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A Sad Week For Batch 22

The end of another week and I am back yet again for more updates. Anyway this week has been another hectic one with lots of exam and also because its a fasting month, our class starts at 6.30am.

Anyway I guess you guys must be tired of constantly reading about me saying how busy I am in the week. I apologize but then thats how it is. LOL. >.<

Today I will start my post rewinding way back to last weekend. Last weekend, me and my friends go out to town to replenish our food stock and also to check out the various places in Langkawi. We went to Langkawi Parade first to restock our wallets and also to check if our monthly allowance has been banked in or not. But sadly, it was not banked in yet. So I am RM300 poorer. T.T

So after “refueling”  our wallet we decided to go to the top floor where the cinema is to see if Wall-E being shown or not. But imagine our surprise when the lift’s door opened. This is what we saw :

So please be happy that you guys out there have GSC and TGV and Cathay and etc. LOL

So Fariez suggest that we take a cab to the Jetty and have our lunch there. The Jetty is a nice place. Lots of people. Lively. Reminds me very much of Penang. Anyway, we were all hungry so we decided its high time to eat. And so KFC it is for us. >.< And just opposite KFC it was this beautiful heaven we call Baskin Robbins. It was 31st and it is empty! How can that be?! I was so tempted to go and buy but then finally I decided not to. Which I very much regret till now T.T

So after lunch Fariez suggest that we go check out the Eagle Square, so tadaaaaa here we are :

At the Eagle Square

It is National Day, so we fly the flag!!! Anyway if you are wondering why we take pictures under the eagle’s butt, here’s the answer —> It was the only logical place to take as it was a damn hot day and the spot under the butt is shaded! >.< And personally, I love this picture! Love the angle and the way it is captured.

Ok so after hanging out under the eagle’s butt, we headed back to Langkawi Parade to catch a show. Sadly, Wall-E isn’t available so we watched Babylon A.D instead. After that, we stock up our supplies in which I spent nearly RM200 for it. T.T

So there is it my weekend.

Anyway I decided to show you guys what I do after class when I am in my room. As usual, I am a very “hardworking” person, so first thing I do when I get back is to study (of course after I bath!) Yup! So here below is an example of my notes. This is the notes from Aircraft Systems. This is where we learn all about aircraft systems which consists of stuff as small as a switch to things as big as the tyres and also complex systems such as the hydraulic systems up to the air conditioning system. Shown here is the pneumatic system. ^^,

Pneumatic system = high pressure air system normally operated at 3000p.s.i in modern system.

I have this habit of eating and also studying at the same time. So here it is! My best friend!


And also…..I get creative sometimes. >.< You guys can try to caption the empty bubble. Anyway the white huge “whale” is what I found stuck to my Yogood package. Some sort of glue I think.

Whale : Here I come! Move away!

Little Whale : Arghhhhhhhhhh!

And I have sharp eyes! ^^,

Hmmm. All the qualities of a good pilot! Huhuhuhuhu. >.<

I guess many of you would wonder why the title of this week’s post is like that. Well this week is indeed a sad week for us because one of our most beloved ground instructor, Captain Swaminathan has decided to call it a day here. He has decided to move to Dubai to join a new flying school! T.T We must have sucked big time! LOL. He is a real good instructor and through him I learn a lot of new things about flying. It is just beautiful, the experience we had with him.

So today was his final class with us and it feels really sad knowing that come next week he won’t be teaching us anymore.

Farewell to a great captain!

And to think back that last time we actually said he looked like Po from Kung Fu Panda. >.<

With camera in hand, the only logical thing to do. Shoot some pictures!

Fariez and me. And god knows where is he looking at. >.< Notice the icon on his head. LOL

Picture of my class. With Dev on the left doing something hmmm…

And from behind my class. ^^, Oh btw the name of my classroom is Tobago 10. Which is actually the name of the airplane we are going to fly. ^^,

And if you wonder what these guys are doing. Wonder no more. Let me fill you in. They are actually doing mix and match to see who is which team for tonight’s futsal game at a futsal centre near our flight school =.=||. Game starts at 10.00pm till 12.00am.

Oh and this is our group photo taken the other day, when I get my warning letter. T.T  I have ordered my copy which will cost me another RM12. T.T

And I guess thats all for this week. It will be a whole new week next week. And also one week closer to 30 September!

Oh not forgetting. I decided to teach you guys something to about flying. Well, like always, pictures speaks louder than words!

Today we are going to learn Theory of Flight! Lesson 1! We are going to discuss about Slipstream SLEEPstream!

End of Lesson 1! Class dismissed! Now go study!


One Year in Sabah – Sub Part I – Window Seat

Centuries ago I posted about my hostel room in uni back in Sabah here. I say that I regretted choosing the window seat last time did I. The reason is because….

of this….

Ok. This is not me having a curtain fetish or something..its just that the winds are so strong that the curtain keeps annoying me. Especialy when I am playing games!! Darn!

Tried to contain the curtain by using 1 clippers at first. Failed. Moved on to 2, failed. 3, barely hanging on. 4, hanging on but can be better. Used masking tape also. All that effort and I will be granted peace for at most 10 minutes! Thats all to it. And then the curtain will start flipping and annoy me again. Not forgetting that my room gets the afternoon sun so the curtain is a must. If not, the sun will burn my butt. This is what I call nature messing with me! >.< lol

Photo courtesy of KiraWing. And for your information, I did not know when he took the pictures. Kanasai. But nevertheless, it served its purpose here. >.<

One Year in Sabah – Part IV – New Hostel Room



There Nicki. A warning system for potential readers!

The system is our uni is that after the MSM week, we will be assigned another new room. So during these times its very busy and you can see lots of people moving about lugging thier luggage behind them! Why do I say its busy? Well because first, we need to go to the multi-purpose hall early to get the number of our new room – which will be generated by a computer, and it is also during these time that we will need to submit our personal records and medical results.

So I got up early that day and went to the hall to get all this things sorted out early so I can move in to my new room earlier and just enjoy the rest of the day! I thought by going early there will be less people, but mana tahu, plan backfired! The hall is already packed!

So after some time waiting its finally my turn and I got the number to my new room! BB2.01! And at first its kinda hard to comprehend it. Then I realised its actually in the same block at my current room only its 2 floors up! So I went straight to the room and oh la la.. Beautiful!!! Its brighter, larger and most of all great view!! JACKPOT!! Ka Ching Ka Ching!

So the next thing I do is I quickly ran down to my room and start moving my stuff up. And because I am the first one there, I got the privilege to choose where I shall sleep and my closet! And since I love the view, the window seat it is for me(which I kinda regret a lil later on – why??coming on my next post!)!!

Then after awhile my roommates start pouring in! First one in the house, the great Noble Ang! The first thing I noticed about him is that whatever object that he moved into the room, all those stuff got his name on it! Oh and I forgot to mention Akmal! He never needs to move because he got the same room back! Then after Noble, its Ericc Cartman’s turn! First impression, scary!! He is a huge guy!! But then after I got to know him, he is a nice guy!! Then the final 2 person is Nain and Fredrick in which Fredrick later opt not to stay in the hostel because he is a Sabahan so he went home instead. So there are a total of 5 of us in the room minus Fredrick! And I should say its the best combination!

Staying in this new room is great! It changed my view completely about hostel and uni! I met a great bunch of friends here! And as far back as I can remember, all my days are filled with laughter! Greatest bunch of roommates! Honestly, I was quite worried before I moved here because of my past experience in the NS!

Anyway, after I got to know all my roommates, its time to get to know the neighbor, next to my room, we have Stephen! Ever so entertaining when you see him and Noble together! Then we have Chun Hui, who always got teased because his head turns when he plays game! Oh not forgetting Nan Ping, where I got to know him through DOTA. And one more guy I can’t recall his name..*Sorry* Then opposite us, we have Hong Siang, the durian kia! And Chris, suku king! Oh oh and KiraWing, the otaku, who migrated to our room! And with this, The Fellowship of the Room is formed!! *music playing*

Below is some pictures of my room :

A mat to welcome you home!

And upon entering, you can see my bed near the windows folded up. Thats where I have been sleeping for the past 1 year! And its actually very cool at night!

And this is what you see when you turn right upon entering.

P.S : Oh please take note this is what it looks like a year ago. My hostel room looks better now because we get new closet and the ones you see in the pics above have been moved out and the space has been occupied by tables instead! Making our room looked more like a conference room and brighter also without the closet blocking the lights!

Moving out :

This is where we hang our clothes! We are lucky because its not out in the open so when it rains, we are still safe and this place got the morning and afternoon sun. So just perfect for sun tanning!

Its quite a spectacular view from here!

And our toilets and bathroom! Bathrooms are the first two rooms on the left! And its actually very clean! And did I mention I forgot to take photos of our bilik basuh. *crap*


Bilik Basuh as sent to me by Noble Ang

And moving back to the room :

The view from my room! Notice the grass slope? Sometimes you can see kids with cardboards sliding down the slope like a sleigh!

At the window looking to the right and notice how high the walls are next to the road! This is necessary because our hostel is built on a small hill!

This is at the window looking left! Oh and the block you see in this photo suffered a broken gutter. And if I remember correctly, it is during the 2008 CNY when we experience a 2 weeks non-stop rain. So the thing was hanging from the roof till the first floor! And this is block H I think.

Looking further left. The road you see is the entrance to my block which is B, and also to block C, and D.


The comrades of BB2.01!! Sent to me by Noble Ang

From left : Me, Akmal, Ericc, Nain, Chung Vi aka Noble Ang!!


One Year in Sabah – Part I – The Arrival

I came to Sabah together with Li Lene on 29th June 2007. It was late and it was raining. We touched down at Sabah airport at about 1am, all thanks to our flight getting delayed.

Since it was my first time here and all, I was worried that we would have trouble finding transport to our university since its already 1am. But as we were exiting the airport, I am glad to see that there are still so many people there and most of them are UMS seniors there waiting for us and our transport is also outside waiting; the UMS bus!

So that was the first time I took the UMS bus and also the first time I am travelling around Sabah to my university while listening to one of the seniors explaining to us where we are.

The trip took about 20 minutes and I reach my new home at about 145am. And after my hostel registration in which I got Village B Blok B Room B.09 ( I also don’t know why I am assigned to a room with so many B), I moved into my new home.

Thats my broken bed on the left.

My Habitat in UMS

Originally uploaded by CriMsOn_dReaMs

Ok fellas, this view here is the view of my first ever hostel room upon arrival in UMS last year(29.6.2007). This room is crap – my bed is broken(there was once I was sleeping and it broke so I ended up sleeping on the floor. Plus when I am on this bed I seldom move around fearing that it would break apart) and this room is actually in the basement, so when I look out from the window what I see is walls and occasionally a cat will jump through a window into my room. Luckily I only need to stay in this room for a week (but it feels like a year) and I get to change room after one week (Orientation Week).

Ok this is the view of my second room. As you can see it is brighter and also it is extremely huge (can accommodate up to 6 persons). This picture is actually picture from my last semester where it is still in the old configuration. This semester we have new furniture and we revamp all the arrangements inside so our room looked even bigger and brighter. Anyway let me explain something about my room.

From this picture, the door on the right is the entrance and straight ahead you can see a bed which is basically our sleep area. I did not took pictures of the sleep area since its only beds and a window looking outside. Also you can see the little red greeting carpet there near the entrance that means something like : Safe Journeys Always.

Moving on, this is a view just a bit to left where u can see my roommates closet and also various stuff.

This room is also more comfortable to live in as we are on the second floor, so more ventilation and no more cat coming in through the windows ( except some irritating bugs and flies)

Again we are looking to the left in this picture. In this picture you can see my work are which is the desk over there ( with a big luggage bag on top) and my closet which is just next to it. As you can see, I am closest to the window so my area is very cool at night ( but extremely hot in the afternoon because our room is facing the western side >.<“)

The mattress you see on the lower left closest to the wall is my bed ( Yup I sleep on the floor even until now).

Next, this is what I would see if I look directly out from my room. Well you can see that the sun is directly shinning into my room and this picture is taken around 4.30pm (bear in mind in Sabah, it gets dark by about 6pm). I absolutely love this view as it is so full of green.

Next this is what I see when I look out the window and turn my head to the left. The road you see is the entrance to our block (B block) and also the big building you see the the other block(H block if I am not wrong). The smaller building on the left of the picture behind the tree is our Residental College’s Admin building. Since we are on the second floor, we are at a similar height with the trees as you can see in this picture on the lower right corner.

This is the view from my room when you look to the right from the window(don’t worry as reflection you see is due to the window and not some ghost image). The road leads to the other block and if you keep going you will reach a dead end. Notice the high wall to the left – out university is built on a hilly area thats why we have all this wall. There is another wall that is superbly tall is Residental College C( I will try to take pictures of it soon).

I think this is all about my hostel room. Next, I will try to post about stuff around my university and also not forgetting I am living in Residential College B.

How about the condition of the hostels that you guys live in?Better?Worse?

P.S : Sorry for the poor editing. I also don’t know why it doesn’t publish as I edit it.



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