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Coolest Water Fountain

Water FountainThis is probably the coolest water fountain you will ever see! ^^, It is really awesome. Trust me~

This water fountain is found inside Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka, Japan. For more details, go here

Watch the fountain in action ~!


Console Battle

The battle of PS3 vs X Box 360 vs Wii. >.< It will be bloody~! You have been warned. ^^,

Found this video interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

Years ago, I used to play a lot of games. But now, I barely even have time to relax and my life now requires me to travel a lot, so I guess console gaming for me now is quite impossible. Now, I have been a full PC gamer and seriously, I miss all those days of console gaming. PC gaming frustrating at times because of the requirements of hardwares. T.T

Of the 3 consoles in the video, I have not played any them before. >.< Would really like to get my hands on them though someday. ^^,

Note : I would like to apologize for the lack of post lately. Have been quite busy with life >.< . Though of all that, I am trying to post on every weekend. I did not post yesterday because I went to the Sekayu waterfall. Will post it up soon once I manage to upload those pictures. ^^,

Transforming iPhone 3GS

iphone3gsA new application for your iPhone 3GS. ^^, It turns your iPhone 3GS into a netbook.

Don’t believe me? There is a video to prove it. ^^,

Amazing right? I guess in the future, all mobile devices would be like this – a mini transformer in your hands. ^^,

Have a good day. ^^, Cheers~

Operating Systems

Microsoft and Apple is already dishing out their new OS, namely the Windows 7 and the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. And both of them should be reaching our shores soon. ^^,

From what I heard, if you purchase a new Mac now, it should arrive on your doorstep in about 2 weeks with the new Snow Leopard installed, while Windows 7 is already up for pre-order. So go grab your copy now. ^^,

This is interesting news for me bacause I want to see how much Microsoft have improved over the Vista and what new features are introduced by Apple in the new OS X. I am no tech savvy, so what I am interested in mainly is the end user experience. How each operating system interacts with us everyday user. And most importantly – Stability and Speed. ^^,

I have had my hands on the Windows 7 and the performance has really been improved. Even in its Beta stage, it is already faster than Vista. So it will be interesting to see the Retail version of Windows 7.

Here’s a video for those of you who wants to know more about Windows 7

While I have already tried out Windows 7, I am not so lucky with the Mac OS. The only Mac OS I have ever used was the older Mac OS X Leopard. >.< So would really like to get my hands on a Snow Leopard to try it out. Especially after seeing this video. Looks interesting. ^^,

Note : Please note that this post is never intended to bash any Operating System nor it is intended to debate which Operating System is more superior than the other. So please don’t waste your life debating which is better. It all depends on personal preferences.

Apple Apple Pie

Who wants a bite? ^^, The Mac Mini made into an apple pie? >.< LOL

For those who wants to see how it is made, go here ——> Apple Pie via Evil Mad Scientist

Some more pictures which is intended to make you hungry. ^^,

I would really love to try making it but then again I don’t have the necessary ‘equipments’ required for this project. >.< Those who wants to try making it and treat me is always welcomed. ^^,

iPhone 3GS As A Robot Head

I am back again with more robots! ^^, This time, this robot has a fully functioning iPhone 3GS as its head. Pretty cool huh. I never know that you can do that with an iPhone.

Here is one bot that won’t be forced to sing “If I Only Had a Brain…” to any absent-minded wizard. The bo’ts head is composed of a fully-functioning iPhone 3GS, its body composed of a Kondo KHR-2HV bot. The iPhone connects to the body via a special dock.

Dubbed Robochan, the iPhone serves as the bot’s face and brain, simulating facial expressions and acting as a controller for the robot’s cute little dancing.

Via via Gearfuse

Its really cool how they can program an iPhone to function as the ‘brain’ of the robot. The only programming I knew was C++ which I learn way back in my uni days a couple of moons ago, so yeah, a robot with an iPhone 3GS as the head does amazes me. Hmmm.. Probably I will just go and unplug the iPhone from the robot and make a run for it. >.<~

Microsoft Movies

Microsoft promoting their new Office 2010. And instead of the old-school-type-boring promotion, they have decided to come up with an action flick! And I personally think its really well done. ^^,

Coming to an Office near you soon! ^^,

This is another one. This time about minesweeper. LOL.

Soldier : I am here because I am BORED!!! >.<



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