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New Header: Second Edition

Changed my header! Happiness!

I disliked my previous header because it looked messy. That is why I created this new header – using only 2 colours; basically crimson and indigo, and with the help of many curves (roughly about 200).

I used GIMP to create the header, and used Photoshop to convert it into JPEG image. But even so, Photoshop doesn’t give me the results I wanted. The image is not as good(in terms of quality and clarity) compared to what I have created.

Anyway for those who wondered why this blog is called Crimson Sanctuary and why is there always a butterfly on my header : –

Just ask yourself this before continuing on : What is the color crimson? Define it please.

I choose Crimson because it is very difficult color to define in my opinion. According to wikipedia, it is :

Crimson is a strong, bright, deep red color combined with some blue, resulting in a tiny degree of purple


For me, this color reflects human personality. We have certain traits in all of us, which is mixed together and defines who we are – unique in every way and like the color, not easily defined.

Why do I choose the butterfly then?

There are 2 reasons.

First one. A butterfly, such a beautiful creature, it is graceful but yet extremely fragile. Just like the human heart.

Secondly, ever heard of the Butterfly Effect

The term “butterfly effect” itself is related to the work of Edward Lorenz, and is based in Chaos Theory and sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. This is sometimes presented as esoteric behavior, but can be exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.


Confusing sentence above, but the main point here is – whatever we do initially, will have a great impact upon the future path that we are going to take. 

Sounds just like a Sci-Fi film? Yes! 

I just thought that every decision we make in our life is an important one and it effects the path we are going to take in the future. 

I am here today because of many decisions that I have made. If I were to even change one of those decisions, I could have ended up elsewhere.

Let me give you a more powerful example from Wiki. LOL

Case 1 :

 In 1961, Lorenz was using a numerical computer model to rerun a weather prediction, when, as a shortcut on a number in the sequence, he entered the decimal .506 instead of entering the full .506127 the computer would hold. The result was a completely different weather scenario.[2] Lorenz published his findings in a 1963 paper for the New York Academy of Sciences noting that “One meteorologist remarked that if the theory were correct, one flap of a seagull‘s wings could change the course of weather forever.” 

Case 2 :

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas 

The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly‘s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. While the butterfly does not cause the tornado, the flap of its wings is an essential part of the initial conditions resulting in a tornado.

Unbelievable? You are not the only one.

Anyway I guess thats enough text for today. Getting philosophical. I wonder if anybody does read this at all. Anyway good night people. ^^,


New Header

It has been some time but then I finally completed the new header. You cannot imagine the challenge I went through to create it! This was actually my second attempt. My first attempt was lost in the RAM because the electricity decided that its time for a blackout and my battery wasn’t plugged in. So…

Coming Soon…

So yesterday I changed stuff on my sidebar, but my next edition is going to be my header. I plan to create an image with GIMP for my header image but then so far I have no inspiration yet. So any ideas?? Wakaka >.<

Fencing Booklet

As I have posted in my previous post, I am currently working on my Fencing booklet and also other various designs for my Fencing competition. Again I sacrificed my anime-watching time yesterday and invest those time in completing the cover of the booklet …and finally it’s done!!!

The front cover of the booklet.

The back cover of the booklet

and amazingly after doing the booklet cover I still have some spare time to catch 2 episodes of Full Metal Panic : TSR ( I know it has been out for some time…it’s just I watch more Japanese dorama than anime thats why) before I sleep. Anyway if any of you have any great anime to introduce to me do let me know.

In my next post I will write about my visit to a U.S Frigate ship on my birthday!

Busy February

It has been such a busy February with constant bombardments of mini tests and mid-terms in which most of them i am K.I.A. It has also been a very frustrating February in Kota Kinabalu as the weather this months seems to be on a mood swing with rain and sunshine seems to come and go with a blink of an eye. There is even once where there is so much rain that it rained for nearly 2 weeks non-stop!!Anyway yesterday I just did my Logic System’s mid-term and with what most of you could have guessed, I got pawned by it!!!Although its after the mid-term,but the nightmare is not over for me yet, as I still need to design posters, banners, booklet cover and also t-shirt for my upcoming Fencing competition which will be in March. Spent 5 precious hours in GIMP drawing and editing artwork but all the time spent is worth it.This is one of the outcome of my hard work which I intend to use it for my booklet cover.
Since I am still relatively new to the program, my design is quite simple in nature. There are several other designs but since the internet speed here is close to snail-like speed, I am reluctant to post the rest of the designs as it is very common for me to get a “Your Connection has been Reset” error while I am uploading my pictures halfway through . There is even once where I get a “Server Not Found” when I am trying to access Google! >.<
Any of you guys out there who has advice on editing technique do let me know!



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