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The Black Hole

Time really does fly. It has already been almost a year since my last entry here. I have no idea why I stopped blogging. I guess I just lost my inspiration and I thought I would come back at it again in the future. And as I procrastinate, *poof* a year just went by. >.<

But today I checked my mail and I saw someone posted a comment on one of my really old post. So I logged in and approve the comment and while doing that, I checked my blog’s stats as well. Only to be surprised that my blog still attracts a large volume of readers(well when I mean large volume, it actually means large for my blog’s standard – which is literally close to nothing. >.<)

I do have plans in the back of my mind for the blog. But then currently I just don’t have the will to do it yet. I do have many interesting stories to share but as always, internet is my limitation. It is difficult to work when the connection is sucky.

We will see what the future holds. Christmas is around the corner. The year is coming to and end. I hope everyone did their best this year and lets move forward together. ^^,

Till then, this blog shall go into the “fridge” of black holes again. Till next time, cheers~!





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