery


And No. 8 – That completes our 360 view from the tower! ^^,


The ‘party’ enjoying the wind and the sun and the great view. From top to bottom : Dev , Aaron and Danny.


And as usual on all these high towers, it will be ‘infested’ with lots of aerials and antennas and what nots.




Love the sky at the background. ^^, Those are some high clouds.


I dunno why but this one looks like a vertical bazooka to me. ^^,


Reminder – Note the sun position relative to the horizon. I love the cloud to the right of the sun. ^^,


Another antenna..


…and more antennas! Love this picture!


See how the sun slowly sets!


This picture turns out a lil ‘blue’. Guess because I used a different setting. Can’t remember though >.<


Zoom in onto the sun….*Arghhhh!!!! My eyes!!!!!




I just love sunsets and sunrise ^^, Although for me its easier to catch the sunset then sunrise for reasons you obviously know. >.<


Thats all of the pictures. Sorry ya, we did not manage to wait till the sunsets completely because it was MAKAN time! LOL.

Oh and if you notice, this is one of the few post that I watermarked all my pictures. I wrote this post using Windows Live Writer and it has an option that does the watermarking for me with only a couple of clicks away. I can’t seem to find this option though in WordPress’ Editor. ^^,

Anyway till I am back again, take care ^^,


2 Responses to “One Week Summary”

  1. 1 maha911 March 15, 2009 at 12:23 am

    We don’t get to have the second map when i was there. That one you got sure has lots of water… No need to buy so much laminate plastic to cover it though, haha.

    We did borrowed a map that cover almost the whole of northern and center part of the peninsula, during our stay at KT. So we’re using the same chart for ferry flights to and forth WMKL.

  2. 2 クリンソン ドリーム March 15, 2009 at 10:49 am

    LOL. Seriously when I got the second chart I was so excited but then when I opened it, I went “eh?!” LOL. Too much water. Hahaha. And you are right! A small portion of lamination will do. ^^,

    Ooooo.. That would be easier! No need to switch maps in the already cramped cockpit.

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