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Apple Apple Pie

Who wants a bite? ^^, The Mac Mini made into an apple pie? >.< LOL

For those who wants to see how it is made, go here ——> Apple Pie via Evil Mad Scientist

Some more pictures which is intended to make you hungry. ^^,

I would really love to try making it but then again I don’t have the necessary ‘equipments’ required for this project. >.< Those who wants to try making it and treat me is always welcomed. ^^,


Mac Obsession

Confession time….

Ok, I admit it. I am obsessed with Apple’s Macintosh systems!

Yup! Thats right! I have been a Windows user for my whole life and before this I have never ever thought about switching to a Macintosh but then things are changing for me.

The prices are steep but then the specs are quite decent! Serves all my computing needs! And the designs and features are great. I have said here before that I am starting to love Mac but then I am just addicted this time around! >.<



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