Kuala Terengganu – Our Home

Again procrastination got the better of me. This should have been uploaded weeks ago.

But I guess this time procrastination does have it own advantages. The previous batch just left yesterday, so this morning, my room mate woke up early and he started cleaning the house. I woke up a little later to help him out (actually its a couple of hours later. Sorry~). >.< So because of procrastination, what you are going to see here today is a better, cleaner and a more organized house. ^^, Wahahahahaha.

This is what you see the moment you enter the house. ^^, Huge area to hang about and relax. ^^,P1070026

And this is what you see when I turn around to face the entrance. ^^,


Lets move forward in the hall and look at what’s out there beyond the sliding window.


Its a golf course. ^^, The view is really nice. All the greenery. Really good for relaxation.

This is the view from the sliding window looking back into the house towards the entrance. ^^,


Looking slightly to the left. We got couches to laze around also. And we also have Astro. ^^,


Going back to the entrance, if you turn left, this is what you see. Rooms are those with red doors while washroom are the light brown coloured door at the end of the hallway.


This is the master bedroom. It has a bathroom in it also.


Looking left, this is another room.


And this is our room. Next to the toilet. >.< Opposite the kitchen. I am not going to show you our room today, because it is really messy inside. >.<


This is the kitchen


With the washing machine inside. ^^,


Yup that’s basically our house. ^^, Quite comfortable actually. ^^, Till next time. Cheers~!


3 Responses to “Kuala Terengganu – Our Home”

  1. 1 XiuYu/SiewGeok/Mik September 21, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    hey guy, i think i was busy until quite some time not be able to stop by your blog.

    Now reading back some osts of urs. Interesting and seem like everything is going well.

    Btw, sorry that i not be able make so comment on ur chatroll there..due to..it’s requesting some username and password which i have no ideas what to type b4 i can leave a msg there.

    Mind to gimme your MSN, facebook, YM…and whichever ya using to keep in touch in the future?

    • 2 クリンソン ドリーム September 23, 2009 at 10:07 am

      ^^, No problem. Everything is going quite well here except the weather though. Been raining quite a lot but this few days it is clearing up. So I guess more goodness is on the way. ^^, hehehehe.

      Oooo. The chatroll is requesting password? Maybe I will take a look at it when I am free to find out what is wrong. ^^,

      I have added my facebook link on my widget bar. And also flickr and twitter. So you can check it out there. ^^,

  2. 3 XiuYu/SiewGeok/Mik September 23, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    i see.. same to here as well.
    Gotcha. Thanks.
    Got MSN?

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