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Some Music & Videos.

Ok here am I again!! I came online today with the mission of searching for classical music. I kinda got addicted to classical music nowadays. Was looking for Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 35 but ended up getting more than that. Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak and etc etc…. LOL >.<

Also I was going through YouTube to find Zettai Kareshi’s OST and here’s what I find. Its a very nice and meaningful song. Highly recommend you to try listening to it. It reminds me of a lot of things ^^,

絢香 – おかえり

If you wanna know what the lyrics means, here the translated version :

welcome home, sweet heart
a place to go home to yeah
thanks for your love

pretending to be alright again
to paint out the color of sadness
i just laugh it off

the importance of believing
even if i understand it
well, there are times when i still doubt

times when my empty body
just flows by
it makes me want to just lie down, but
i just want to hold you
this feelings stab thru me so i can move on

welcome home, im home
with one word my heart is satisfied
welcome home, where love
has a place to go home to yeah
thanks for your love

i used to believe adults think
only of themselves and they are cunning
but there are people desperately trying to go back
even screaming out loud
i finally realized that

there’s is no such thing as
one natural happiness in this world
for your sake i was able to realize that
by carrying this feelings i can move on

welcome home, sweet home
accelerating the speed of everyday
welcome home, im home
there will always be this unchanging scenery
sweet home

search for the missing
wound in your heart
thing that made me fight and go on
was because there was a “welcome home”

welcome home, im home
with one word my heart is satisfied
welcome home, where love
has a place to go home to yeah
thanks for your love

welcome back, im home
it’s alright because you are here
welcome back, sweet home
keep waiting, because i’m arriving soon
sweet home

oh yeah
welcome back…sweet home

And also I was searching for videos of Grand Theft Auto 4 which has been launched in PS3 and XBOX but since I don’t own any of those I have to wait for the computer version. So while waiting, I wanted to take a sneak peak at whats new. And its really cool. Here see for yourself.

Can’t wait for the game!! The computer version will be launched in November for those who are curious. ^^,

Oh and also to update on my laptop’s battery status. Dell is willing to replace the battery for me and I should be able to receive it either by tomorrow or Thursday. Happiness ^^,


Metal Gear Solid 4

Gyah~~~~! Metal Gear Solid 4~~~~~ I know I know it has been out for quite some time but but….I don’t have a PS3~~! T.T Thus any thoughts of playing that game just flew off and out the window. Any of you guys out there own a PS3 or a XBox (it’s available to XBox too right?)? Let me know and I shall go rob you tonight! LOL~!

Anyway here is Solid Snake back in action. Hijacked from YouTube!

English Version of MGS4

Japanese Version of MGS4 (メタルギアソリッド4)



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