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Sunday Morning Breakfast

Last week, I had breakfast with Haruhi which you can see here.

So this week, its Kagamiku’s turn. ^^,

My breakfast is fairly heavy right? >.< Well I guess it can be considered as brunch already since I ate them at about 11am. ^^,

This week, we have Chicken Cheese Frankfurter sausages and Mexican Sauce BBQ Chicken~! The chicken taste absolutely awesome~!!! And you might wonder why I always have sausages. Well its because I have fallen in love with them. They taste really delicious and is kind of addictive. ^^,

I forgot to get my supply of fruit juice, so we have no choice but to opt for the Winter Melon drink instead. And which reminds me, I only paid 90 cents for 6 of them. >.< I guess the cashier forgot to punch in the 6 when scanning them. I did not notice it also. In fact I was actually wondering why is it so cheap, because according to what I have calculated, I should be paying more. It was only when I checked the receipt upon reaching home that I realized she had made that mistake. >.<

My breakfast is really unhealthy. Look at all that oil and fat~! No green veggies. >.< So, that is why I am thinking of making mashed potato next week and I might go grab some mini carrots with cabbage and perhaps grab some more green veggies and make a healthy salad breakfast next week. ^^, LOL. Looks like nowadays I have been experimenting and cooking meals for myself every weekend. ^^,

Anyway, till next time~ Cheers~!


Kagami & Haruhi Wishes You….

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~~!!

P1070089Both of them wants to share with you that cute little mini moon cake. Any takers? *raises both hands* >.<

Anyway, here are some of the activities that you can do during the Mid-Autumn Festival :

So what are you doing to celebrate? For me, I guess I will munch down that mini moon cake in front of my laptop screen. I do wish I could share that moon cake with my loved ones while enjoying the moonlight together. But I am 600km away from home and going outside over here is not a good idea because aside from munching down the moon cake, I will also be ‘donating blood’, if you get what I mean. ^^,

For those of you who doesn’t know what the Mid-Autumn Festival is all about, kindly click here.

Sunday Morning’s Breakfast

Apparently some people is still not convinced that I can cook. So I decided to show these people again that I, in fact do know how to cook. LOL. ^^,

Decided to do some Western-style breakfast today. It has been so long since I had one. ^^, I couldn’t cook using the stove because we ran out of gas >.< , so I have to opt for the microwave oven again. ^^,

What am I going to cook today? Well, we are going to have 2 lamb patties and 3 Italian sausages. ^^, Pretty heavy for a breakfast eh? LOL.

Lamb patties and Italian sausages in oven, set to high and microwave it for 5 minutes. ^^, And as you can see, Haruhi is getting pretty impatient. Demanding her breakfast right away. >.<

After 5 minutes, pop open oven, take out the cooked sausages, flip the lamp patties over and repeat the 5 minute process again. ^^,

Haruhi : What is taking you so long to cook my breakfast?

After the second 5 minutes of microwaving, the patties are ready to be served!

And here we have our breakfast! 2 lamb patties, 3 Italian sausages served with Guava juice and a delicious apple~! Yummy~!

If you are wondering why there are only 2 sausages left on the plate, well blame Haruhi. She ate one of it while waiting for the lamb patties to cook. >.<

So who wants to join me for breakfast? ^^,

McDonald’s – Mamak Style

Was at the Kuala Terengganu bus terminal last Friday and was craving for some Chicken McNuggets, so I paid a visit to the McDonald’s near the bus terminal.

But what that greets me wasn’t the usual colorful McDonald’s restaurant table but this….

Apparently McDonald is adapting the new Mamak style theme. ^^,

Pizza For Dinner

Tonight, we are going to have pizza for dinner~!! Yum Yum~~

So who says I can’t cook?

Let me show you the result of my superb baking skills.

Tada~~~~~!~~!!! ^^,


So now, let me show you guys and gals how this was done. Go grab your notepads and pencils and get ready to jot down the world’s greatest pizza recipe. LOL.

We will want to make the end result as similar as possible to the photo shown below. So before one can master such great pizza making skills, one has to be well prepared.P1070060

First, we need to get the ingredients. So, go to any major supermarkets near you to grab the necessary ingredients. ^^,

Once at the supermarket, go first to the frozen food section and look for this :


Second step is to grab it and proceed to the counter and pay. Then head back home. ^^, Simple. 2 steps strategy.

Then pop open the box and this is what you see. Remove the plastic protecting the pizza….


….then pop it in the microwave oven. Set to temperature setting to high and set timer to 8 minutes.


Then sit and wait the miserable 8 minutes while looking at the pizza slowly rotating inside with the cheese starting to melt emitting a strong hunger-inducing aroma which slowly starts to penetrate and dance inside your nostrils. Miserable indeed~


After the eight minute, pop open the over cover and tada~~~! Instant Pizza~!


Carefully, take it out, cut it into as many or as little pieces as you want, put it on a plate and start munching it down. For those who are starved-to-the-point-of-collapsing, cutting the pizza into pieces is not really required, simply munch it down straight out of the oven. ^^, Whichever way you prefer. Hahahaha. Mission Accomplished~! Successful in feeding yet another hungry soul. ^^,


There you have it. The world’s greatest pizza! Why I say its the greatest? Its because 30 years ago, during our parents’ era, where is there such a thing as an instant pizza?  Pop a frozen ‘block’ it into the oven, wait 8minutes and you have a great tasting pizza? Hahaha.

Anyway enjoy your dinner. ^^, And till next time, eat healthy and drink a lot of water. H1N1 cases is on the high lately. Cheers~

Rainbow Rice

Vîsüål1016Had this rice for dinner last night. Looks colorful doesn’t it. ^^,

I am not really sure what it is called but lets settle for Rainbow Rice for now alright. >.<

I am also not sure how it was made but from the look of it, dye was definitely used. Hahahaha.

And about the texture, it feels like those rice from chicken rice. A little oily kind of feel to it.

And the taste? This is the interesting part I guess. I am not so sure how it taste like for my other batch mates who ate it but for me, the rice has a very faint hint of candy-like taste. The little sweetness like those you expect from a gumball. It may be weird reading that rice taste sweet, but it really does. Either that or my tastebuds are going haywire. >.<

The plus point here though is, although it taste sweet, it is very very faint and when you eat it with other dishes, the sweetness manages to mix very well and it is really really delicious! ^^,

I have never seen this type of rice before. I have seen Nasi Tomato, Nasi Briyani and others, but Rainbow-Colored Rice? Definitely something new. ^^,

P.S : For those of you who knows what this is called, how it was made and where it originates from, do let me know. ^^,

Apple Apple Pie

Who wants a bite? ^^, The Mac Mini made into an apple pie? >.< LOL

For those who wants to see how it is made, go here ——> Apple Pie via Evil Mad Scientist

Some more pictures which is intended to make you hungry. ^^,

I would really love to try making it but then again I don’t have the necessary ‘equipments’ required for this project. >.< Those who wants to try making it and treat me is always welcomed. ^^,



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