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Google Street View Guys

GoogleThe Google Street View guys going on a road trip to photograph the entire country.

Moral of the story? Choose your buddy wisely. LOL. Have a nice day. Cheers~


Ready, Steady, Go!

Gadget Grand Prix racing!

Baaaaa~~ Baaaaa~~ Baaaaa~~

Found this while I am on my daily routine browsing through
looking for interesting stuff. Scanning…..Scanning….. Found!


Extremely cool way of shepherding sheeps!

I Am Gonna Kick His Ass

A very cute and adorable short video. Courtesy of my room mate, Ken who showed it to me. ^^, Enjoy.

Little Girl and Monsters

What The F**K!?!?!

I was up to my daily routine again scavenging for information/news/updates/any interesting article and I came upon this.

I read this initially at DannyChoo and saw the link for more information at SankakuComplex, so I got curious and went take a look.

The more I read the more my jaw dropped. I was left speechless! What the hell has happened to the world??!! I only went offline for 3 days and this is what I saw!

Mommy! I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A BRA!!! >.<

From SankakuComplex :

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

The latest hot product on online mall Rakuten, in fact now in the top ranking for male underwear, is the brassiere for men; the seller’s copy is instructive:

“It started with a customer’s remark: “Why aren’t there any bras for men?” Why? Because they are not necessary? But there are people who want them, so in fact they are necessary.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Men’s bodies are different from those of women, so a rethinking was required. Materials, design, and even the feeling… Of course, there’s no need, but…

It’s gentle and relaxing; those feelings should be important.

“But I’m a man!” Even with someone like you, we’d like for you to experience that gentleness.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Point 1:Choice of materials.
We’ve selected the same material used in men’s shorts. Soft and stretchable, a good fit is assured.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Point 2: Freedom of fit.
We’ve employed the “spectacles” design of bra front. The bra can freely move with your chest. Also, you can freely adjust the position of the bra.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Point 3: Relaxation.
Unlike ladies’ brassieres, the straps are soft and gentle. Rather than a “bust up” effect, we stress relaxation.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Point 4: Adjustable volume.
There’s an internal pocket for padding! If you need more volume, just slip in a pad!

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

With this, you can experience “men’s love”. Men want to experience the feelings of women! Your body is that of a man, but you feel like a boy maiden! You want to experience those soothing feelings♪ You need chest support! They might be all sorts of reasons, but gentleness is what you desire most.”

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers
Men's Brassieres Top Sellers
Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

The bras in question are ¥3,000, and available in three suitably effete colours. Men larger than a A-cup look to be ill served, however. If you need such apparel, as they seem to assure you that you do, Wish Room’s Rakuten store awaits.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers

They also have a line of improbably skimpy underwear, presumably also of interest to their customer base. Can anyone really fit into these? Perhaps is it just their customers who can…

At any rate, they are selling well, with the products making it into the sales charts for male underwear:

What?! It’s Over?!

I am siting right here, in front of my com wondering what to do for the next 1 hour because after this hour, I would be preparing to go back to Langkawi. It always feels sad when I have to leave home. Darn!

I think the past 6 days here has served as a good relief valve for me – a great relaxation for me after 2 months of hectic-ness! Although there are still lots of stuff which I did not manage to do, I am still glad..

Lots of things changed since I last came back. How 2 months can change so many things, so fast, and every time I come back here, I learned something new. And I guess for this time, its the Times Square. Drive along Jalan Dato’ Keramat and you will be greeted by the huge Times Square!

And now I noticed I have another 40 minutes to go… I am just wondering what awaits me here the next time I come back. 4 more months to go before my next arrival back to Penang! Its a bloody long way!

me & my lovely ah MuIz

In Starbucks inside Borders! My favorite spot!

There are still lots of picture which I belum take yet, especially from Nicki! When you wanna give me the photos Nicki? LOL.

Oh and btw, remember I said something about learning when I am back?

Well I did learn something new about flying!

Well, its time for me to go get ready!

I am leaving~~~ on a prop plane~~ Dunno when I’ll be back again~~~ >.<

Farting Road

The title says it all. ^^, This video have been dubbed with a farting sound but actually it is an IED exploding in a road in Iraq. Quite cool actually the effect. The whole road just blow up. But if I were there, this would definitely make me shit myself >.< . Lucky it exploded early(or should I say late for the first vehicle) or the soldier recording this would have been blown to pieces! This is just scary!



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