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My Road to The Skies Part II – The Flying School

This is the second part of my road to the skies. The first part was written 13 months ago and can be found here

The reason why I chose today to publish this post is because it marks a very significant point of my life.

This time, today and exactly 365 days ago, 16 of us departed from Kuala Lumpur coming over to Langkawi to begin our 18 months long flight training.

Everything was really alien to us. Everything was new to us. I think none of us would have ever dreamt that this day will be possible. Everybody looked really fantastic and everyone is clearly excited. At least that’s what I felt.


The 16 of us posing for pictures with our ride behind us – 9M-MMB.

This is the beginning of a new journey…..

We started our training with the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) Phase which consist of 4 weeks of ground school and we study all the basic stuffs. Stuffs like airframe, engines, theory of flight, basic navigation, meteorology, radio telephony and air law.

I think everyone in the batch would remember this picture.


For the first 2 weeks we are here, we need to attend Physical Training(PT) sessions. Twice per day actually. 0530 hours and 1700 hours. Waking up at 530 in the morning? Not easy at all! But after all, a pilot needs to be fit and healthy all the time. We still have PT now but only during the evening. >.<

After the 4 weeks of PPL, we proceeded to this stage called the DCA Technical (DCAT) Phase which consists of 9 weeks of ground school.


During this phase we go more into details of what we have learnt in the PPL phase and also the subject are a lot more technical. There are also more subjects to learn.


The books that we use in DCAT….P1050712

And Captain Swaminathan. One of the best Captain I have met so far. Too bad he has already left the school. ToT

After a total of 13 weeks in ground school, we proceeded to the PPL Flying Phase. This phase is suppose to take about 2 months but due to certain complications, we took more time than planned.


My first ever flight license, the Student Pilot’s License.

You know, I remember during my interview, I asked the Captain who was interviewing me, what was his most memorable moment in flying up to now.

His answer was simple : “The only thing that you can really remember for the rest of your life is when you do your first solo”

For me, there are a few really memorable moments for me.

The first one was during my familiarisation flight. It was a short one. Less than 10 minutes. But it was enough. The very moment the Captain taxies the aircraft onto the runway, the feeling that I felt is just amazing. Its like your inner self is shouting at you “Hey look, we are on the runway! And its extremely wiiiide” >.<


The second thing that I really remember and perhaps the most precious one for me is when I first start up the aircraft.

The moment when you insert the keys and turning it from the Left Magneto position to the Right Magneto and then onto the On position was really priceless. And when you finally depress the starter and it engages, the rumbling of the dashboard and everything coming up to life is just WOW!

And my third most memorable moments is like the Captain said, during my first solo. Did my first solo on the 1st of December 2008

Going for a solo flight means that you have met the minimum requirements and have at least the most basic knowledge of how to handle the aircraft. There will not be an instructor sitting next to you anymore to monitor your mistakes. You have to realise and monitor yourself. You have to be able to understand what the controller is telling you. There will no be anyone there to help you. You have to decide for yourself what you are going to do. What actions you are going to take in case things doesn’t go as planned. You are the pilot in command. You decide where to go and when to go. It might seem as if it is something simple. But trust me, it can get pretty intense up there.


My solo flight was quite adventurous. I flew in the morning so there were lots of commercial traffic coming in and departing. I was ordered to hold in the circuit for about 10 minutes to allow for an arrival and a departure I think. And when I was just cleared to make the approach, an Air Asia Airbus was just taxiing out bound for Kuala Lumpur. My feeling? “Oh shit! An Airbus is going to have to wait for me.”

I landed and the Airbus was cleared to line-up while I was taxiing to clear the runway. Can you imagine a huge Airbus sitting in front of you with its landing lights on ready to go waiting for you to clear the runway? Its like going chicken race against an airbus and we all know who will be the winner here. >.<

After that, the tower controller congratulated me and then somebody came on the radio and said “Congratulations on your first solo”. I think its from the Air Asia aircraft. ^^, First Solo flight’s call sign is a little different (it has a Sierra added behind the call sign) so they know we are flying our first solo.

And the best part of it all? My instructor was inside the Airbus. >.< Greaaat~!


Before every flight, we have to make sure everything is functioning as it should have.


Which consists of both internal and external checks.


And pushing our aircraft out onto the apron. ^^,


Even had time to pose for a picture before flight. TB-10 if I am not wrong first flew in the 1970’s. A very old airplane but a very reliable one to my mind. The component is for it is quite difficult to purchase already as some of the parts are no longer manufactured as far as I understand.


But nevertheless, its a great aircraft to fly. My first ever aircraft that I flew. My first ever cockpit. My first ‘love’. ^^,


Seen here, I am changing frequency and tuning onto ATIS to get weather information. Before I came here, like all pilots wannabe, I played the flight simulator. Tons and tons of hours in front of my computer.


But no matter how well a simulator is made, no matter stunning the graphics is…


….or no matter how many add-ons you install….

P1060037 Nothing will beat the real thing!

P1060045 And I really mean nothing! The feeling of flying in the air, the G-force…


…..the cotton-candy-white-fluffy clouds. They are all really magnificent!


But all in all, at the end of the day, PPL Flying Phase has to come to an end. And after about 3 months of flying in the PPL stage, its time for the phase that everyone feared…. The CA6!

The CA6 is the longest phase in the ground school. Consuming over 4 months of your life and in the process, tries to shorten your life span by giving you so much stress, you felt like you have turned into a zombie.

CA6 is a critical stage and this is the stage where you have to really study really really hard. And I mean really really hard. On an average, I study about 11 hours per day. And honestly, Form 6 felt easier. And even with that amount of time spent, at times I am still struggling. There is no time to play or relax. Its all about the books.


This is the amount of books you have to study in 4 months time. Each page, each picture and each word has to go into that tiny little brain of yours. And at the end of the stage, you will be so thorough that you can remember exactly where each sentences comes from.

After the CA6, there will be another 9 weeks of CA2 before you finally say Bye Bye to the ground school.

The 9 weeks in CA2 will be like heaven. The subjects are less taxing and it is more interesting in my opinion. ^^,

leaving training area point

I have just finished my CA2 last Thursday.

training area datai

And now am in the middle of my conversion to the Diamond DA40, which will be the aircraft I will be flying for the next 100 plus hours.


I am sorry my dear TB-10. You are very pretty and charming….but times have changed…I have to move on….You have to let me go…. The thing is that, the Diamond has more curves that you…. >.<


Till the day I see myself sitting in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, I will continue to work hard and continue to climb and pave my own road to the skies…


After all, the sky is where my heart belongs.


BBQ Party Part II

As the title implies, this is the second time we are having a BBQ party. The first one can be found here

This party’s objective?  – Celebrating both the end of the torturing CA6 phase and also our batch’s outstanding CA6 results! Yay!

The party was actually held last weekend but because of my erm..procrastination, it was posted this weekend.

Anyway, here we are again preparing for the party ^^,

*Note: The watermark used = cameraman’s blog

And here we are cleaning up the chickens ^^, and whatever that needs cleaning…. >.<


While some are trying to ‘kill’ one another. ~>.<~IMG_1805

And some trying to ‘feed’ one another…. That guy in the yellow shirt is our batch leader by the way. IMG_1807

HMA Batch #22! This taste yummy!!IMG_1819

As for the location, we picked the same place as last time again – Pantai Tengah ^^, A very beautiful beach.

And this is the view that greeted me upon arrival


Beautiful isn’t it.


I always love the view of the beach with foot prints and the setting sun. So peaceful and quiet.


Foot prints….. Hahaha..


And its time…….to light up the fire~!!!! By staring at the charcoal….


Or striking a cool look. >.<


Or we can opt for the easy way – with a fire starter.


Everyone out and about setting up.


Then we are just waiting for the fire starters to do its wonders.


And as usual, there is always something funny going on in the background.


When the charcoal is finally burning, the sun is on its way to ‘sleep’.


Sun : *Yawn*


The weird thing here is suddenly it looks as if Langkawi is covered in fog. Must be the haze but it really looked like patches of fog.


Fire is on, chicken smells good, its time to burn! Err. I mean BBQ. >.<


The chicken tasted really great! Hmmmm…. maybe we can start our own chain outlets.P1060830

Took some group pictures…..with Danny making a funny face…


…And then more came over…and more people making funny faces


….and then people started getting ‘creative’…..


….and at the end it was just chaos!!


After exercising our face muscles, we got bored and experimented with shutter speeds.


Aaron making his mark. ^^, I regretted I did not write my name. T.T


Because I was too busy trying to take pictures of the stars. Used the 60 seconds exposure but the result wasn’t as I expected. Maybe too much background light thus ‘blanketing’ the stars


And then when I am bored to the stars, I tried it on people. LOL.


And unlike in Penang where some beach were lighted up at night, this beach here wasn’t. So cleaning up in the dark is a pain in the a**. >.<

I guess that’s all for today. ^^, Stay tuned for more interesting ‘adventures’ >.<

Cheers people! ^^,


And something I bought on my way back to the hostel to be enjoyed in the room. ^^, Refreshing! And you can see my highlighters in the background and my books to the right edge of the picture. LOL.


Drinking From a Bucket and Walking The World

Yup I drank from a bucket! Its a very very odd experience but then it was fun. Something you don’t often won’t do.

Anyway this post was supposed to be posted last week but because of my hectic schedule it has been one week old.

Last week, ah muiz came to visit me in Langkawi with her friends. We went to a few place to hang out, namely the Langkawi Cable Car (my second visit) and Pulau Payar among others.

Here’s some picture:

On the way up to Gunung Machinchang via the Cable Car


Up, up and away!


The suspension-bridge-or-whatever-it-is-called clearly in view!P1060330

Finally! The view here is amazing! The last time I came it was foggy so visibility was about an arms length, so all I see is my arm.


It is still cloudy this time around but then the view is clear and superb!!P1060335

Pulau Payar!! The first Marine Park in Malaysia!


This is taken before after we go swimming.


The lack of photography is because there is another photographer with tonnes of picture but then I still did not manage to get my hands on those pictures! Darn!

Anyway, here’s the bucket part.

The night before we go Pulau Payar we went to Pantai Tengah to eat dinner. It was a great dinner! We went to a Chinese Restaurant, so I am particularly happy!

After that we decided to go find a place to hang out and enjoy a drink. Stroll along Pantai Cenang and found this bar called Babylon! Did not manage to take a picture of that place as it is at the beach and its pitch dark!!

Then there is this guy who came to took our order, he recommended us The Bucket. Yes, The Bucket! At first I thought it was a bucket of beer, but it is not. This is where all our jaw dropped. We were like @.@??

Ordered one and this is what it looks like:


No, its not a bucket full of ice and loads of water! Its a bucket full of ice and loads of vodka! ^^, This is my first time experience drinking like this and also my first time drinking in Langkawi. 4 of us shared this. Pretty nice!


And about walking the world, I have just discovered this cool feature in Google Maps called Google Street View. You wanna know what it is just go to google and type in Street View in the search parameter.

This is cool because unlike Google Map which display a top-down presentation of the Earth, Street View takes you the streets itself! You can pan, zoom and move about just like you are there yourself looking around! You should try it!

Let me show you how it looked like:

I don’t know any cool place at Melbourne, so I just picked a place randomly.


There am I in Melbourne….Untitled 

…looking around!Untitled1

Now go explore!

Island Hopping

As I said in my post yesterday a few days ago, I will be going for an island hopping. So here’s the picture from the trip!

Lets start off with the picture of some rocks. Which of course I meant great beautiful picture of rocks. >.<

This is one of the many magnificent ‘tiny islands’ we encounter during our boat trip!

And for this ‘tiny island’, notice the little gap just above the water line. This is caused by the constant waves hitting the rocks and if you get to see it close up, it is really nice!

This is the first island we will going to set our foot on. The Pregnant Maiden Island ( Pulau Dayang Bunting). You should be able to see the figure of a pregnant maiden here in this picture but till now I still failed to see any pregnant maiden. >.<

Going around the island, on our way to the island’s jetty, we came across this little cave where if you look at the roof, you will see tiny little bats hanging above!

On the island’s jetty!

Featuring Beng Huat and Aaron. . . .

And myself of course @.@ >.< Ok I don’t know why they call it Dayang Bunting Marble seriously. And on this island there is a fresh water lake which is about 5 minutes away from the jetty on foot.

See there’s the lake ( point 01). Oh and if you notice, the lake is actually just next to the sea but it is a fresh water lake as I mentioned earlier instead of a salty one. Why? Because there is apparently some special barrier that separates the sea from the lake, thus the fresh water! ^^,

So what do we do at the lake? We swim, we kayak, we have FUN!! Oh there is also a fish spa here. A cat-fish fish spa actually. You can just dip your feet in and let the fish do its wonders.

Ho Ho Ho!

Oh and hey, look thats YOU! I didn’t know you came along! >.<

That’s it for the first island!

Next we went to the eagle feeding spot where the boatman would throw out some chicken meat into the water and we with our cameras ready, shooting and snapping like some mad fellas when the eagle’s came zooming in for the food!

So after hanging about at the spot seeing the eagles eat ( which of course makes me feel hungry), we are headed to the next island, the Wet Rice Island (Pulau Beras Basah). . . .

And its beautiful beaches!

And some hot babes which will not be shown here. So instead, be satisfied with just the beach ok!

Promoting Jacker’s Potato Chip on the island, which I hold the thing totally wrong. Thats why you can’t see the brand. Oh well….

After promotion, its time to sit under the tree and eat away while enjoying the ‘scenery’!! Yummy!

Few more photos before we leave!

And a foot print! Signifying “I was here” and also doing promotion for Adidas shoes! >.< Well of course there are many other foot prints here too! Curse them! >.<

Thats all guys! From this trip, I have turned into a red lobster! LOL. Will post about my first week at the Hangar soon. When I find time to upload the picture.

NOTE: This post was supposed to be posted last Saturday but while I was inserting these pictures, the internet decided to quit on me. So I have to wait until today. And since I am using Danial’s internet connection now, I will post the hangar post next time. Time to go! *Throwing smoke grenade* *Poofff*

Its a Great Great Week!!!

Well the title says it all for this week! What better way to put it!

I have finally finished my DCAT and I will be joining the Flying Wing this coming Monday! Although we won’t start flying immediately but still I feel excited! Also this week we were given our first license which is our Student Pilots License(SPL)!

Post DCAT picture! This is a new classroom. Yup we have been moved!

My license

You cannot imagine my happiness!

Oh and this is the cockpit of the airplane that we are going to fly. The Socata Tobago 10. Or for short TB 10

Today I went around Langkawi again. This time our destination : Gunung Raya!

What better way to start your day but with a great breakfast. LOL

And after a great breakfast off we go up the Gunung. This is at 2000ft. The peak is at 2800ft!

And then about three quarter way up we say this. Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan! Its basically steps for those who wants more challenge going up the Gunung instead of taking the easy way : the car

Beng Huat & Me

Woo Hoo! Looks like those picture taken on top of a tank

Just some random pictures. But I love it!

Finally we reached our destination! 2800ft above sea level.

This is the tea house at the peak! You can pay RM10 to enter and have tea while enjoying the view on the tower.

This is Tanjung Rhu. Northern part of Langkawi. The security guard told us that in a clear day, we can see as far as Thailand. But as you can the the clouds are there. So…

The winding road. Where we came up earlier! Looks like the road at Genting isn’t it

Going around the back of the earlier mentioned tower. The tower somehow reminds me of those Medieval age kind of defend tower. >.<

The clouds seems to follow us wherever we go. So I thought I take a snap shot of them >.<

Random picture again

From here, we are looking Westward and you can see the airport is on the left and my school is somewhere in the centre of the picture. Oh and we did see a trainer airplane taking off. But its too small to be captured on my camera.

This is taken on our way down. This is looking Eastward. And that you see down there is Kuah town

Thats all for today. Tomorrow we are planning an Island hopping trip. So I guess there will be another trip report if all goes according to plan. ^^,

Chilling Out

Went out with my friends yesterday after 3 weeks of “quarantine” in my flight school. It was great to get a feel of fresh air.

The trip yesterday was actually to go survey for prices of some stuff, which we are going to buy before going back for our Raya break.

Went to lots of places yesterday to survey and at the end of the day, we gone to Starbucks to hang out and we chat about almost everything! Which really was a bomb! We were there for nearly 2 hours when we actually planned to stay for only an hour.

After that, we went to Cenang trying to look for a place to drink but because it was quite late already most of the places were closing except for this small lil place called Artisans’ Pizza! Late night snack for us! This is definitely one of the place to visit if you are going to Cenang! The food is good and cheap!

After that late snack, we finally head back to our flight and thats my day! Reached back at 1am!

Azhar Mansor’s boat!

And me and Fariez with the boat! Cameraman is no other than Daniel! LOL

And saw that boat I am pointing to? Yup, thats mine. LOL. Wakakaka. I dunno why I like that boat out of the many boats there.

Our lil hang out at Starbucks – Jetty Point. Note what Dev is pointing! LOL

A Sad Week For Batch 22

The end of another week and I am back yet again for more updates. Anyway this week has been another hectic one with lots of exam and also because its a fasting month, our class starts at 6.30am.

Anyway I guess you guys must be tired of constantly reading about me saying how busy I am in the week. I apologize but then thats how it is. LOL. >.<

Today I will start my post rewinding way back to last weekend. Last weekend, me and my friends go out to town to replenish our food stock and also to check out the various places in Langkawi. We went to Langkawi Parade first to restock our wallets and also to check if our monthly allowance has been banked in or not. But sadly, it was not banked in yet. So I am RM300 poorer. T.T

So after “refueling”  our wallet we decided to go to the top floor where the cinema is to see if Wall-E being shown or not. But imagine our surprise when the lift’s door opened. This is what we saw :

So please be happy that you guys out there have GSC and TGV and Cathay and etc. LOL

So Fariez suggest that we take a cab to the Jetty and have our lunch there. The Jetty is a nice place. Lots of people. Lively. Reminds me very much of Penang. Anyway, we were all hungry so we decided its high time to eat. And so KFC it is for us. >.< And just opposite KFC it was this beautiful heaven we call Baskin Robbins. It was 31st and it is empty! How can that be?! I was so tempted to go and buy but then finally I decided not to. Which I very much regret till now T.T

So after lunch Fariez suggest that we go check out the Eagle Square, so tadaaaaa here we are :

At the Eagle Square

It is National Day, so we fly the flag!!! Anyway if you are wondering why we take pictures under the eagle’s butt, here’s the answer —> It was the only logical place to take as it was a damn hot day and the spot under the butt is shaded! >.< And personally, I love this picture! Love the angle and the way it is captured.

Ok so after hanging out under the eagle’s butt, we headed back to Langkawi Parade to catch a show. Sadly, Wall-E isn’t available so we watched Babylon A.D instead. After that, we stock up our supplies in which I spent nearly RM200 for it. T.T

So there is it my weekend.

Anyway I decided to show you guys what I do after class when I am in my room. As usual, I am a very “hardworking” person, so first thing I do when I get back is to study (of course after I bath!) Yup! So here below is an example of my notes. This is the notes from Aircraft Systems. This is where we learn all about aircraft systems which consists of stuff as small as a switch to things as big as the tyres and also complex systems such as the hydraulic systems up to the air conditioning system. Shown here is the pneumatic system. ^^,

Pneumatic system = high pressure air system normally operated at 3000p.s.i in modern system.

I have this habit of eating and also studying at the same time. So here it is! My best friend!


And also…..I get creative sometimes. >.< You guys can try to caption the empty bubble. Anyway the white huge “whale” is what I found stuck to my Yogood package. Some sort of glue I think.

Whale : Here I come! Move away!

Little Whale : Arghhhhhhhhhh!

And I have sharp eyes! ^^,

Hmmm. All the qualities of a good pilot! Huhuhuhuhu. >.<

I guess many of you would wonder why the title of this week’s post is like that. Well this week is indeed a sad week for us because one of our most beloved ground instructor, Captain Swaminathan has decided to call it a day here. He has decided to move to Dubai to join a new flying school! T.T We must have sucked big time! LOL. He is a real good instructor and through him I learn a lot of new things about flying. It is just beautiful, the experience we had with him.

So today was his final class with us and it feels really sad knowing that come next week he won’t be teaching us anymore.

Farewell to a great captain!

And to think back that last time we actually said he looked like Po from Kung Fu Panda. >.<

With camera in hand, the only logical thing to do. Shoot some pictures!

Fariez and me. And god knows where is he looking at. >.< Notice the icon on his head. LOL

Picture of my class. With Dev on the left doing something hmmm…

And from behind my class. ^^, Oh btw the name of my classroom is Tobago 10. Which is actually the name of the airplane we are going to fly. ^^,

And if you wonder what these guys are doing. Wonder no more. Let me fill you in. They are actually doing mix and match to see who is which team for tonight’s futsal game at a futsal centre near our flight school =.=||. Game starts at 10.00pm till 12.00am.

Oh and this is our group photo taken the other day, when I get my warning letter. T.T  I have ordered my copy which will cost me another RM12. T.T

And I guess thats all for this week. It will be a whole new week next week. And also one week closer to 30 September!

Oh not forgetting. I decided to teach you guys something to about flying. Well, like always, pictures speaks louder than words!

Today we are going to learn Theory of Flight! Lesson 1! We are going to discuss about Slipstream SLEEPstream!

End of Lesson 1! Class dismissed! Now go study!



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