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Results – Second Semester

This is my results for my second semester.

Well I have no comments on it. Not too good not too bad I would say. But dang, B+ for my Math? And even worse B- for Circuit Analysis. LOL

P.S : KiraWing, you were asking me about this right. ^^,


One Year in Sabah – Part V – Fish Tank

It has been a long time since I last post about One Year in Sabah. Well today we are going to look at the aquarium of my university. Yes, we have quite an extensive aquarium – something like the Underwater World in Langkawi, but a smaller version. I am quite lazy to elaborate here so let the picture do the talking.

This is the bone of a dinasour!!! Nah, just kidding. Its a whale’s bone. ^^, At first I thought it was a dinasours bone cause of the size. >.<

This is one of the big tanks. All kinds of fish can be found inside and its really nice. Looking at this makes me feels like I am actually in the tank itself.

Ok this I dunno what is it called in English, but in hokkien its called hai aamotan. LOL ^^, This thing is extremely dangerous as it has “thorns” all over it, so if you step on this fella, you are in for some pain.

It is dangerous but it is quite nice actually. I can’t really capture it on camera but it is black and has a very nice blue tint. The hue is something like a blue LED. And in front it has a orange eye-like thingy. Can’t capture it on camera from this angle though.

And finally, this I dedicate to Keng Yee, the prawn. LOL.

Well I guess this conclude my post. A short one cause I am quite tired today due to my outing last night till 3 a.m. Coming up next would be my trip to one two of the islands near Kota Kinabalu.

Incredible Hulk


Yup this is that green angry fella! The Incredible Hulk, duh. Well, went to watch this movie in Queensbay yesterday night with Nicki, SushiGuy and Ah Mui. It was a 7.05pm show but luckily I booked our tickets, as it was full house last night (well nearly for our session). So we did get a good seat,which is the B row. Just perfect! Not too close to that green fella or it might get dangerous.

Anyway I think the movie is good. Liv Tyler is just drop-dead gorgeous. There are lots of CG scenes but the story proceeded in a smooth pace and there aren’t any part which makes you feel like “Can we move along please?” So I would say its pretty pleasant. Lots of high-octane action scenes and lots of explosion. Not forgetting lots of angry scenes too. ^^,

I guess I better not say anymore or I will start spilling out all those spoilers. Go watch for yourself!

Arggghhh..I am still so tempted to spill some spoilers…arghhhhhh….ok I will stop here…..

P.S : Actually does anyone ever wondered why is the hulk green? Is it because that green color is pleasant to our eyes so the creator decided to make him green? I am lazy to go find out. So if you know do let me know ^^, Thanks!

And here’s the trailer.

One Year in Sabah – Sub Part I – Window Seat

Centuries ago I posted about my hostel room in uni back in Sabah here. I say that I regretted choosing the window seat last time did I. The reason is because….

of this….

Ok. This is not me having a curtain fetish or something..its just that the winds are so strong that the curtain keeps annoying me. Especialy when I am playing games!! Darn!

Tried to contain the curtain by using 1 clippers at first. Failed. Moved on to 2, failed. 3, barely hanging on. 4, hanging on but can be better. Used masking tape also. All that effort and I will be granted peace for at most 10 minutes! Thats all to it. And then the curtain will start flipping and annoy me again. Not forgetting that my room gets the afternoon sun so the curtain is a must. If not, the sun will burn my butt. This is what I call nature messing with me! >.< lol

Photo courtesy of KiraWing. And for your information, I did not know when he took the pictures. Kanasai. But nevertheless, it served its purpose here. >.<

The Hanged Elmo

Readers may noticed my new avatar I just uploaded last night which is a hanged Elmo, the cute little red character from Sesame Street. You might ask why I uploaded a hanged Elmo? Its just simply because first, I love Elmo! Second is with living cost keeps going up, a hanged Elmo pictures my condition perfectly! I guess we are just aiming high. We have aimed for the tallest building! Sent our Malaysian to space! Planned to send another! And our latest achievement, the highest petrol hike ever! And not forgetting also the raised electricity’s tariff! I guess this is what we call a two-prong attack! Or should I say thousands of prongs, with other things going up as well and inflation knocking on our doors! Its a tough time ahead! Brace for impact!!!

P.S : My avatar is hijacked from DannyChoo. Currently has been doing quite a lot of hijacking…. >.<

One Year in Sabah – Part IV – New Hostel Room



There Nicki. A warning system for potential readers!

The system is our uni is that after the MSM week, we will be assigned another new room. So during these times its very busy and you can see lots of people moving about lugging thier luggage behind them! Why do I say its busy? Well because first, we need to go to the multi-purpose hall early to get the number of our new room – which will be generated by a computer, and it is also during these time that we will need to submit our personal records and medical results.

So I got up early that day and went to the hall to get all this things sorted out early so I can move in to my new room earlier and just enjoy the rest of the day! I thought by going early there will be less people, but mana tahu, plan backfired! The hall is already packed!

So after some time waiting its finally my turn and I got the number to my new room! BB2.01! And at first its kinda hard to comprehend it. Then I realised its actually in the same block at my current room only its 2 floors up! So I went straight to the room and oh la la.. Beautiful!!! Its brighter, larger and most of all great view!! JACKPOT!! Ka Ching Ka Ching!

So the next thing I do is I quickly ran down to my room and start moving my stuff up. And because I am the first one there, I got the privilege to choose where I shall sleep and my closet! And since I love the view, the window seat it is for me(which I kinda regret a lil later on – why??coming on my next post!)!!

Then after awhile my roommates start pouring in! First one in the house, the great Noble Ang! The first thing I noticed about him is that whatever object that he moved into the room, all those stuff got his name on it! Oh and I forgot to mention Akmal! He never needs to move because he got the same room back! Then after Noble, its Ericc Cartman’s turn! First impression, scary!! He is a huge guy!! But then after I got to know him, he is a nice guy!! Then the final 2 person is Nain and Fredrick in which Fredrick later opt not to stay in the hostel because he is a Sabahan so he went home instead. So there are a total of 5 of us in the room minus Fredrick! And I should say its the best combination!

Staying in this new room is great! It changed my view completely about hostel and uni! I met a great bunch of friends here! And as far back as I can remember, all my days are filled with laughter! Greatest bunch of roommates! Honestly, I was quite worried before I moved here because of my past experience in the NS!

Anyway, after I got to know all my roommates, its time to get to know the neighbor, next to my room, we have Stephen! Ever so entertaining when you see him and Noble together! Then we have Chun Hui, who always got teased because his head turns when he plays game! Oh not forgetting Nan Ping, where I got to know him through DOTA. And one more guy I can’t recall his name..*Sorry* Then opposite us, we have Hong Siang, the durian kia! And Chris, suku king! Oh oh and KiraWing, the otaku, who migrated to our room! And with this, The Fellowship of the Room is formed!! *music playing*

Below is some pictures of my room :

A mat to welcome you home!

And upon entering, you can see my bed near the windows folded up. Thats where I have been sleeping for the past 1 year! And its actually very cool at night!

And this is what you see when you turn right upon entering.

P.S : Oh please take note this is what it looks like a year ago. My hostel room looks better now because we get new closet and the ones you see in the pics above have been moved out and the space has been occupied by tables instead! Making our room looked more like a conference room and brighter also without the closet blocking the lights!

Moving out :

This is where we hang our clothes! We are lucky because its not out in the open so when it rains, we are still safe and this place got the morning and afternoon sun. So just perfect for sun tanning!

Its quite a spectacular view from here!

And our toilets and bathroom! Bathrooms are the first two rooms on the left! And its actually very clean! And did I mention I forgot to take photos of our bilik basuh. *crap*


Bilik Basuh as sent to me by Noble Ang

And moving back to the room :

The view from my room! Notice the grass slope? Sometimes you can see kids with cardboards sliding down the slope like a sleigh!

At the window looking to the right and notice how high the walls are next to the road! This is necessary because our hostel is built on a small hill!

This is at the window looking left! Oh and the block you see in this photo suffered a broken gutter. And if I remember correctly, it is during the 2008 CNY when we experience a 2 weeks non-stop rain. So the thing was hanging from the roof till the first floor! And this is block H I think.

Looking further left. The road you see is the entrance to my block which is B, and also to block C, and D.


The comrades of BB2.01!! Sent to me by Noble Ang

From left : Me, Akmal, Ericc, Nain, Chung Vi aka Noble Ang!!


One Year in Sabah – Part III – Up and Around

So after one week here, I decided to explore around a bit. And as my uni is located on a hill and close to the sea, we get to enjoy stunning view! Thats why we are the most beautiful university in Malaysia!!

Lets kick off with a sunrise viewed from my hostel with mountains as background!

Sunrise from our main gate!

Going for a basketball game at 6am; enjoying the sunrise yet again!

And when we do get rain, its crazy!

And after the rain comes another fantastic view!

View from one of the hostel block. Parasite this from someone..

D’Bayu Cafe; the cafe near our lecture hall. Place to fill your stomach and your eyes!

D’Bayu on a gloomy day

And no matter what, the sun always shines again!

From my block, the mosque!

The mosque up close

On a regular sunshiny day!

On my way to the uni’s aquarium(more of the aquarium will come soon)

Somewhere along the way to the aquarium

Just about 100 metres from the aquarium

50 metres from the aquarium overlooking sea with mud. haha

The mosque revisited!

And again revisited…….. ^^,

View from our very own twin towers; the Chancellery. At the connecting bridge, where you can almost see the whole uni

The Connecting Bridge, Scene 1, Act 5, Take 2 and ACTION!!Note the long road at the centre of the picture. That road leads to our main gate. Very tiny from here. Which goes to show how big our uni is.

Our very own green house!!!And actually its my first time seeing one!

Sakura blossoming!!!haha.. Just kidding! I have no idea what type of tree this is.

And the only time when you get to witness the greatest traffic jam in our uni is during the convocation!!haha. Here we are going to the convocation pasar malam to fill our growling stomach and to join in the party!haha

And a lil info about my uni from Wikipedia : Universiti Malaysia Sabah before I end this part!



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