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Happy Valentine’s Day

Exactly two weeks since my last update! I would like to apologise for that.

I have been extremely busy these past 2 weeks because I am now back in Ground School in the CA-6 phase which is crazy! There are so many things to study and seriously 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough.

Oh and if some of you are wondering why I am coming online quite often lately, its because I have signed-up for the Celcom broadband. Gives me great connectivity here in my room. At least I can get information when I needed them most.

Here’s the modem I use, although I wanted to get the Vodafone ones at first, but now I love this modem for its extremely small size! But sometimes it worries me though – it heats up pretty much during use.


Here’s another view with my table light off


And I haven’t been doing this for sometime, but I recently got my desktop cleaned up – removed all the icons, hide my taskbar and downloaded a docklet instead. Here’s how my desktop looked like right now


C.C from Code Geass

Oh and here’s a great video about Penang!

Anyway I will stop here as I am itching to play GTA IV now.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers out there and for all those single soul, don’t fret, it is still another day in your life! So live it to the fullest! Wahaha.



Well first of all, I am a lil late in updating this week because…. I totally forgot that it was a Friday yesterday. Oopsss >.< Well it was mainly due to my latest addiction to SimCity 4. It is an old game (about 5 years old) but then I still love it.

Alright I am just to let you guys know what am I currently up to right now and what’s in store for me in the future.

First up is that I am having my DCAT finals next week. And although I have an exam next week, I am not a bit nervous >.<  And then following next after this is that I will be doing my PPL flying which will last until the final week of December/beginning of January, meaning Christmas & New Year for me will be celebrated here. T.T But I am glad that its this way. At least its possible for me to come back for Chinese New Year (mind you we cannot apply leave while in the flying phase). I do not want to miss another Chinese New Year!

After my DCAT, I do have a 4 days break but then I do not plan to go back to Penang because it was a very short break and I plan to drown myself with games/dramas/movies and just to hang around here.

Aside from studying there are also a few stuff which are bugging me right now. One of that is of course Internet connection. I have been planning to get a wireless broadband from Celcom. I am actually planning to get the fastest package because looking at the price of the package by paying an extra 30 bucks, comparing to the basic package, I am getting lots of additional speeds! This will definitely quench my drama/anime/movie downloading mania!

Well everything seems fine here until I take a look at the starting price/upfront cash you have to pay initially. At least RM600 or something around that range. WTF?! That would mean 2 months of my allowance! How the hell am I going to live la like that? So the thought of me sharing with my roommate came up.

We were thinking of hooking up our computers together and create a network so both of us can share the internet. But wtf another dead end. People keep telling me its not possible. I know of course Celcom will definitely find a way to disallow sharing because this would mean them losing customers!

I was thinking that the modem is using the USB port as in input, which means that our Ethernet port is still free to do a LAN networking and by doing this LAN networking and allowing another computer to connect to the internet through my computer as a host(in which Windows does have an option for this) I thought it might be possible. But people are telling me that cannot work. Anybody tried this method before? I am just thinking out loud.

I never tested this method before because I couldn’t find someone to test it with.

Anyway yesterday I borrowed Daniel’s modem and test the signal strength in my room. I am getting a decent 10-15kb/s download rate, in which I am happy. But then thinking about the cost again really makes me sad.

So I guess desperate times sparks desperate measures! Which till now I still don’t have. haih. Getting internet is tough here in Malaysia. How I wish I am in Japan now. Read this Imagine that kind of speed! 7.7MByte/sec! @.@

Anyway lets put internet aside. I have a new nickname here. I got a number here. No its not Codename : 47. I am not a hitman. I am now called 14 here. You don’t want to know why I am called 14 here.

Oh for this week I take picture of the sky everytime I go for dinner and here’s the snap shot. Definitely good for yer eyes!

And this is my favourite! The crimson sky!

The picture quality is a lil poor because I took it with my handphone. ^^,

Guess I am going to stop here. Battery power running out. Have a nice weekend ahead. Bye.



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