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Alpha Inventions Part II – The Aftermath

Last night I posted about AlphaInventions here.

I woke up today and saw the aftermath…


I am speechless…

Basically all the traffic come from AlphaInventions to my post on AlphaInventions….


and thus sets my new busiest day record, beating my last one of 247…


And finally this is the stats from clicky, 


I have mixed opinion over this. First is, I have a high page view, cool. Seeing a 4 figure page view is not something I see everyday. But at the same time, this type of page hits does not truly paint the true picture of my blog’s readership. Most people just passes by.

Anyway whatever it is, I am still happy that AlphaInvention generates tonnes of traffic for me but then my blog is just too ‘little’ to attract readers. I believe other webmasters/bloggers will find this useful though. ^^,


Alpha Inventions

Ok something interesting just happened.


New Roller Coaster in Web -> The Infamous Stats Roller Coaster

I have just published a entry 30 minutes earlier about K-On and I always have the habit of checking my blog stats every now and then – to see what my readers are reading so I can better know what kind of contents the readers are looking for.

I am no expert on SEO and I am definitely a newbie in the blogsphere. I generally get about 30-50 hits per day and I am really happy about that already.

So I was checking my stats and I see a spike in my stats. Not something that happens everyday >.< , so I went to check and found out that most of my traffic are referred from Went to check out the site immediately.

And this is what I found out :

Alpha Inventions connects webmasters with each other in real-time by
providing traffic to webmasters from other webmasters as soon as they publish
a blog from Blogger, Word Press, Type pad, and Msn. Simple.

I am no programmer or anything so I don’t really know how this really works >.< . In fact I am still very blur about the whole idea, but I thought I would like to share. If you are interested, you can read more about it here —> AlphaInventions.wordpress

By the way, I have added a new RSS feed from Alpha Inventions on my widgets – hoping you would find other interesting reads while browsing through my blog. ^^, Cheers!



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