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Google Street View Guys

GoogleThe Google Street View guys going on a road trip to photograph the entire country.

Moral of the story? Choose your buddy wisely. LOL. Have a nice day. Cheers~


The Pixar Murder


This is the truth behind the Pixar opening – a tale about the Pixar murder. >.< For the faint-hearted, please abstain from watching the video. ^^, I am just kidding~ Watch away~! ^^, Cheers~

Note : Since the video is from College Humor, I cannot embed it here. So you have to click on the link below to go to the video. ^^,

Pixar Murder

Via via College Humor

Console Battle

The battle of PS3 vs X Box 360 vs Wii. >.< It will be bloody~! You have been warned. ^^,

Found this video interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

Years ago, I used to play a lot of games. But now, I barely even have time to relax and my life now requires me to travel a lot, so I guess console gaming for me now is quite impossible. Now, I have been a full PC gamer and seriously, I miss all those days of console gaming. PC gaming frustrating at times because of the requirements of hardwares. T.T

Of the 3 consoles in the video, I have not played any them before. >.< Would really like to get my hands on them though someday. ^^,

Note : I would like to apologize for the lack of post lately. Have been quite busy with life >.< . Though of all that, I am trying to post on every weekend. I did not post yesterday because I went to the Sekayu waterfall. Will post it up soon once I manage to upload those pictures. ^^,

Sunday Morning’s Breakfast

Apparently some people is still not convinced that I can cook. So I decided to show these people again that I, in fact do know how to cook. LOL. ^^,

Decided to do some Western-style breakfast today. It has been so long since I had one. ^^, I couldn’t cook using the stove because we ran out of gas >.< , so I have to opt for the microwave oven again. ^^,

What am I going to cook today? Well, we are going to have 2 lamb patties and 3 Italian sausages. ^^, Pretty heavy for a breakfast eh? LOL.

Lamb patties and Italian sausages in oven, set to high and microwave it for 5 minutes. ^^, And as you can see, Haruhi is getting pretty impatient. Demanding her breakfast right away. >.<

After 5 minutes, pop open oven, take out the cooked sausages, flip the lamp patties over and repeat the 5 minute process again. ^^,

Haruhi : What is taking you so long to cook my breakfast?

After the second 5 minutes of microwaving, the patties are ready to be served!

And here we have our breakfast! 2 lamb patties, 3 Italian sausages served with Guava juice and a delicious apple~! Yummy~!

If you are wondering why there are only 2 sausages left on the plate, well blame Haruhi. She ate one of it while waiting for the lamb patties to cook. >.<

So who wants to join me for breakfast? ^^,

Amazon Package

Back in July, I said that I placed an order with and used the services of to shipped those packages to me. The two earlier post that have mentioned about the order resides here in case you have forgetten.

The packages arrived safe and sound to my hometown in Penang within a week of placing the order but since I am away, I couldn’t get my grubby hands on them….till now. >.<

I went back to Penang for the weekend during this Hari Raya break and finally, I get to open them packages after nearly 2 months of waiting. ^^,

Here they are~! 2 boxes of goodies from Amazon Japan – One big, one small. ^^,

But apparently I am not the first one to open them T.T

The customs beat me to it. LOL

So, you must be wondering now, what could I have ordered from the Land of The Rising Sun, travelling through hundreds of miles to get to me. What devilish creature resides inside the box that will jump you the moment it is opened?

Let me show you~~

*Opens the Pandora’s Amazon’s Box*


Whoa~! What’s that? Who goes there?

Well, its Nendoroid Haruhi peeking through the protective paper in her box and saying hello to you. ^^,

In case you were wondering kind of creature a Nendoroid is, visit here : Nendo Wiki

or here for much much more pictures (and I really mean a LOT~) : DannyChoo – Nendoroid

Moving on to see the contents in those boxes – in the bigger box, we have Nendoroid Kureha and Nendoroid Haruhi~

And in the smaller box, we have Nendoroid Kokonoe Rin. ^^,

Not to forget, Nendoroid Yoshika comes along to play too~! I got Nendoroid Yoshika from a local hobby store in Penang a few days back. ^^,

So now from left to right we have :

Nendoroid Yoshika, Nendoroid Haruhi, Nendoroid Rin and Nendoroid Kureha.

But wait, thats not all~! Someone is still missing. @.@

Its Nendoroid Kagami~! ^^, I got her quite awhile ago, I think sometime in June from the same local hobby shop in Penang where I get Yoshika.


Kagami with her pet and is wanting a hug from you~ >.<

P1060976So there goes~! I have a total of 5 Nendoroids now. 3 of them was purchased from while the other 2 was bought locally. Kagami was my first Nendoroid, followed by Rin, Haruhi, Kureha & finally Yoshika. 2 months of waiting and it is all worth it. ^^,

You guys can be expecting some exciting new adventures coming soon with my Nendoroids since now that they have been released from their boxes. ^^, Till next time, take care~! Enjoy life~!!

Shipment From Japan

Image005My parcel from has finally arrived and I have to thank for forwarding it to me. ^^,

If you remember, I did mention something about purchasing something from Japan and having forward it to me in my post here.

I am sure some would be curious about what I have purchased, but then I would have to disappoint you because although the parcel has arrived, it is in Penang and I am in Langkawi and most probably I won’t be back for another 3 months or so. I am impatient too, but what can I do? >.<

Anyway I am glad that the package has safely arrived and will definitely see me again at their website SOON. ^^, – My Japanese Mailing Address

TensoYup, you read it right! I now have my own personal Japanese mailing/shipping address. ^^,

And probably by now, you would have been thinking why would I/you need a Japanese mailing address? Well, take a look at the picture below and I believe it will clarify some of your doubts/questions.

Tenso2Yup, Tenso is somewhat like a middle man between you and the online shops in Japan that doesn’t ship overseas. They will receive your package from the online shops and then they will forward it to you with a bit of fees. ^^, If you are interested to know more, do visit their website, and if you have something that you have always wanted to purchase from Japan but couldn’t because they don’t ship oversea, now is the time to register yourself in Tenso. ^^, And this is Tenso’s Coverage Map.

^^, I find this service especially useful for those of us who is residing outside Japan and wants to purchase merchandise from Japan.

I registered for this service yesterday because I wanted to purchase something from and sadly they don’t ship it overseas. I hope this could help you too. ^^, Cheers!

P/S : Will post on another time about the merchandise I bought. ^^,



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