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Creative Robbery

You know there is always a saying that goes like “When we are desperate, we get creative”. Well I think this is the case for the latest ATM hijacking. Read on….

Monday June 23, 2008

ATM fully ‘withdrawn’


KUALA LUMPUR: An ATM machine was “excavated” from a petrol station in Batu 6½, Jalan Klang Lama, here, yesterday morning.

A man driving an excavator had pulled up at the station at 5.30am and a worker on duty thought he wanted to fill the machine up with fuel.

When the man suddenly drove the excavator into the glass door, he ran into a room inside the station to hide and only emerged after the theft was over.

Using the articulated arm and bucket of the excavator, the thief managed to tow away the ATM machine, said Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari.

ACP Wan said the CCTV camera in the station did not capture the event as it was aimed at the cash register.

Police are still trying to find out how much money was lost as the bank had yet to disclose the amount kept in the machine.

“We are still looking for the excavator and ATM machine,” ACP Wan added.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to alert the police via the Rakan Cop hotline 03-2115-9999.

Source : TheStar Online


Beaten While Looking For Help. WTH!?

Beaten while looking for help


JOHOR BARU: A restaurant worker who flagged a passing car for help to save his dying mother was instead robbed and beaten unconscious by the occupants of the vehicle.

Foo: Died from an asthma attack.

By the time help arrived about two hours later, his mother had died from an asthma attack.

The incident occurred in Skudai yesterday when Moh Cheng Mau, 39, returned home from work around 3am to find his mother, Foo Yoon Yew, 63, fighting for her life.

Cheng Mau left his mother near the door of their home along Jalan Hang Jebat 52 in the care of his younger brother Seng Fong, 37, and ran to stop a taxi about 100m away from their home.

According to the victim’s elder brother, Mok Aik Kuan, 41, the taxi refused to stop and Cheng Mau then flagged down a dark-coloured car with four men inside.

“He begged them for help and got into the vehicle when they told him that he had to follow them to get an ambulance,” he said.

Badly hurt: Cheng Mau recuperating at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital Monday.

Aik Kuan said the men stopped the car near a graveyard about 300m away from the house, beat his brother unconscious and robbed him of a handphone and around RM500 in cash.

According to him, by the time his brother regained consciousness and staggered back home, it was past 5am.

Neighbours then called the ambulance and police, he said.

Aik Kuan said the ambulance took his brother to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital for treatment as his mother had died at about 5.40am.

“Cheng Mau’s face and body were swollen. Two of his ribs were broken,” he said, adding that his brother had also been repeatedly kicked and stepped on with studded shoes.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abd Aziz Ahmad urged those with information to call 07-221 2999.

TheStar, June 17 2008

When I read this news, the first thing I felt was anger and then pity. I am angry at those damned robbers. Because of their robbing intentions, the victim’s mother passed away. Can you imagine it. Damn. How cruel and twisted can this world be……

Akihabara Stabbing!

When we thought living in Malaysia is crazy, this is even worse. But its really surprising that this is happening in Japan where the crime rate is so low. Link to where I found this article —-> Danny Choo

P.S : OMG!! More hijacking from me… T.T

Kidnapping Updated!

I got this from The Star Online.

KOTA KINABALU: A Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) student was abducted and assaulted in an overnight terror ride from the city here to interior Tambunan.

The 22-year-old Sarawak girl’s ordeal sent shockwaves among UMS students staying in nearby Kingfisher Park from where she was abducted at about 5.40pm on Tuesday.

The student had just been dropped off by friends near a row of shops when two men in a blue Kancil grabbed her and bundled her into the car.

High drama: The 20-year-old man being led into the Keningau police station where he was held following the abduction and assault of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah student. Inset: The 29-year-old man police are looking for in connection with the case.

One of her friends saw the incident and jotted down the Kancil number as it sped off. City police were notified and an alert was issued to their counterparts in surrounding districts.

A police patrol car spotted the Kancil at 6am yesterday, almost 12 hours after the abduction, some 100km away along the Tambunan-Keningau road.

A 26km chase ensued as the Kancil headed back towards Kota Kinabalu.

As the chase neared Kampung Rompon, police fired several shots at the rear tyres of the abductors’ car, which overturned and landed in a ditch. Two men were seen fleeing the vehicle.

The terrified girl was found huddled in the backseat. She had bruises on her face and body.

The police rushed her to the nearest hospital in interior Keningau town about 60km away from Tambunan.

One of the two men who fled from the Kancil approached the Kampung Rompon villagers for help at about 11am yesterday, with bloodstains all over his body and an injured arm.

The villagers alerted the police who were still at the scene.

Police promptly arrested the 20-year-old man from the northern Kota Belud district and mounted a massive manhunt for the suspect’s partner.

The man they are looking for is believed to be a 29-year-old from Membakut district in the west coast of Sabah.

Police are still trying to determine the motive for the abduction.

Just horrible…


This news just came in yesterday!! Something really shocking for us UMS community!! A second year student from UMS has been kidnapped!!

Apparently she got kidnapped by some unknown people on her way to/from the church. The details are still vague at the moment as what I know are hear-says from my friends. It is said that there are lots of police yesterday at the Kingfisher area which indicates that the kidnapping might be true. Also it is said that the kidnappers used a Kancil to assist in the kidnapping of the girl.

And from what I just heard is that the girl has been found and apparently the motive of the kidnapping is raep. I hope the girl is okay and I feel really sorry for the families and friends of the girl. And damn all those kidnappers. I really hope the culprits are severely punished!!

Every time I come across this kind of news, my blood really boils!! It made me just wanna go up to the culprits and just strangle them. To me, raep and kidnapping is the worst kind of crime one can commit! Damn all those rapist and kidnappers!!



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