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K-On Manga




I am probably late in posting this but nevertheless I am loving this! The manga is finally available online! Yay!!! I have only watched the anime till episode 3 and I must say, it is absolutely one great anime. I totally recommend it! Its just so funny and the characters so adorable. >.<

This anime sure gains much popularity in a very short amount of time. Just 5 episodes and there are already tonnes of wallpapers, MADs and fanarts taking over the world wide web. Their OP and ED have already top the charts and everybody seems to be on the K-On fever!

Anyway, I did not manage to read the manga ( Here is the link to the manga at OneManga) because I am having my finals next week but I did take a peek on a few of the pages and absolutely love it too! The characters are so kawaiii! >.< Now am eagerly waiting for the release of episode 5 ^^, Can’t wait!!! >.<

Anyway I am hopping onto my bed now! Jya oyasumi nasai minna san!



The Spring season has started and this season is one great season – it has tonnes of great anime!

I guess fellow otakus out there would have watched this anime perhaps three or four times now. I am still resisting the temptation to watch it. Have watched the OP and thought it was great.

The anime is described by AniDB as – “About four high school girls that try to sustain their school’s popular music club despite being unable to read music or play instruments”

Anyway here’s my current wallie – in-line with the K-On craze! >.<


Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama

^^, Love the blue shade of the wallpaper and of course Mio! ^^,

And also Don’t Say Lazy – Good motivation for me to study. Wahahaha.

Here’s the OP and ED and wallpaper via SankakuComplex

けいおん![K-ON!] OP – {HD}

けいおん![K-ON!] ED – {HD}


Cat Shit One

Found this in and thought it was pretty cool. Kinda funny and cute – Especially the title and the characters. ^^, Will look forward to its release!

The trailer below :

Multiple-Random-Post Post

Yet another random post!

I actually wanted to show you guys about our Batch’s BBQ session last Sunday but dang! I forgor to bring my camera here to the LAN room! So I can’t upload those photos! >.< Therefore it will come in the next post! Sorry about that.

Anyway first of all, I wanted to let you guys know that there is a new feature here on Sanctuary Station. I have added a new chat/shout box for your convenience if you ever need to notify me about anything or just chat randomly. More organised! And all this is THANKS TO NICKI for making it happen! Even registered it for me. All I have to do is just add it here. So Thank You for that!


I spotted this in Danny and its super cool!!!

Here’s the video from Danny :

Thirdly, wanna share with you guys some really cool cosplayer!

Death Note

Naruto Shippuden

And the plastic soldier! Again spotted this in Danny

More at : Sankaku Complex

And finally, since I love the skies so much, this is what I have found. Via DeviantArt

Again for full size picture, click on it! ^^,


I really wanted to know,

Why is the world so distorted?

What is the source of that distortion?

Why does malice still linger beneath the surface of people’s thought?

Why do they not try to notice that malice?

Why do some people destroy the lives of others?

Why do people rule, and why are they ruled?

Why do they hurt one another?

And yet, why do people try so hard to survive?

I desired answers,

I thought I might have found them if I had met you,

You who desire they same thing, but walk a different path from me,

A path where people learn to understand one another and the answer it brings…

I have desired them for a long time, alongside my Gundam,

Alongside my Gundam…

Setsuna F. Seiei,

Gundam 00,

Translation by Conclave-Mendoi.



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