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Navex 5 – TGG -> Kerteh -> TGG

P1070086I guess the title says it all. ^^, Its the navigation ‘season’ again. ^^,

Well, I did my 5th Navigation sortie a.k.a Navex 5 yesterday. What a great way to start my October. ^^, I remembered I did my first solo on the first day of the month also – the 1st of December.

Anyway, it has been quite some time since I last did navigation sorties and from my past experiences, navigation is really fun. You get to enjoy the great view from above and practically it is quite simple in terms of flying because most of the time you will just be flying straight and level. ^^,

What makes navigation sorties complicated are the various preparations required. To put it simply, its like cooking a dish. You need all the ingredients, then you have to clean them, rinse them, cut them up, slice and finally mixing it all together to make a mouth-watering dish~! ^^,

I will not go into detail on how to prepare for the sortie. But if you need any info, feel free to ask. ^^,

Anyway, let’s get into the main dish for the day! As always, navigation sorties = tonnes of pictures + videos. I would first of all like to offer a huge thank you to my batch mate, Mohd. Afiq, for taking all those pictures and videos and the best of all compiling all of them into a single video. ^^,

Without further delay, I present to you, a 2 hours 10 minutes navigation sortie reduced into a 14-minute video. And just to help you to get your bearings right, please look at the picture of the map above at the beginning of the post. We will start from the Kuala Terengganu airfield (circled green) and would proceed in the clockwise direction (green arrow) with each tiny red circle on my map indicating a waypoint which you will see in the video.

Note : Since I am unable to upload this video to YouTube due to its length, I uploaded it to Facebook instead. Here’s the link to the video. I hope it works.

Navex 5 video here


My Road to The Skies Part II – The Flying School

This is the second part of my road to the skies. The first part was written 13 months ago and can be found here

The reason why I chose today to publish this post is because it marks a very significant point of my life.

This time, today and exactly 365 days ago, 16 of us departed from Kuala Lumpur coming over to Langkawi to begin our 18 months long flight training.

Everything was really alien to us. Everything was new to us. I think none of us would have ever dreamt that this day will be possible. Everybody looked really fantastic and everyone is clearly excited. At least that’s what I felt.


The 16 of us posing for pictures with our ride behind us – 9M-MMB.

This is the beginning of a new journey…..

We started our training with the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) Phase which consist of 4 weeks of ground school and we study all the basic stuffs. Stuffs like airframe, engines, theory of flight, basic navigation, meteorology, radio telephony and air law.

I think everyone in the batch would remember this picture.


For the first 2 weeks we are here, we need to attend Physical Training(PT) sessions. Twice per day actually. 0530 hours and 1700 hours. Waking up at 530 in the morning? Not easy at all! But after all, a pilot needs to be fit and healthy all the time. We still have PT now but only during the evening. >.<

After the 4 weeks of PPL, we proceeded to this stage called the DCA Technical (DCAT) Phase which consists of 9 weeks of ground school.


During this phase we go more into details of what we have learnt in the PPL phase and also the subject are a lot more technical. There are also more subjects to learn.


The books that we use in DCAT….P1050712

And Captain Swaminathan. One of the best Captain I have met so far. Too bad he has already left the school. ToT

After a total of 13 weeks in ground school, we proceeded to the PPL Flying Phase. This phase is suppose to take about 2 months but due to certain complications, we took more time than planned.


My first ever flight license, the Student Pilot’s License.

You know, I remember during my interview, I asked the Captain who was interviewing me, what was his most memorable moment in flying up to now.

His answer was simple : “The only thing that you can really remember for the rest of your life is when you do your first solo”

For me, there are a few really memorable moments for me.

The first one was during my familiarisation flight. It was a short one. Less than 10 minutes. But it was enough. The very moment the Captain taxies the aircraft onto the runway, the feeling that I felt is just amazing. Its like your inner self is shouting at you “Hey look, we are on the runway! And its extremely wiiiide” >.<


The second thing that I really remember and perhaps the most precious one for me is when I first start up the aircraft.

The moment when you insert the keys and turning it from the Left Magneto position to the Right Magneto and then onto the On position was really priceless. And when you finally depress the starter and it engages, the rumbling of the dashboard and everything coming up to life is just WOW!

And my third most memorable moments is like the Captain said, during my first solo. Did my first solo on the 1st of December 2008

Going for a solo flight means that you have met the minimum requirements and have at least the most basic knowledge of how to handle the aircraft. There will not be an instructor sitting next to you anymore to monitor your mistakes. You have to realise and monitor yourself. You have to be able to understand what the controller is telling you. There will no be anyone there to help you. You have to decide for yourself what you are going to do. What actions you are going to take in case things doesn’t go as planned. You are the pilot in command. You decide where to go and when to go. It might seem as if it is something simple. But trust me, it can get pretty intense up there.


My solo flight was quite adventurous. I flew in the morning so there were lots of commercial traffic coming in and departing. I was ordered to hold in the circuit for about 10 minutes to allow for an arrival and a departure I think. And when I was just cleared to make the approach, an Air Asia Airbus was just taxiing out bound for Kuala Lumpur. My feeling? “Oh shit! An Airbus is going to have to wait for me.”

I landed and the Airbus was cleared to line-up while I was taxiing to clear the runway. Can you imagine a huge Airbus sitting in front of you with its landing lights on ready to go waiting for you to clear the runway? Its like going chicken race against an airbus and we all know who will be the winner here. >.<

After that, the tower controller congratulated me and then somebody came on the radio and said “Congratulations on your first solo”. I think its from the Air Asia aircraft. ^^, First Solo flight’s call sign is a little different (it has a Sierra added behind the call sign) so they know we are flying our first solo.

And the best part of it all? My instructor was inside the Airbus. >.< Greaaat~!


Before every flight, we have to make sure everything is functioning as it should have.


Which consists of both internal and external checks.


And pushing our aircraft out onto the apron. ^^,


Even had time to pose for a picture before flight. TB-10 if I am not wrong first flew in the 1970’s. A very old airplane but a very reliable one to my mind. The component is for it is quite difficult to purchase already as some of the parts are no longer manufactured as far as I understand.


But nevertheless, its a great aircraft to fly. My first ever aircraft that I flew. My first ever cockpit. My first ‘love’. ^^,


Seen here, I am changing frequency and tuning onto ATIS to get weather information. Before I came here, like all pilots wannabe, I played the flight simulator. Tons and tons of hours in front of my computer.


But no matter how well a simulator is made, no matter stunning the graphics is…


….or no matter how many add-ons you install….

P1060037 Nothing will beat the real thing!

P1060045 And I really mean nothing! The feeling of flying in the air, the G-force…


…..the cotton-candy-white-fluffy clouds. They are all really magnificent!


But all in all, at the end of the day, PPL Flying Phase has to come to an end. And after about 3 months of flying in the PPL stage, its time for the phase that everyone feared…. The CA6!

The CA6 is the longest phase in the ground school. Consuming over 4 months of your life and in the process, tries to shorten your life span by giving you so much stress, you felt like you have turned into a zombie.

CA6 is a critical stage and this is the stage where you have to really study really really hard. And I mean really really hard. On an average, I study about 11 hours per day. And honestly, Form 6 felt easier. And even with that amount of time spent, at times I am still struggling. There is no time to play or relax. Its all about the books.


This is the amount of books you have to study in 4 months time. Each page, each picture and each word has to go into that tiny little brain of yours. And at the end of the stage, you will be so thorough that you can remember exactly where each sentences comes from.

After the CA6, there will be another 9 weeks of CA2 before you finally say Bye Bye to the ground school.

The 9 weeks in CA2 will be like heaven. The subjects are less taxing and it is more interesting in my opinion. ^^,

leaving training area point

I have just finished my CA2 last Thursday.

training area datai

And now am in the middle of my conversion to the Diamond DA40, which will be the aircraft I will be flying for the next 100 plus hours.


I am sorry my dear TB-10. You are very pretty and charming….but times have changed…I have to move on….You have to let me go…. The thing is that, the Diamond has more curves that you…. >.<


Till the day I see myself sitting in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, I will continue to work hard and continue to climb and pave my own road to the skies…


After all, the sky is where my heart belongs.

Another Great Week

Its Sunday again!! Yay!! Nothing much for me to report this week except that it has been raining constantly here in Langkawi; compared to the extremely dry weather for the past 4 months or so. The weather is very weird these days. And because of these weird weathers(I think), we have been attacked by lots of bugs recently. Really huge bugs can be found everywhere in the campus and if you come out of your room at night, it is like a Star Wars battleground. They are flying everywhere! One has to be careful or you might end up in a bug-strike situation!

Anyway I was browsing through the pictures in my phone and I found some interesting pictures I would like to share with you guys.

Here is a Jeppesen High Altitude Enroute Chart which covers the Europe. It is extremely long. Roughly 1.6m long. ^^, This charts shows all the airways, nav aids(with its name, frequency, identifier – in characters and morse and finally its coordinates), reporting points, airspaces, communication frequencies, distances and etc. It is practically a chart of the ‘highways’ in the air.


Here’s a closer look of the chart. Pretty ‘crowded’ right. >.<


These charts plays an important role in Flight Planning. Whatever information you might need for flight planning purposes, you can find it in the chart.


And when we are too free during our lunch break this is what we do – arrange shoes. Heart-shaped-arranged shoes courtesy of Danny.


Oh, I have an interesting story to share here. Yesterday my roommate and I went to the KFC near Telaga Harbour to buy a mouth-watering KFC lunch. Upon reaching, I noticed that the place is super crowded. I kind of expected it since it is a Saturday. So we went to line up.

As usual, most of the time, as cadets, we talked about aviation. It so happened that my roommate and I was talking about cabin crews. The topic came up because I was telling my roommate that one of my friend wanted to apply to be a cabin crew. So we were talking and then suddenly the man in front of us turned and asked me – “Are you from Langkawi?”

Me : Erm no. I am from Penang actually.

Man : Ohhh. I see. Are you interested in joining the airlines?

Me : Oh I am actually studying here.

Man : The flying academy here?

Me : Yes ^^,

Man : Oh, I worked for MAS. *shows us an ID*

Me : Ooooooo. Cool.

Man : Are you studying here through sponsors or are you paying yourself?

Me : Oh, I am sponsored by MAS. ^^,

Man : *chuckles* * Gave us his name card*

Me : *takes a look* CAPTAIN –  A330’s fleet. CAPTAIN?!

My expression? – SHOCKED!!!!!!! I did not expect to meet a Captain when I am buying KFC. What more a A330 Captain. SHOCKEDDDDDDD!!!

My roommate and I chatted with him for awhile and then we left. We were shocked! ^^, But I am quite happy also to be able to speak to a Captain. I have not met any airlines Captains before in my life. He is the first and what a way to meet a Captain. ^^,

It was great being able to speak to a man who flew such a big aircraft. Looking at myself, I only flew a Tobago 10. I still have a long way to go….. ^^,

All in all, it was a great day and a great week!

I have about 6 more weeks to go before I finish my CA6 phase. The storm is coming…..

Back in Penang!

I am back in Penang!! Back to this beautiful island!

I came back with a ferry last night and it took a painstaking 3 hours to complete the journey whereas an airplane can do it in under 35 minutes. >.<But I would say it was a great experience because I get to witness one of the most beautiful sunset – sunset in the middle of the ocean! Sorry no pictures was taken because I was so mesmerized by it, I stared till it went below the horizon.

Oh and anyway this post was written and published using Windows Live Writer. Just to see how it works. ^^,  And lets all hope The new President of the United States of America will do something good for the world! Cheers!


Oh and the photo album below are some pictures of Penang from the sky. These pictures were taken on my navigation sortie to Penang. Taken when my airplane is still climbing to my cruising altitude of 3000ft. So this is how Penang looked like from above from about 1500ft – 3000ft. Oh and one of the picture is the picture of my home! >.<

















Penang Island!! Anybody notice this place called Happy Valley near central Penang? Where the hell is that? >.<
Penang Island!! Anybody notice this place called Happy Valley near central Penang? Where the hell is that? >.<

My One Day With You

This week you guys are going to get serious image blast! This post will feature the most image compared to any other previous post. So I hope you guys enjoy what you are seeing.

This week I wanted to share with you guys my one day at the Hangar as detailed as possible. I think that this would be a great way to share with you guys and perhaps provide an insight of what a pilot does in his training ^^,

Ok first let me show you the area we are going to operate. Our operating areas are North of Langkawi as you can see in the picture below.


There are 3 training area that we can go to. But at my current level I can only go to 2 which is called Datai and Langgun. Cincin is reserved for those big boys/girls flying the twin engines aircraft. The Langkawi airport is located on the Western side of the island(right next to the glare). Normally we will fly to the training area via Simpang Gunung Raya which is actually a valley(its somewhere in the center of the island) or alternatively you can track to your training area via Kuah which is Langkawi’s town on the South East side of the island(although I never tried this route before)

Then you might wonder, what does a cadet do when he is not flying? Well, mostly we sit near the Dispatch room and listen to the communications between the tower and aircrafts to improve on our radio telephony skills or simply sit and talk bullshit or we read our manuals or we go makan breakfast or we read National Geographic. LOL.


This is a pretty interesting book. Why? See below ^^,


Ok what if I am flying? My day can begin as early as 5.20 am if I have a briefing. The briefing is meant to brief us on what we are going to do and learn for the day. And sometimes we are briefed on the day before, so if that happens, I can afford to sleep later and wake up at 6.00 am.

I will usually take the 6.45am van to the hangar after my breakfast and the moment I reach the hangar, I will need to fill up some forms, which is the Authorization sheet where the instructor must sign and an Flight Training Record (FTR) form. The FTR is like the result sheet of our flight. So by looking at this FTR, you can gauge your performance.

This is the early morning view at the hangar and its amazing.


So after filling in the appropriate forms, I will proceed to take my life jacket, headsets and then ask dispatch of the aircraft I am going to fly today. For today, the flight details are as follows :

Aircraft Type : Socata TB-10

Aircraft Registration : 9M-HMH

Sortie Information : Straight & Level 1 & 2

Flight time : 0730 – 0900

So after I got to know which aircraft I am going to fly, I went to my aircraft and start doing my checks. We will start with the internal checks. Seen here below, I am testing my Advisory Panel (this panel is something like the panel in our car. If you put on parking brake, a light will illuminate. Something like that) lights to make sure all lights are working. And you can see I am also referring to my checklists.


Over here, I think I am turning the fuel selector on. For this aircraft, the fuel tanks are in the wings but it cannot drain fuel from both tanks. Only 1 tank can be used at any one time, so while flying we need to constantly change between tanks every 30 minutes to avoid fuel imbalance.


Ok its time to fly, so its also time to push the aircraft out onto the bay. My aircraft is the one with its door closed.


After pushing my aircraft out, I begin doing the external checks(normally we do both internal and external checks at the bay, but since I came early today, I did the internal checks inside the hangar). This is to make sure there is no damaged surfaces, no missing rivets, correct fuel is in the tanks, no water contamination in fuel, oil level is correct, tyres and shock absorbers are in good condition and the lists goes on.


Ok, I forgot what I am doing here. If I am not wrong, I just finished doing my checks so I am putting my checklists into the airplane.


So now I am doing is walk around the aricraft to check again and wait for my instructor to come. 5 minutes to go before startup.


So with the 5 minutes to go, we start snapping pictures.



Ok my instructor is on the right seat and I am on my left. In this picture below, the engines has already started but before we can go, we must get the ATIS(Automatic Terminal Information Service) which is actually a pre-recorded audio which provide you the airport information such as the weather, temperature, dew point, humidity, visibility, sky condition, altimeter settings (as our altimeter operates based on pressure setting, this is where we get the pressure values for the particular time frame). So you can see below I am changing the radio frequency into the ATIS frequency to listen to it.


So after the ATIS, we called the tower for taxy instructions. Today we are cleared to holding point Charlie for Runway 21. So time to taxy ^^,


This is at the holding point. This is where we do our power checks (to make sure our engines runs properly). Notice, we position our aircraft slightly slanted – this is to prevent our slipstream from hitting the aircraft behind us. The power checks is done with the parking brakes on (notice the red light on my advisory panel) and engines revved to 2000 RPM. With this power setting you can feel the aircraft trying to move forward but the parking brakes hold it firm on the ground, just like a mad dog on a leash!


This photo below is taken from my friend to give you a picture of a power check – how the aircraft is positioned.


After the power checks, pre-take off checks and pre-take off briefing ( I briefed my instructor on how I am going to do the take-off), we request for Air Traffic Clearance and Take Off clearance. Today we are cleared for training area Datai via Simpang Gunung Raya, Operations 3000 feet and below, Right turn-out, taking off at runway 21.

Aligned with the runway. Time to add full power!


1 – 2 – 3 – Full Power and rolling! Check temperature and pressure all normal. Airspeed increasing! All normal! 40 knots. . . . 50 knots . . . . 60 knots . . . . 65 knots, Rotate! I start pulling up on the stick and up we go!


At 300 feet, Flaps set to 0, Landing light off, Temperature and pressure is all normal! At 500 feet, I commence my right turn and fly parallel to the runway before flying towards Simpang Gunung Raya. As you can see below, the visibility is pretty bad.


Again this picture is taken from my friend, showing you Simpang Gunung Raya! Over here we should be at about 1000 feet.


Still climbing enroute to our training area. We are currently passing 3000 feet. Its kinda cloudy today and since we are flying the Visual Flight Rules(VFR), we have to turn here and there to avoid getting into the clouds.


At 3400 feet and clear of the clouds. Starting to level off with a slight right turn to position ourself into the training area.


The view is really PRICELESS!


This kind of view melts me everytime! Its so peaceful (of course we are ignoring the buzzing engine noise) and beautiful up there.


Me again >.< Maintaining about 3400 feet with the sun coming up!


The cockpit view! This is the best seat in the aircraft! Heading towards the sun!


Great view isn’t it!


The visibility is quite poor but if I am not wrong, the island there belongs to Thailand! So we have to exercise extreme caution during training not to wander into Thai airspace!


NOTE : The following pictures are parasited from my friends – to show you guys what it looks like from above on a clear day!

——————————–BEGINNING PARASITING——————————–

This below is training area Datai! There is a hotel somewhere down there which is very very exclusive and very very expensive! While flying in this area, we have to be careful not to fly below 1500ft. Flying below this and if the hotel guest gets angry from all the buzzing noise we make early in the morning, they can just activate their personal anti-aircraft system via a push of a button in their room and *KABOOM* we are blown into pieces! >.<



This below is Langgun training area. Here also they have very exclusive hotel. In fact they have 2 here if I am not wrong. So excercise extreme caution if you do not want to be blown into pieces!


I can’t make out where this is >.< but I am guessing its Langgun. The view is pretty amazing right!


This should be Gunung Raya >.< LOL.


———————————ENDING PARASITING———————————-

Well after about 50 minutes in the training area, its time to come back! So we request over the radio for rejoin instructions, but my instructor want to do something extra today. So instead of requesting for full stop landing, we requested for touch and go instead! He wants us to improve our approach and landing.

The tower cleared us to join the circuit (a circuit is a pattern flown around an airport to ensure smooth and orderly traffic flow) for runway 03 via Telaga at 1500 feet.

This is the cement plant in Langkawi. One of the largest if I am not wrong. This is the first point we flew over when exiting the training area. If you remember we came to the training area via a valley. Exiting is also the same but through a different valley. The cement factory is somewhere at the beginning of the valley. At the end is a harbour. Telaga Harbour. This is where you can see Datuk Ashar Mansor’s boat. You can see the harbour here


This is the quarry just next to the cement plant. From here we start our descend to 1500ft flying towards at Telaga. At Telaga we report our position and the tower cleared us to descent to circuit altitude which is 1000 feet.


We joined the circuit and begin doing checks to prepare for our approach. We check our Temperature and Pressure to see that all is normal. Then we turn on the landing lights, the fuel pump, set flaps to 10 degrees and reduce the throttle to slow down.

Then after all this, we turn final and lower the flaps to the landing position, take a glance at the Temperature and Pressure again to make sure all is normal. Then continue our approach!

This is one of my approach for a touch and go. See the 2 white and 2 red light beside the runway on both sides? 2 whites and 2 reds means that I am on the correct glide path for the appraoch. if there are more red, it means we are too low, if there are more white, it means we are too high!


In total we did 4 touch and go’s before landing. So in total 5 landings. My instructor showed me once how to do it and the other one he helped me. The other 3 I did it on my own. ^^,

After landing, we vacate the runway via Charlie and I started doing the after landing check list here from memory. ^^,


Back to bay 1, we shut her down and I got my de-briefing in the aircraft.


Not a bad day for flying! In total clocked 1 hours and 30 minutes for this flight! More experienced gained! I am happy and satisfied with the flight!

And all the experience is going to be logged in this blue book! Thinking of this it makes me proud. We are actually flying and logging hours already! Although we still have a long way to go but I am really happy at the moment!


Oh I forgot to mention, during one of the touch and go’s there is an eagle beside the runway. That crazy fella suddenly flew towards us as I was increasing the throttle to take off power. Both my instructor and I shouted SHIT, cut power and apply brakes! Lucky that fella missed the propeller just by an inch! If not, I dare not imagine what would happen. One of the instructor actually hit an eagle and have to abort his take off. It is sad that such a graceful creature got killed.

Anyway thats all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed the flight ^^,

Hangar; Week One

Hmmm. . What should I say about the Hangar? Hmmm. . . The hangar just gives me a very different kind of feeling when I am there. You know just like kids-in-Disneyland kind of feeling. Well, aside from the scorching heat and the awful smell of fuel and kerosene, it is an AWESOME place to go to. There is so much learning here! Talking to the mechanics is way better than reading your book! With all the aircraft around you it is just fun! Well after all, how often do you get to lean on an airplane? Or read newspaper on the wing? >.<

So the first picture of today….

Is from my room! LOL. This is my new wallpaper! As opposed to the previous Haruhi wallpaper I used below.

Just love that cute lil nendoroid. ^^, FuGa!

Next! Breakfast! This is my weekend breakfast!

For me weekday breakfast, we have this. . .

Spaghetti and pancake with pancake syrup! Bloody delicious! Looking at this it made me felt hungry angain!!!!!

Ok ok, back to hangar! >.<

This is the first picture we took at then hangar using Fariez’s phone but God knows where the hell he is looking la. And btw, the aircraft behind us is a Diamond DA-42. A twin engine aircraft! We won’t be flying this yet though.

This is the same plane but with the engine cowling opened! My first ever look at an aircraft engine!

A closer look. See how clean the engine is! Compared to a car’s engine. . . The piping a cables all looked damn beautiful. Just like some super car engine! >.<

The other side of the engine.

This below is the aircraft that I am going to fly. This the the Socata Tobago 10. Single engine constant speed propeller, powered by Lycoming engine, model O-360-A1AD, producing 180BHP, rated RPM 2700!

This aircraft from what I heard, suffered a propeller strike. Thus you don’t see the propeller here. Other than that this fella is flyable still! And also this airplane’s left wing has a small dent. The instructor told us that it hit a kite =.=|| poor fella.

This is the cockpit of the Diamond DA-40.

Oh and this week we went to the tower for a visit. We need to go to the tower often when we are flying navigation sorties I think. To submit flight plans.

The experience at the tower was amazing! We learned so many new stuffs that we have never even read before!

Danial a.k.a Mr Bean there looking stoned. . . (If he sees this I am dead…… >.<)

View of the apron, taxiway and the runway from the tower!

A privatet jet parked on the bay

The guy sitting there is the controller and the screen he is looking at is the radar screen of all the traffic. The yellow tags you see in the screen are all aircrafts. He is actually holding a telephone-like transmitter on his right hand giving instructions to aircrafts. The controller’s job really is like a chess player mixed with a  chef. He constantly needs to think of all the movement and how he can make sure nobody crashes into each other and also ensure smooth flow of traffic. He is also like a chef because he needs to remember who request what and when to give clearance to who. It is really crazy. And if you see to the right of the radar screen you will see a board with Langgun, Datai and Cincin. Thats actually the name of our training area and this board will help him in keeping tabs of all the traffic present.

This is what I will have to study now. And also another Type Technical book.

This is basically the Standard Operating Procedures(S.O.P) for our aircraft. It basically tells us our do’s and don’ts. The technical book on the other hand tells us everything about our aircraft. So for comparison, S.O.Ps are like telling you how you should drive a car and technical book is like your car’s owner manual.

See all the procedures. Scary!

Aircraft all lined up ready for start-up with a MAS aircraft departing in the background. This picture would look great if the weather was better!

Anyway thats all for this week. Will post more pics when I start flying next week!

Its a Great Great Week!!!

Well the title says it all for this week! What better way to put it!

I have finally finished my DCAT and I will be joining the Flying Wing this coming Monday! Although we won’t start flying immediately but still I feel excited! Also this week we were given our first license which is our Student Pilots License(SPL)!

Post DCAT picture! This is a new classroom. Yup we have been moved!

My license

You cannot imagine my happiness!

Oh and this is the cockpit of the airplane that we are going to fly. The Socata Tobago 10. Or for short TB 10

Today I went around Langkawi again. This time our destination : Gunung Raya!

What better way to start your day but with a great breakfast. LOL

And after a great breakfast off we go up the Gunung. This is at 2000ft. The peak is at 2800ft!

And then about three quarter way up we say this. Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan! Its basically steps for those who wants more challenge going up the Gunung instead of taking the easy way : the car

Beng Huat & Me

Woo Hoo! Looks like those picture taken on top of a tank

Just some random pictures. But I love it!

Finally we reached our destination! 2800ft above sea level.

This is the tea house at the peak! You can pay RM10 to enter and have tea while enjoying the view on the tower.

This is Tanjung Rhu. Northern part of Langkawi. The security guard told us that in a clear day, we can see as far as Thailand. But as you can the the clouds are there. So…

The winding road. Where we came up earlier! Looks like the road at Genting isn’t it

Going around the back of the earlier mentioned tower. The tower somehow reminds me of those Medieval age kind of defend tower. >.<

The clouds seems to follow us wherever we go. So I thought I take a snap shot of them >.<

Random picture again

From here, we are looking Westward and you can see the airport is on the left and my school is somewhere in the centre of the picture. Oh and we did see a trainer airplane taking off. But its too small to be captured on my camera.

This is taken on our way down. This is looking Eastward. And that you see down there is Kuah town

Thats all for today. Tomorrow we are planning an Island hopping trip. So I guess there will be another trip report if all goes according to plan. ^^,



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