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Conclusion of A Busy Week

My Open Fencing Competition just ended last weekend, thus relieving me from a lot of pressure because for this competition we are working in a team which is really lack of manpower(and women power of course). Its also the time when I can finally get back all the sleep that I have missed throughout the weekend and finally set my brain to power-saver mode.

Well although we are overworked in the competition, I have to admit that there are indeed sweet moments and I do enjoy myself a lot throughout the competition. Especially when I am fencing. It helps me to release all the stress that have been bottled up throughout the week and it also made me feel more refreshed and energized. Plus I met many new people which are talented fencers from MMU, USM, SFA and fencers from various high school from around Kota Kinabalu.

During the competition, I participated in the Epee weapon category in which I joined both the individual and the team event.For the individual event that was held on Saturday, I got trashed badly(only managed to win 1 out of 6 battle) because the last time I hold a blade was like about half a year ago. So I need some time to refresh my memory and also some time to recall all the technique that I have learnt last semester. So after being trashed in my individual event, I proceed to continue doing my job as a time keeper for other fencers. And I enjoyed that a lot and at the same time amazed me because I get to see how talented they actually are and most of them are younger than me. Their speed, skills and accuracy is just amazing.

Then it comes to Sunday when it was finally time for the team event. Me and my teammates initially thought we are gonna get thrashed again because our team consists only of juniors and in the first match we are up against our seniors. So we  thought to ourselves – Oh well, lets go enjoy ourselves. But to our surprise in the first bout, our fellow lady comrade(yup its a mixed team) manage to kick some ass. Which really comes as surprise to us. And again in the second bout, we again managed to kick ass. Then its my turn on the third bout, where at this stage I think we are comfortably leading them by about 4 points. So there was not much pressure on my and I just fenced as usual and we managed to pull through all the 9 bouts – leading by about 6 points at the end. We are thrilled we managed to beat the seniors!! ^^,

But our victory does not last for long because our next opponent would be from Likas Fencing Centre which are way way better fencers than we are. So as expected we are thrashed by them which at the end they have a lead of about 30+ points ahead of us T.T . And the worst thing is that I was bullied by their female fencers T.T” and got my left pelvis poked when I try to evade an attack(which is damn painful right now. And luckily I turn my body or it would have hit my nut instead)

This would probably be the last time I fence as I would be moving to my flight school on May and I doubt I would have the time to continue fencing anymore. I do recommend fencing to you people. Its a fun sport and I think many people will enjoy this sport.

And as usual, due to the snail-like-blocked-access internet here, I am unable to upload tons of photos about the competition. I promise I would update again when I have the chance to do so and when I get faster internet connection – which is not going to happen anytime soon.

As for my next venture, I am planning to go to a rafting trip this Saturday at Sungai Padas. Busy Busy and Fun Fun Fun yet again. Oh and not forgetting tonight I am opening stall again at the Pasar Malam selling food. So welcome!!Haha..


Fencing Booklet

As I have posted in my previous post, I am currently working on my Fencing booklet and also other various designs for my Fencing competition. Again I sacrificed my anime-watching time yesterday and invest those time in completing the cover of the booklet …and finally it’s done!!!

The front cover of the booklet.

The back cover of the booklet

and amazingly after doing the booklet cover I still have some spare time to catch 2 episodes of Full Metal Panic : TSR ( I know it has been out for some time…it’s just I watch more Japanese dorama than anime thats why) before I sleep. Anyway if any of you have any great anime to introduce to me do let me know.

In my next post I will write about my visit to a U.S Frigate ship on my birthday!

Busy February

It has been such a busy February with constant bombardments of mini tests and mid-terms in which most of them i am K.I.A. It has also been a very frustrating February in Kota Kinabalu as the weather this months seems to be on a mood swing with rain and sunshine seems to come and go with a blink of an eye. There is even once where there is so much rain that it rained for nearly 2 weeks non-stop!!Anyway yesterday I just did my Logic System’s mid-term and with what most of you could have guessed, I got pawned by it!!!Although its after the mid-term,but the nightmare is not over for me yet, as I still need to design posters, banners, booklet cover and also t-shirt for my upcoming Fencing competition which will be in March. Spent 5 precious hours in GIMP drawing and editing artwork but all the time spent is worth it.This is one of the outcome of my hard work which I intend to use it for my booklet cover.
Since I am still relatively new to the program, my design is quite simple in nature. There are several other designs but since the internet speed here is close to snail-like speed, I am reluctant to post the rest of the designs as it is very common for me to get a “Your Connection has been Reset” error while I am uploading my pictures halfway through . There is even once where I get a “Server Not Found” when I am trying to access Google! >.<
Any of you guys out there who has advice on editing technique do let me know!



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