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Fencing Booklet

As I have posted in my previous post, I am currently working on my Fencing booklet and also other various designs for my Fencing competition. Again I sacrificed my anime-watching time yesterday and invest those time in completing the cover of the booklet …and finally it’s done!!!

The front cover of the booklet.

The back cover of the booklet

and amazingly after doing the booklet cover I still have some spare time to catch 2 episodes of Full Metal Panic : TSR ( I know it has been out for some time…it’s just I watch more Japanese dorama than anime thats why) before I sleep. Anyway if any of you have any great anime to introduce to me do let me know.

In my next post I will write about my visit to a U.S Frigate ship on my birthday!


Busy February

It has been such a busy February with constant bombardments of mini tests and mid-terms in which most of them i am K.I.A. It has also been a very frustrating February in Kota Kinabalu as the weather this months seems to be on a mood swing with rain and sunshine seems to come and go with a blink of an eye. There is even once where there is so much rain that it rained for nearly 2 weeks non-stop!!Anyway yesterday I just did my Logic System’s mid-term and with what most of you could have guessed, I got pawned by it!!!Although its after the mid-term,but the nightmare is not over for me yet, as I still need to design posters, banners, booklet cover and also t-shirt for my upcoming Fencing competition which will be in March. Spent 5 precious hours in GIMP drawing and editing artwork but all the time spent is worth it.This is one of the outcome of my hard work which I intend to use it for my booklet cover.
Since I am still relatively new to the program, my design is quite simple in nature. There are several other designs but since the internet speed here is close to snail-like speed, I am reluctant to post the rest of the designs as it is very common for me to get a “Your Connection has been Reset” error while I am uploading my pictures halfway through . There is even once where I get a “Server Not Found” when I am trying to access Google! >.<
Any of you guys out there who has advice on editing technique do let me know!



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