11 Days In Penang – Day 1 to Day 4

I am back once again in Langkawi to begin my CA2 phase.

But lets just put CA2 aside and focus on my hometown – Penang, for the time being.

Going back to Penang really helped me a lot. After the gruelling 4 months of CA6, I finally get to relax a little and I took this opportunity to spend quality time with my family and friends and kind of forget about flying for a bit there. >.<

Touched down on Penang on 7th May and am very excited to be home!

Lots of activities have been planned and first on the list? Cameron Highland!

Am going with my parents and believe it or not, its my first time. >.<

Started out journey on the 9th around 0930.

Hohoho! High terrains in sight!


Going up! Not as steep compared to Genting Highlands though.


Huge farms in sight! Looks more like some top secret lab!


Oh there is this place called the Time Tunnel which is a must go for everyone. Its sort of a museum and it is very interesting. They have a lot of really cool collection inside like this 1941 World War II newspaper. And seriously the number of people killed…shocking…P1060471

Another newspaper. This time about Hitler!


My mom told me this is what they used to carry when they go grocery shopping. Enviromental friendly indeed!


This is one of my favourite. Very simple but very cool.


Some old road signs. Some of these signs can still be found on the road still I think. Remember seeing some of these road signs when I was driving around.P1060478

Ammunition box. Carries 3000 5.56mm rounds and weighs 38kg if I remember correctly.


This is my first time seeing a real old radio. Only seen in TV before this.


Some scales. ^^,


Another seen-only-in-TV table lamp. Would probably love to own one next time.


A student’s ‘Best Friend’ – The report card!


Old Colgate toothpaste’s packaging.


This is another of my favourite! A pocket calculator! I am amazed how people designed this. Nowadays everything is electronic but back in those days almost everything is mechanical and it is really cool to see how these things work.


Old telephone, projector and a bottle of Dewar’s. Nice~~~


Old water pump.


Ok I suddenly can’t remember what this is called. Somebody please fill in the blanks. >.< Some sort of repellent.


For all the soft drink fans out there!


Another soft drink shot. Some of them no longer exist. Can you spot them?


This is another favourite! Old school cash register! And surprisingly, it still works! Ka-ching.


More soft drinks. I wonder why they don’t produce glass bottled ones anymore. I thought glass is better than plastic? Maybe because of the heavy and fragile glass thats why plastic wins.


Spit spit spit and you are creating an epidemic!


Kopi anyone? The kopitiam feel.


Black and white TV and I have no idea what is the machine below it. Looks like a type-writer but it is not.


Some old money.


Another unknown machine. Something to do with money definitely but I don’t know how it works. Probably used to print price tags??


Forgot what this is called again.


Bread toaster! Yum yum! Hungry I am >.<


I believe this is called the Gramophones? Yes? No?


And I also believe this is called an aeroplane. LOL.


Old cameras. Spotted the SLR there. ^^,


I have no idea what is this. Maybe a TV?


Now Showing! We have the electronic version but this is how it looks like back then.


The mobile phone in the 80s. My dad says it cost more than 10k. Guess iPhone wasn’t so expensive after all. >.<


Hair dryer that shoots laser. LOL. Kidding.


Shopping reminder. Coconut – check. Maggi – Check. LOL.



After the Time Tunnel, its back to the hotel room for a break before going for dinner and then heading off to the Pasar Malam.

This is out room. Love the slanting roof. The room is at the top floor, so that explains why the roof is slanting. Kinda like living in an attic and I love it. The room cost RM203 for 3 person with breakfast and a dinner steamboat for 3. Quite reasonable to my mind.


Then its day 2 at Cameron!


We checked out and then we head off to visit the Tea Plantation. And this is another favourite.P1060548

Majestic! This is the Bharat Tea Farm


Don’t you wish that we were a ball and just rolls down the railing? ^^,


That’s my dad over there on the right of the picture.


I love clouds! Fluffy fluffy clouds.


After Bharat, it’s off to visit a Temple. Forgot what it is called.


Don’t know what flower is this. Anybody knows?


A very ‘fat’ toilet sign. >.<


Again I have no idea what is this. My mom told me what it was but I can’t remember. Only remember it was called Buddha’s something something.. =.=||


This I can remember. Its called the Silver Dust. I can remember because the name is very cool.


Can’t remember where this is but its probably a strawberry farm.


After that, we head north to another Tea Farm. This time its BOH’s tea farm. Classy indeed.


Love the corridor. Look very nice. Love all the wood.


An old rolling table used during tea manufacturing.


Lets have a cuppa tea shall we?


After BOH’s tea farm, we went to conquer the highest road in Malaysia. Situated 6,666ft amsl, it is the highest paved road in Malaysia. Though I do not recommend anyone going up because the road is extremely narrow and it is quite steep. Our car had a tire spin on the way up. Go at your own risk or go if you are driving a jaw-dropping 4WD. We went up with our Iswara. ^^,


The view is awesome but still nothing beats the view from the peak of Kota Kinabalu. ^^,


That conclude my Cameron Highland’s trip. Went back on the 10th and reached home at about 1900 hours. It was fun and what an experience! Definitely enjoyed it.

I guess I will continue my report again next time since this is already becoming a really really long post and I am just about half way through.

More pictures coming soon. ^^,


1 Response to “11 Days In Penang – Day 1 to Day 4”

  1. 1 dilip June 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    like very much love to be there byeeeeee
    its amazing i love nature and nature is in malaysia

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