Another Great Week

Its Sunday again!! Yay!! Nothing much for me to report this week except that it has been raining constantly here in Langkawi; compared to the extremely dry weather for the past 4 months or so. The weather is very weird these days. And because of these weird weathers(I think), we have been attacked by lots of bugs recently. Really huge bugs can be found everywhere in the campus and if you come out of your room at night, it is like a Star Wars battleground. They are flying everywhere! One has to be careful or you might end up in a bug-strike situation!

Anyway I was browsing through the pictures in my phone and I found some interesting pictures I would like to share with you guys.

Here is a Jeppesen High Altitude Enroute Chart which covers the Europe. It is extremely long. Roughly 1.6m long. ^^, This charts shows all the airways, nav aids(with its name, frequency, identifier – in characters and morse and finally its coordinates), reporting points, airspaces, communication frequencies, distances and etc. It is practically a chart of the ‘highways’ in the air.


Here’s a closer look of the chart. Pretty ‘crowded’ right. >.<


These charts plays an important role in Flight Planning. Whatever information you might need for flight planning purposes, you can find it in the chart.


And when we are too free during our lunch break this is what we do – arrange shoes. Heart-shaped-arranged shoes courtesy of Danny.


Oh, I have an interesting story to share here. Yesterday my roommate and I went to the KFC near Telaga Harbour to buy a mouth-watering KFC lunch. Upon reaching, I noticed that the place is super crowded. I kind of expected it since it is a Saturday. So we went to line up.

As usual, most of the time, as cadets, we talked about aviation. It so happened that my roommate and I was talking about cabin crews. The topic came up because I was telling my roommate that one of my friend wanted to apply to be a cabin crew. So we were talking and then suddenly the man in front of us turned and asked me – “Are you from Langkawi?”

Me : Erm no. I am from Penang actually.

Man : Ohhh. I see. Are you interested in joining the airlines?

Me : Oh I am actually studying here.

Man : The flying academy here?

Me : Yes ^^,

Man : Oh, I worked for MAS. *shows us an ID*

Me : Ooooooo. Cool.

Man : Are you studying here through sponsors or are you paying yourself?

Me : Oh, I am sponsored by MAS. ^^,

Man : *chuckles* * Gave us his name card*

Me : *takes a look* CAPTAIN –  A330’s fleet. CAPTAIN?!

My expression? – SHOCKED!!!!!!! I did not expect to meet a Captain when I am buying KFC. What more a A330 Captain. SHOCKEDDDDDDD!!!

My roommate and I chatted with him for awhile and then we left. We were shocked! ^^, But I am quite happy also to be able to speak to a Captain. I have not met any airlines Captains before in my life. He is the first and what a way to meet a Captain. ^^,

It was great being able to speak to a man who flew such a big aircraft. Looking at myself, I only flew a Tobago 10. I still have a long way to go….. ^^,

All in all, it was a great day and a great week!

I have about 6 more weeks to go before I finish my CA6 phase. The storm is coming…..


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