Worldwide Moment

worldwidemomentI discovered this while I was surfing just now and thought that this is something really really worth sharing. ^^,

What is this all about?

Well, has this to say :

Can you imagine people from every country in the world participating in a simultaneous moment of peace?

Can you imagine the photographs this moment would produce?

Can you imagine the impact? … We can… Please join us.

Worldwide Moment is a non-profit arts organization which encourages people around the world to celebrate peace and international collaboration by taking simultaneous photographs and sharing their stories. 2009’s Moment occurs when the time is Wednesday September 9, 2009 at 9:09AM in the +09GMT time zone, or 09.09.09+09GMT@09:09.

All you ever need to do is :

So that means when it’s:

  • Wednesday morning September 9 at 9:09AM in Japan and North Korea
  • Wednesday morning September 9 at 3:09AM in Darfur and Iraq
  • Tuesday evening September 8 at 8:09PM in New York and Chile
  • Tuesday afternoon September 8 at 2:09PM in Hawaii…

…all you have to do is take a photograph for peace.

After the Moment occurs, upload your photo, location, and a short description of your Moment, to the Worldwide Moment website The photo collection will then be available online, and will eventually premier in-person at a gallery, soon-to-be determined. If you are a gallery owner or representative interested in showing the photos please contact us.

Whether amateur or professional, film or digital, Polaroid or camera phone, young or old, this is for EVERYONE. All you have to do is take a photograph at the specified Moment.

So tomorrow, on the 9th of September 2009 @ GMT+9 @ 09:09, all you have to do is take a picture! ^^, For those who are in Malaysia, the time to take the picture is 08:09. ^^, The time which I bet most of you would be either eating breakfast, or for the lucky ones, still on the bed somewhere in slumberland. ^^,

I have pledge myself. So pledge yourself now! Head over to the‘s website and sign up. ^^, I am not sure what picture I am going to take but I guess I will just point my camera onto whatever object that interests me at that moment. ^^,

Love & Peace!!!! \(^w^)/


This is the photo that I submit. ^^,


2 Responses to “Worldwide Moment”

  1. 1 Sam S September 14, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    nice (:
    i like how u captured a flower that’s just some weed so beautifully on ur camera, turning it into something else more significant than “just a weed”.
    and i really regret not reading this post before the 9th last week! grr. should’ve known these kinda things would be going on cos of the special date sequence. i would’ve been just waking up i think, haha.

  2. 2 クリンソン ドリーム September 16, 2009 at 9:36 am

    ^^, Its the small small things that really matters most in life I guess. ^^,

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