11 Days In Penang – Day 5 to Day 11

Continuing from where I left off.

After the Cameron trip, I went for a fishing trip/Penang Hill/Movie on Monday with Nicki, Chicken Chop and Kiam Hu. No pictures of the trip because I did not bring my camera along with me. >.<

On Tuesday, I went to shop for my long awaited James Phelan’s book – The Blood Oil. Haven’t read it yet as I am currently reading Josh Grisham’s The Appeal. ^^, Can’t wait to read it though! ^^, I do recommend James Phelan’s books to fans of Clancy and Robert Ludlum.

After the book shopping, I went to watch X-Men Origins! It has been so long since I went into a cinema and it was great! ^^, The show is simply amazing!

And then on Wednesday, I spent the whole day with my Ah Mui to celebrate her birthday! ^^,

Happy Birthday~~!!


Somehow when I take pictures, my expression looked kinda funny. >.<


And then on Thursday, I went to Rasa Sayang hotel for a buffet dinner which cost RM96 bucks. Though it cost a kidney and a liver, the food tastes great! One of the best buffet I have ever had! Highly recommended. We went on Thursday, so its the International Buffet day. If you want to go for the Seafood buffet, go on Fridays and Saturdays.

Oh and I forgot to mention, the place is called Spice Market. I had a hard time finding it at first because Rasa Sayang is quite big and the displayed sign is pretty small. So I missed it when driving past looking for a parking. Asked the security guard twice and he wasn’t helpful at all. Ended up after a few trial and errors, I finally found it.

Thats me! Taken by Mandy. In fact, 90% of the following pictures are snapped by her.




I always love this kind of shots. Dark silhouettes.


I know most of you must be thinking by now : “Show us the food already”. Patience is a virtue. ^^, We happen to arrive early so we walked around the hotel first.


I remember when I was in Sabah, there is also a seaside hotel(forgotten the name) where there is also huts similar to this but slightly bigger which offers massaging services while you enjoy the scenery with a cool drink. What a way to relax! ^^,


View of the setting sun. Amazing and captivating.


And here comes the food! Its an International buffet, therefore there is Indian, Italian, Chinese, Oriental and Japanese food. They also have seafood, but only cold seafood. ^^,


Veggies are good for you! ^^,


Some wine? Every table has a bottle.


We did not drank of course. It cost a bomb! Can’t remember how much exactly but around RM200 I think? >.< The red thing in the glass is strawberry jelly. It has a strawberry on top of it but I guess it went down into the stomach first. >.<


Desserts. There are so many types of desserts. I did not even manage to try them all. But I did try the chocolate fountain. ^^, My first chocolate fountain experience!! Hahaha.


Ice cream o ice cream


Group photo!


Entrance. Nice eh!


Spice spice spice~!


And then on Friday, upon my Ah Mui’s request, I took her around the island. Spotted this radio aid near the airport. I think this is a Doppler VOR. I have not seen a conventional VOR nor a Doppler VOR so close before. The only VOR I have seen is the Langkawi VOR but from 4100 feet, so it wasn’t so clear. But according to what I have studied, this does satisfy the description of a Doppler VOR. >.<

Just for those who are interested, Doppler VOR uses Doppler principle to reduce siting error (i.e error caused by its location) compared to a conventional VOR. For a pilot, it has no difference at all in the air. ^^, VOR = Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radial and pilots use it for Air Navigation.


One of our stops, the Butterfly Farm. Recommended to everyone who comes to Penang. Imagine walking in a park full of butterflies flying around you. Just be careful not to step on any of them. I also recommend Tropical Fruit Farm. It offers a really great fruit buffet but it only opens on weekends, unless of course if you have at least 20 people in your group, then you can go on weekdays.


Yay! Peace! Plant more trees!


What did I get for myself? Sunburn! T.T it wasn’t so bad but it does hurt. ^^, Now my arms have double tints. LOL.


At my god-bro’s house. Camping for the night. LOL. God-bro and god-sis. Great people in my life! Definitely makes my life more colourful.


On Saturday night. One day before I go back to Langkawi. Family dinner at Korea Palace. ^^, Nice food. Ordered a assorted BBQ meal. Look at the amount of food that we have ate. Dad & Mom on the left of the picture. Although only did manage to capture my mom’s arm.


And then this is what Li Lene gave me in the morning. My University’s certificates

My fencing certificate. Committee for the UMS Open Fencing Championship. I also design the booklet for the competition which can be found here


And this is the certificate that I am the most proud of! ^^, Nothing much but I am really really happy. This is for my second semester. Wonder what happened to the one in the first semester. I will go visit Sabah again next year after I graduate from my flying school. Hopefully I have the time….and money. LOL


This is the medal I got many moons back. It was pinned to my Red Crescent uniform for a very long time before I recently decided to take it down and keep it properly. ^^, Those were good times.


At the airport on Sunday. 35 minutes to departure. ^^, I am missing my parents already. Coming to think of it, it has been some time since I spent time with them. Before my sent off, I was busy in the uni and now here I am, training and again busy. Hmmmm…


Anyway thats all there is. Now that I am in my CA2 phase already, I am one step closer to my dream of flying high up there in the blue skies!


4 Responses to “11 Days In Penang – Day 5 to Day 11”

  1. 1 flyGin May 23, 2009 at 6:17 am

    This is one good blog, I am lurking here quite regularly. Wish there is more Langkawi story, for I used to live on the island.

    Been a keen reader of Ludlum’s, but since his demise I’ve been looking and craving for a better writer, but failed so far. Tried googling this James Phelan you recommended, but not much turns up. His Blood Oil really good aa?

    • 2 クリンソン ドリーム May 23, 2009 at 3:05 pm

      Thank you! ^^, Appreciate your comment.
      I will definitely try to write up more about Langkawi! ^^,
      You used to live here too? Training here?

      I love James Phelan’s book. Kinda love the way he writes. He is an Australian writer. You can try reading his first book – Fox Hunt. His second is Patriot Act and third is Blood Oil. ^^,
      I have not really read Blood Oil yet, only the prologue through the second book at the end. He always include a small part of his upcoming book at the end. That’s how I know what is coming up next and when to go to the bookstore to look for it. ^^, \

      And try this for more info about him : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Clancy_Phelan

  2. 3 flyGin May 24, 2009 at 12:34 pm


    no, I did not train as a pilot per say, albeit clocking about 70 minutes on one of the quicksilvers…btw they are not even there anymore, they use to be stored in the open hanger next to the tower… I guess yo can still see a GT500 there? Club aircrafts.

    I am from a totally different field and could be your father, age wise….hehehe… next time you pass by Gunung Raya peak, I can tell you I was there….hehehe…

    Thanks for the link.

    • 4 クリンソン ドリーム May 24, 2009 at 2:51 pm

      ^^, Oooo. wow. Thats nice. Yup I still saw a few there the other day when I went to the tower but wasn’t sure if it is still serviceable. It looks like they haven’t been properly maintained for quite some time already. >…< Take care. ^^,

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